Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Wallpaper: Destiny

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Well finally finished the waller. This was mostly just an experiment that I was doing with a city stock image and then I got the idea to make it into a Advent Children wall. The wallpaper took me about 5 days of classes (cause I have free time till the end of the year so I'll probably be fiddling around with photoshop for awhile and probably making more wallpapers). So 90 minutes x 5 days... you do the math. XP Anyways, the city is a stock image, I got the cloud, sephroth, and logo images from AP and made the wallpaper in CS2 using the basic brushes. I tried to make it look dismal and forebodding with the colors and the dark sky. I had added rain but then I removed cause I thought it was too much and the sky already gives off the feeling that it's about to rain. The blue squiggley thing beside cloud is the life stream (my own version of it obviously XD) and I know in the movie it's green (I think... haven't seen the movie in awhile) but I made it blue because it suits the whole mood and feeling of the wallpaper and green would just look awkward there. I haven't done a wallpaper in while (mostly cause I got too busy and went into a slight depression >_>; ) but anyways I hope that everyone enjoys this waller.

As always, please view in full size cause I have a good feeling that the thumbnail is gonna be crap. XP Enjoy!

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  1. kesshin Jun 01, 2006

    This is beautiful. Really. The best Cloud wall I've seen so far...I really like the atmosphere you've created, wonderful shadings of blue...Thanks for making and sharing!

  2. keevang Jun 01, 2006

    hey it's really nice yo. ^_^

  3. kaisui1tatsu Jun 01, 2006

    Very nice! I like the city and the blue tones in the wall, and of course Cloud is cute! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Zefie Jun 01, 2006

    wowies, really detailed wallpaper from advent children ! really like the city view on the background ^_^ i gives the theme of the city from the movie. like the way how building at the fron are like silhouettes when the darkish clouds come to closer and with the lights you can see clowing on the top of the one building gives feeling of raining. mist in the city and fluffy looking clouds gives little mysterious feeling and emphasize the feeling of the rain with the patterns on the background. the atmosphere overall reminds me the scene from the movie where sephiroth comes. like the idea how you put sephiroth to the bg, his silhuette looks quite cool.
    scan of cloud you used fits well with everything. the darkish colour of his costume creates nicely contrast for the lighter background colour theme :) the way you put him quite near the edge makes him look like he is leaving. the text on the right side gives the feeling that cloud isn't sure that he can keep the promise he made for his friend. cloud's expression looks like he is thinking of the memories of the past and the pain which he carries makes him walk away from the city and sephiroth. but you can see also hope and life stream emphasize it nicely. great work and thank you for sharing !

  5. McDragon Jun 01, 2006

    you should have used the image i submitted here, since animepaper compres their jpeg, which means low quality images.

    anyway, great wallpaper even though sephiroth of kh1 doesn't fit in.

  6. cassandraronald Jun 02, 2006

    very nice
    love the city and the blue tones in the wall

  7. iWach Jun 02, 2006

    wow.. tis is great...
    love the way everthing is in place, especially the bg..
    keep up the great work~
    +fav ^ ^

  8. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jun 02, 2006

    Waaaai! Sugoi Leaf! I've never seen/played any FF stuff, but this wallie looks awesome! The background really fits well with Cloud's pose and the overall feel of the wallie! Great job! *thumbs up*

  9. tennistensai Jun 02, 2006

    I love it! I love it! I love it! I like the effect. Really suits with Cloud's expression..Really great job

  10. sylvacoer Jun 02, 2006

    ... um, don't know the game... (dont' paly video games) but ANYWAY! this wall looks pretty durned cool. You're right, you don't need rain to give a "dark and dreary" feel to this wall - the clouds and mist do an excellent job of that all on their own. (*^.^*) "A+" for "Angst Liek Whoa, Love."

  11. Ish377 Jun 02, 2006

    nice walli exel blend n matchin colours,
    thx for sharing

  12. akazookin Jun 02, 2006

    ahhh.. i love the idea of the cityscape and the silhouttes of buildings :) :)
    gives a veri mystified yet dangrous feeling hehe :)

    like something's about to happen XD XD
    great job on the mist too! XD XD ganbate!

  13. Milkiyo Jun 02, 2006

    nyah...I love the look of this :P would be better suited for a desktop if he's at the right *-* dang all the desktop shortcuts >_>
    more walls should've been done with this category long time ago :X
    awe-inspiring details :) love the blue effects

  14. evilchunli Jun 03, 2006

    oOoOoOh nice cloud wall! a different pic of him :) nice fave+

  15. Uchiha-X Jun 03, 2006


  16. Yina Jun 03, 2006

    as i said on AP, great work >__<

  17. Syld Jun 04, 2006

    Such a good job, no need to repeat Cloud is so cool on it *__*

  18. b3nitora Jun 05, 2006

    thats hot! :D :D :D :D :D

  19. deeplove Jun 07, 2006

    he looks so sad but so sexy!
    Thanks for the great work.. i think the background matches his mood.

  20. tidus123456 Jun 13, 2006

    Very nice wallpaper , the scene is very reresentantive of the character , of a weak hero , but in all ways a hero ....

    So , who is the little character on the building ? He have the look of Vincent , but vince , doen't have a sword ... ^^'

  21. animelov3r Jun 13, 2006

    Awesome! <3 I love this,the background is Gorgeous! keep up the great work!

  22. Seiba Jun 20, 2006

    sugeee! I love this Cloud *o*, and the bg its so kirei ^o^, good job!

  23. saikyou Jun 29, 2006

    Experiment huh... You did a good one then... Very nice! The color just matches Cloud... And you combined the background with cloud's pic very well. If just cloud is on the right side... shortcuts in my desktop wouldn't be a problem then^^

    If i have to score i'll give this picture 9 out of 10... Great wallpaper! Thanks for sharing it with us , hope you'll make even better artworks!

  24. dango Jul 10, 2006

    gosh this is good!

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