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hello my friends!
yup, i know it's been a looooooooog time already since the last time i submitted a drawing XP
i've been having exams for the whole month of May, so i couldn't online and check on your submissions. -_- gomen nasai
now im having two weeks holiday^^
but i'm still stuck with homeworks and projects x_x
back to the drawing ------>

i spent 2 hours plus for the whole drawing, and this time i did not draw samurais from PMK. hahaha XD XD
it's Loveless [ shounen-ai ] ^_^'
i like this anime :nya:
i took quite a long time to finish it, especially the bg and the shadings, i don't think i get it right, and the rain looked fake to me >_<
i don't know how to fix it anymore.
umm, comments and critics are welcomed^^
[ btw, now is already 1.22am! o_0 got to sleep soon, haha. good night! ]

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  1. Kiako May 31, 2006

    nice drawing, the shades are well done and the two charas look good.
    keep it up

  2. noxzmaze May 31, 2006

    u shade allright but u didn't have a shadow! it had a little strengh about rain it too hard. i think it's drop too long. neko is nice >u< a man who wear glass i think he look a little strengh. keep up your work! see ya!

  3. soujiokita Jun 01, 2006

    It's a pretty nice drawing. There's just a few flaws in your drawing. Ritsuka's right foot looks kinda fat. Also, Soubi's face looks a little weird and his right arm looks too skinny. Your shading is done very nicely though. :) +fav

  4. Ephemeral-Garden Jun 01, 2006

    Long time, long time. >.<

    Hmm... not sure what's the character's name.. but eh.. the one with the specs... his left hand is a little too.. skinny compared to his right one. And his face is a little weird... should widen his face, especially the one near his ear, that way he would have a broader face. ^^ No problem for the neko.. is that a girl, a human or a boy? @.@ But huhuuh, shounen ai? Gotta check them out...

    Eheh yeah, the rain looks weird. Actually, the rain in manga can just be simply done by using your ruler and your pencil. There's no need to draw the actually rain drop, lines are enough. Hmm... I have an original Gundam Wing sketch of Trowa during a rainy day.. dunno where it's gone to now.. but yeap, lines. Rain in manga are lines. (Most of it actually, hehhe)

  5. Alfonse Jun 03, 2006

    Wow, I finally get to see some new doujinshi from the great Midori-chan. xD
    Aherm .::regains composure::.
    Well, I've gotta say, the shading is exceptionally well done Midori-chan. And the characters' proportions look fine with me. Although I agree about the dood in the specs. His face looks a lil' odd, but it's all good.
    And the right foot of the neko does look a lil fat.
    Oh and Ephemeral is right, in manga, rain is just lines. But you made a decent look for rain on this doujin. ;)
    Oh and one more thing, the bg is awsome, looks really good. xD
    Keep up the great work, and hopefully we'll get to see some more doujins from ya. ^^

  6. Frosty Jun 03, 2006

    I was wondering where you been... :D
    great drawing... i c you are moving from one category of fanart to another.. lol..
    well.. there are some.. eh.. a little flaw here and there, and nothing too major to worth mentioning..
    you did a great job on this one as well...
    keep up the good work..

  7. kk-chan Jun 03, 2006

    Ooh it's been a while Midori-chan ^_^ but your drawing is as cool as ever. Love the detail, the bg, and the cat ears~~~ ^-^
    Thanz for sharing your effort and keep up the great work!

  8. walkure245 Jun 18, 2006

    I don't know what, but I really like the way you drew them. XD It has an unique look to their faces which is done really well. Especially the guy on the right. His face and hair are amazing. (I know it's a bit much but I love it when guy's are drawn great.) hehe~ The only thing is that his arm that we can see is drawn a lil weird. If you look in a mirror, your clothes have a more rumpled look to it. I don't really watch loveless so I don't know the characters' name but the guy on the left, his head is a lil crooked. His right side should be brought down just a bit. Other than that, I like the sweetness in this one. Their poses were done well and so was the shading. Really good stuff~

  9. kiokorenay703 Dec 30, 2006

    prety nice i love it! FAvs! The shading is nice, and the bg is very nicely drawn as well. Anyways, totaly amazing! :) Thanks for sharing! XD

  10. Flamez666 Banned Member Nov 26, 2007

    wow u drew this really well , LOVE IT !

  11. yoneyu Aug 19, 2013

    love your traditional skills!
    Very beautiful and great anatomy! So happy to see a pretty background as well!
    Yay for RitsukaXSoubi <3

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