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hello to everybody !

here is my new drawing and it's my participation for the contest "The 1000th Summer" which group AIR (http://-air-.minitokyo.net/ ) is holding.

it was really hard to me to think what to draw because i'm not familiar with the series and don't know the story or characters at all. i browsed gallery of the AIR to see what kind of characters there is and i saw this girl in very many works so i decided to draw her since i guess she is the main character.
i thought really long time how to draw her and i was afraid that i can't get my drawing done before the limit date. but since i have this odd imagination i drawed the tree XD
tree is supposed to be inside of class circle and it changes when seasons change. since the theme for the contest is "The 1000th Summer" i made the tree look full of leaves as it would be summer and the girl is trying to protect the summer inside the class circle and making it last. hope it looks okay and aren't too messy ^_^'

i made the drawing with my sister's charcoal pencils, so yes, another new experiment :D i wanted to try making black and white drawing and here is the result. myself i'm really proud of it how it turned out. but the scanner didn't scan it so well as it really is -____- colouring took me all hours together about 18 hours. making the details for the girl's face and hair was hard, had to try to make as thin lines as possible. my little sister gave me idea how to make those leaves for the tree so thankies for my sister.

and finally thinking the poem, it was quite hard since i don't know the story of the series. i thought to make quite neutral but fiting for the drawing, because it would be really weird if the story for example is sad and my poem would be over happy so it wouldn't really fit ^_^' i got the idea for the poem of the tree which is changing along the seasons. i tryed to make little things that could be combine to the different seasons. in the end, i'm not really good at thinking poems so i hope this is okay !


Butterfly of the frozing light,
undying summer without night,
inside of sudden flight
Without touch of warm,
it's only making harm
How far ?
How near ?
I don't know my dear

Breezy days,
finding ways
Falling fears
Awaking tear
Riding dreams
Inside of fading seas

Wondering a while
Through forgotten time
Calling boy
with glimmering water drop in the hair,
waiting for the princess of the air.

I hope you enjoy of my drawing and poem ^__^ comments are appreciated (and favs too) !

ps: this is my very first contest participation and i'm little nervous ^_^' anyway, i wish best of luck for everybody in the contest !

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  1. joycev Jun 01, 2006

    woah, this was done with charcoal pencils!? that must have been hard! The shading and details all look great and I love the tree inside the globe. it looks interesting ^_^
    great job! XD

  2. EternalBlue Jun 01, 2006

    Aww I really love the drawing ^^ And the poem is pretty good too :) *wishes could sketch and shade like you can*

  3. rythem Jun 01, 2006

    uwaaa ~~~ *D*! zefie did an awesome job here O_O I think this is my personal fav work from yu X)

    firstest (I like to use non-existant grammar xD) the composition is simply nice . the completion of the wings , and how its placed in the center , makes it a well balanced piece ^^

    the shading is brilliant <3 charcoal pencils must be hard to use , yes? xD; but u pulled it off nicely and the result is charming ~ misuzu needs an eyebrow though ^^; ahaha and maybe her right arm is a tad weird ..but the tree's shading is impressive <33

    the poem u made fits into the picture nicely ne ~ very pretty writing ^^ overall zefie-chan did a pretty pretty doujin that earns my fav ~ <3

    ps:: I dont think I can participate in the contest ^^;; I'm at my bro's house right now until the end of my holidays D:

  4. sandumirabela Jun 01, 2006

    There are only a few words I could say abotu this doujinshis but ment them:this is one of the best doujinshis I've seen in here and also I siply find the idea very original.Great work!And you sure have talent!See ya!

  5. ladyai Jun 01, 2006

    This is amazing. I've never seen a doujin like this before. The shading is absoulutely great. You should really draw for a profession. I really hope I'll see more of your work. It's very beautiful.

    Ja ne ^_^

  6. Leaf Jun 02, 2006

    Really beautiful ^^ I love everything that you drew XD (also thanks for the comment on my waller) +fav

  7. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jun 02, 2006

    This is gorgeous Zefie! I love the concept and the shading is perfect! I especially like how detailed the tree is. Congrats on a job well done! Keep up the great work! +fav

  8. sylvacoer Jun 02, 2006

    The glass containing the tree is a unique interpretation of the theme, and is well executed. I also like the way her eye draws you in with its subtle shading.

    I hope you win, hon. (*~.^*)

  9. KorganoS Jun 02, 2006

    woah... at first look... I like it. It's a very elegant drawing of Misuzu.
    After reading the description, I LOVE it. She's indeed protecting the summer melancholy and I was really amazed by the three details that you made, and by using charcoal pencils! :D
    I hope you win the contest, because I know you've given this one your best. Great job overall, Zefie!

  10. Spriggan Jun 03, 2006

    will I exagerate if I say its magnificient!? heheh this is just great and I do believe that drawing with carbon pencil aint easy! right :P nice details..and ..well , beautiful artwork^^ as your usual :)
    wish you good luck for the contest!
    lets see what kind of new experiment you're gonna bring us next time! hehe +fav.

  11. BlkLotus Jun 03, 2006

    i love it... you do such good work with pencils please do more i cant wait to see what you do next

  12. Yina Jun 03, 2006

    you've improved amazingly.. *_*
    wow.. the tree is incredible.. >__< and the girl too, of yourse :3
    def a fave *__*

  13. miyano Jun 04, 2006

    yes,true indeed. i think you've improved,looking at your previous works...though i don't really know you^^;
    well,..i think you've done a great job,with such idea.i wouldn't be able to think about that^^;.
    well,..the tree looks real..the circle around it and the main character on it makes it look a little abstract. but that's not a bad thing ne? it's good.
    now,about the girl..her left hand looks a little weird.like,out of place. since it's a circle,her arm should be a little lower. now that i examine it,where are her eyebrows? o.o.her face,the part where the line is drawn-chin connecting to the ear..is a little weird.
    eto..pardon me for my comments.. but that's what i think.i hope you don't get offended^_^'. but really,it's a nice doujinshi with a great concept. well done.

  14. heavens-Dragon Jun 04, 2006

    Holy cheese on rye, this drawing is absolutely beautiful! Her wings are just gorgeous! I love them! They flow so softly and elegantly.

    Her eyes are really soft with a nice touch of serenity. Great composition. Her hands are placed nicely with the tree in the glass. The tree are greatly detailed.

    Awesome shading! Well done with the placing of the shadows and the highlights. A great beauty from you! And beautiful poem, matches well. Awesome work! Keep it up!

  15. steffic Jun 11, 2006

    w.o.w....... i luv itt... that's all i can say, coz i cant see any thumbnails now *dunno wat happened with my apple* i have to look for others' comment before downloading it! n yes, great concept.. think tat i'll make it my fave ^^

  16. chichiri1907 Jun 11, 2006

    such beautiful drawing makes me so ashamed of my work.... :P

  17. jasaiyajin Mute Member Jun 26, 2006

    O_O another good sketch... the symbol of life... ;p

    i gotta hit the sack or im never going to fall asleep for skool...

  18. VirtualVenturer Oct 20, 2006

    you've got great talent in drawing and shading, though i personally believe that if you've watched the inspiring(i think this is the better choice of words that heart-wrenching, at least in this situation) anime series, your work would be at least twice as good, and maybe your poem may turn out even better.

  19. Yuzupt Feb 05, 2007

    Really great draw
    I wish i could draw like that
    I love the poem
    My fav

  20. Daiya-san Dec 19, 2010

    wow this is really good!
    thx for upload!

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