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hey long time no see!^ ^
this is finished a long time ago...for some reason i just felt like post it in here right now......
anyway, this is totally orginal and it's done by photoshop 7.0 with digital pad~ enjoy!


Chosen by candy-chan and Saikusa

Stunning. This is shockingly professional looking, to the point that I am sure some genuine professionals would be ashamed to compare their work to this.

The colours convey a nice balance between the dark cold night air,the warmth of the flames and the celestial but ghostly glow from her hair.

The pose is strong yet graceful and the textures are a mixture of gentle and chaotic. It's extremely well executed and is thoroughly beautiful.

Proposed by candy-chan and highlighted by Saikusa.

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  1. harakiri May 31, 2006

    Wow, that's simply breathtaking.
    I love the atmosphere and stylish lineart.

  2. noxzmaze May 31, 2006

    excellent! good draw color propertion shade tone shadow emotion.>u< donn't miss add fav! thank 4 your sharing

  3. miyano Jun 01, 2006

    ah..such a nice doujinshi x3..great idea.
    nice colouring as well..*envies coralstone* and she has such a nice kimono >_<.
    the background is nice too..
    but why is her eyes all black? looks a little scary ^^; usually eyes would have some reflection as there is light. but anyway you might have your own reasons XD.no offence nee ><. i like it :D
    her legs..where are the rest? o.o. or is it that the fire(not so sure what it is^^; and yours is a little abstract)'s covering it?
    anyway,don't mind my comments so much. i blabber a lot of nonsense when i'm commenting ^_^'.

  4. Zefie Jun 01, 2006

    absolutely fantastic drawing ! really like the composition, perspective is really interesting and the different effects of the background comes really nicely to seen ^_^ colour theme is really pretty. peaceful night and moon gives feeling of silence. fire effect and the lamp which the girl is holding gives light smoothly and gives little mysterious atmosphere. also the red colour of the fire and girl's dress give bright colour touch and warming. white colours of the dress give contrast and nicely counterbalance to darkish background colour :) character is really beautiful. dress looks wonderful and so many details in it. details in the dress, gives feeling and liveliness when they are like glowing of the lights of fire and the lamp. black eyes makes her little mysterious but they are little bit like hypnoticed. maybe little light would gives nice touch to them, but they are nice like the way are now too ! and the hair is nicely coloured, like the way you used light greenish tones as shading. overall great work :D thank you for sharing !

  5. akari-chan Jun 01, 2006

    That looks soo cool! I love the way you colored it! The girl is nicely drawn too. I like the smudgy looking effect in the bg. +fav I hope to see more of your work.

  6. chisaikame Jun 01, 2006

    wow- i was typing a long commentary when the page starts to refresh by itself.. >.< anyway, first- that is a pretty pretty face.. that is even more accentuated by the colorless flower... awesome idea! XD her dark eyes being all iris gives her an unearthly look, that sets the mood of the whole doujin as being not of the ordinary.. XD what really caught my eye is that the white garments on her dress and the details make her even more elegant, as it compliments her snowlike hair.. overall a high quality piece of art! :D

  7. CoolBlueX Jun 01, 2006

    cool piece love the background and her clothes

  8. DanTheGreat Banned Member Jun 02, 2006

    good drawing.

  9. rythem Jun 02, 2006

    okay , I dont know what to type here because its simply well done , the details and figure are amazing . the cging ? flawless . =] I love the lightings and shading <3

  10. candy-chan Retired Moderator Jun 02, 2006

    you should work on blending PS textures. Other than that, beautiful work!

  11. flyindreams Jun 02, 2006

    Gorgeous. Love the painted look, and the lighting of the entire scene is simply beautiful :D

  12. lonewolf89 Jun 03, 2006

    Beautiful Doujin Coralstone-san :D ~! The kimono looks so elegent, specially the white garments, and the background has some amazing blend. Nice PS digital painting... Fav. 4 me ~ Ja

  13. Sabbathiel Jun 03, 2006

    FANTASTIC picture! I lobve it at first sight, That kimono is brilliant drawned, the BG is great, genial picture! I love it, you have talent! I must see another of your works!

  14. Peezhoun Jun 03, 2006

    Lovely colors and great details. I love the background and the girl is really cute too.
    Good job. ^-^

  15. Yina Jun 03, 2006

    ahh i already knew this one from ur site.. :3 and i love it x3
    the colours and her outift are simply amazing *__*
    this one should be highlited.. and not only elite-itemed.. >>

  16. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jun 06, 2006

    I also want to add that I took one look at this and went, "wow!" XD

  17. almina Jun 06, 2006

    That's so impressive o_O. The outfit especially the bottom is absoluteling stunning.

  18. punixer Restricted Member Jun 06, 2006

    wonderful artwork.

    i like a lot the contrast u used on it.

    the hidden images at the white part of the kimono are amazing, and her face unexpressiones is also cool.

    i'll take a look at your other works, this one, is gorgeous.

  19. Babaganoosh Mute Member Jun 06, 2006

    wwoooowww, that scan is nice =D, nice work, or scan!

  20. ShiXon Jun 06, 2006

    i wish i can draw and color like you ~~ =D
    i really like the red colors on this piece how it looks firey and all *o*

  21. lthnadml Jun 07, 2006

    Awesome work . . . thanks a lot for sharing it. XD XD XD

  22. Sandra Jun 07, 2006

    A Doujin O_O ? No way ! It's to beautiful to be true ! AWESOME ! EVERYTHING ! Love the dress :)) Great, really really great !

  23. mitsuki-chii Jun 07, 2006

    YOU DREW THAT? it's absolutely gorgeous and perfect. definatley a fav!

  24. Elven-Inccubus Jun 07, 2006

    A must fave. A must see. Hontou ni omedetto! Keep on going! You are amazing...^^

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