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Siro, Air, Misuzu Kamio, Doujinshi Wallpaper
Siro Mangaka Air Series,Visual Novel Misuzu Kamio Character Doujinshi Source

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


How many times Have I betrayed U?
How Many times have I shook U off?
I've seem to have lost count....

Unknowingly, time has crept up to me,
as I flipped trough the pages, I realized its the 1000th summer,
I cant bear to look into my mirror image,
for fear I would see the inner me again...
Where am I again? Im lost now....

But then there was U,
yes, U were still there, the only one to take my hand again.
Even through all that I've done,
U've still chosen to give me hope...
Through my heart, U are still the only friend...

( I cant write to save my life)

== How's the poem? I find it weird... sounds more like a song... ^_^' hehe....

Erm, I took some time to do this, its not bright... ^_^'
Lol... at first, I wanted to use the scan where she is tying up her hair...
But then alot people were using that... >_<
And, Im pretty tired of looking at the same scan everywhere... >_<
So, I used this...

Erm... I hope the planets dont look too weird...
Aside that... I did the clouds(again)
Used a coouple of new brushes I got....

Withering tree--Fading hope
Bird-(the girl) Still believing in the "bad person"
Birds flying over-More Hope
Forest & tree-Lost
Planets-being ditched by Society

Thats all I guess... Hope U like it...^^
I find the scan's texture pretty matching, so I just left it that way.... ^_^'

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  1. bj0rn Jun 01, 2006

    good try on the poem. =X

    ok to the wall. its not too bad.. like the reddish feel rather than the usual blue themes i see in other AIR walls. the only thing i didnt like was how kiddy Misuzu looked in the wall. Would have prefered a more matured looking one.

  2. 09Chiaki09 Jun 01, 2006

    Erm...i'm no expert in poems...so it passes i guess. ^^
    I like the brushes u use. Nice background anyway(as expected of u). Err...gambate nee!

  3. Rikkablurhound Jun 01, 2006

    Er... full view though.... Cant see the font from here! *argh!*
    Its so bad!
    So bad! chokes wall!*
    I USED to think it was kinda pretty but I dunno why I hate it now...==

  4. kensheekauru Jun 01, 2006

    now....... this looks okay....
    i like the moon ...the cloud....
    just the little gal ....a bit....

  5. Machika Jun 01, 2006

    Nice poem, rikka-chan ;)
    I like the bg because it's dark :) I love dark wallpapers!
    The moon looks nice too. I like the scan that you chose. You were right, it's boring to look at the same scan everywhere :D
    My favorite >_<

  6. keevang Jun 01, 2006

    hey! da bg's not bad ya know :)
    but da scan looks abit.. weird maybe? like being compressed or something :/
    but overall it fits da bg ^^
    oh happy holidays. lols.

  7. Devildude Jun 01, 2006

    I like how lately your wallpapers have taken so much more depth than before, if it wasn't because I was too busy I would have tried doing it, and nowadays your wallpapers are just amazing, the clouds in this one, the painting of it, blending are near to excellent but not quite, I say, you should learn a lot from looking at Redxii's walls, they should teach you a thing or two about maxing the background effects.
    Good work.

  8. Rhonda21 Jun 01, 2006

    Well I think this looks great! I love the colors and everything. The only thing is I wish the scan looked better. Although I still think it is really cute and the background is really cool. Well great job!

    Oh and nice poem btw. :)

  9. aqiaqua Jun 01, 2006

    Its really good (and creepy too). I think the scan isn't of the best quality and those flowers down the bottom are pixelated. Other than that, I like it! Fave from me!

  10. Firebomb Jun 01, 2006

    Good job! I really like the wall and the poem!

  11. aishiteraburu Jun 02, 2006

    oh this is one is a nice one
    except the extraction of the scan
    the hair hasn't been extracted properly
    but other than that i like how you made the bg with the effects
    and the flowers also goes with it

  12. AngelHiwatari Jun 02, 2006

    aww......its so cute!
    the cuteness really contrasts with the solemn amosphere....
    lovely.......i love ur wallies!

  13. Midori-chan Jun 02, 2006

    whoa! it's such a nice wallie!
    the bg is superb, i like the sky and planets a lot! the effects used are really nice, especially for the sky. the flowers fit the bg nicely too^^

  14. thecatmistress Jun 02, 2006

    it is BEAUTIFUL! +FAV ^^

  15. uchiha-vegeta Jun 02, 2006

    wow , ur getting better each second , awesome job , love how u made the bg ^^

  16. Milkiyo Jun 02, 2006

    whoa..the minute I came back here and you splat me on the face with a new refreshing yet awesome look for a wall D: It's been a long time since I've changed my desktop theme from the bloody rose wallpaper and this shall be the new wallpaper for my comp ;) the extractions are a bit rough though but I love the depth of this wall >_< might wanna do some cleaning on the scan but once again, you have outdone yourself >_< I love the poem too :) very romantic *double favs* :P if that's even possible

    merged: 06-02-2006 ~ 03:35pm
    whoever hates this ought to be spanked ;P

  17. Osirisa Jun 02, 2006

    The complaint is about the extraction +____+
    The others are good, I love the color u chose n the BG fits well :)

  18. enchantressinthedark Jun 02, 2006

    Wow Rikka, you've improved very muchie! I love how you did the background - dark, mysterious, and stunning ^__^ You're surely improving everytime! Only flaw here izzat the extraction is kinda shaky, I know you could do better :) And great job on ze poem! At least its better than mine! ^_^' My poem sucks X-P

    Keep up ze good work ;) By ze way, Joshua's pictorial bio just came out, 80 pages of smexy pics! *__* Of course there's Shawn lah... >_< Just thought you might wanna know :)

  19. believeinyourself Jun 02, 2006

    nice ^^
    the background looks so nice..

  20. Sabbathiel Jun 02, 2006

    this wallpaper is absolutly awesome! It's great work! I love it! fantastic colors, genial BG... absolutly brilliant!

  21. xianghua Jun 02, 2006

    Nice one!
    The background looks very beautiful! The colours are matching too! ^.^
    The scan is so cute! The moon looks pretty!
    Great work! Instant fav! :D

  22. rafaellaGP Jun 03, 2006

    nha this amazing wall!
    really pretty!
    i loove this background!
    fav! lol
    great work ^^

  23. phamthuha Jun 04, 2006

    Ouch I forgot to comment >__<! This work surely touch my eyes since the scan is SO SO CUTIE >__<! But still I satisfied with my AIR eventhough the Air scan I use of Mizusu is so bad quality +__+. Ah back to the wallie, sure you again did a very wonderful work ^_^ The color seem to be really prettier and i love this brown tone ;)

    Oh XD of course my fav now ^_^ Keep it up Rikka-san ;)

    merged: 06-05-2006 ~ 02:18am
    ps: seem like you forgot CW banner, sweetie ^_^

  24. IzumiChan Jun 04, 2006

    Cool poem. ^_^ I see what you meant with ''it looks like a song''... ^_~''
    Cool bg! So... Dark! *__*
    I loved the moon and the water looks damn cool. ;)
    But... the branches are not good... they're strange... >_<
    The sky already makes it scary enough. ^_^'
    Great job, you created a very cool atmosphere. :D
    Yay! ^o^

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