Quilt Wallpaper: Floating Islands Of The Gulls

Carnelian, Quilt, Airi (Quilt) Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka Quilt Visual Novel Airi (Quilt) Character

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Artist Comment

I was recently invited to the battleground over at AnimePaper which stirred up my urge to wall, so I thought I'd pop one out before the thing starts. Anyway, it's Summer here in the US so I thought I would make a nice summer wall. One of my first thoughts about summer-time is the ocean and the cute little baby seagulls. Seagulls are generally annoying, but their babies are cute ... and it's fun to feed the big ones. Well, that's when I used to live on the west coast ... now I'm stuck in Oklahoma for the time being where it's just hot without and ocean to dive into XD .

Anyway, I've always been fascinated by the idea of floating islands or worlds where the gravity is slightly askew so that the odd but beautiful anomalies happen. So the story for this wall is that sky itself is much like an ocean that connects all of these floating islands. People live on them and go island to island by way of hoverboats to get from place to place. So this would mean that the primary animal to dominate the floating islands would be birds. The girl is enjoying the island she lives on and is looking out at the view while playing with the clovers shes picked along the way. She's been enjoying the day with her friend (you can't see them, but that's) who she's throwing the clovers at and this is the point when this little "snapshot" was taken. Various seagulls fly by and land to rest on nearby islands and two are about to land on the little island she is on.

If you look at the wall you'll see the islands floating in and out of nearby passing clouds, as well as birds. I was tring to go for a look of grass hanging over the ledges of the islands, yet still have it appear to pop up, which resulted in an interesting look of folded grass. My favroite part of the wall is the island popping out of the clouds in the center far off where the birds are sitting and some are taking off :) . I think I did a pretty good job on the seagulls ... I based them off of some seagull stock and painted them. I also painted the far islands grass/cliff dirt and remade some of the dropping clovers to make it more balanced. Re-cged part of the girl and fixed up a few things with the scan. The clouds were a combination of stock and brushwork.

Overall, the wall has a simple look of happy Summer ... but lots of effort went into all the little details. So, once again please full view it to see all the effort I put into it. Oh, and happy summer break to all those currently or about to start theirs!


Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: DevilDude
Wall: Everyday Dreamers
Reason: I've always liked DevilDude's techy yet soft styling of wallpapers and this one just gives off a nice summertime feeling, which I thought complimented the summertime feel of my wall.

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  1. Fran Retired Moderator May 29, 2006

    nice wallie
    I love the way how the grass turned out...
    My only complain.........those seagulls are too real
    The scan is a bit grainy
    Overall a great wallie
    Thanks for sharing

  2. xianghua May 29, 2006

    Nice wallie! The scan looks really beautiful with the background you did!
    The clouds look so real!
    The islands in the back are a very cute idea!
    Great work! *favs*

  3. ShiXon May 29, 2006

    wow, it is adorable <3
    it's notl ike one of those ordinary scenic walls because this one doesn't use sparkles cloud brushes and all that n_n
    the atmosphere is very happy and tranquil at the same time
    the pastel colors makes it look like a painting ~ *o*

    very nice job <333

  4. borack May 29, 2006

    Very nice and colorful wall! The floating islands are very creative, and the grass does look interesting. The seagulls look cool, but my only complaint is that they look kinda frozen, like they are painted on and aren't really flying. Keep up the good work.

  5. shiningdays May 29, 2006

    like you, i'm rather fascinated with the floating islands idea XDD; it's really a charming wall :) the clouds appear to be extremely well-brushed, balance and placement of the character are great.. the only problem i really have is probably the grass (i think you could do better.) and maybe the character doesn't quite need that glow around her.. other than that, fabulously cute wallpaper and good job :D

  6. SharinganKnight May 30, 2006

    Its an amzing concept that obviously took a lto of work, but its a bit inconsistent. Its brushed on some parts, then filtered on others and stocked on others. I personally think the wall is more suited for complete brushing. I love the random floating islands, but the coulds should've been brushed.

    PS, I'll see you on the "battleground"

  7. quantixar May 30, 2006

    Nice and chherful wallie. Looks a bit like the birds are floating instead of flying. :)
    Good job!

  8. ExiledWings May 30, 2006

    The background's rather simple, as in the grass and sky, but still pretty neatly done. The seagulls are nicely detailed and realistic, and overall the wall is pretty beautiful with the serene surroundings.

  9. bj0rn May 30, 2006

    Woah~ Tantagan is back! Really love you works and this is no exception. Seagulls looks great with the background!

    merged: 05-30-2006 ~ 10:16pm
    Woah~ Tantagan is back! Really love you works and this is no exception. Seagulls looks great with the background!

  10. DanTheGreat Banned Member May 31, 2006

    i like it!

  11. Kiako May 31, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the background looks very good.
    keep it up

  12. LeeAnn May 31, 2006

    yes, i'll go with you!

  13. phamthuha May 31, 2006

    Humn.... I don't really like this one... The scan is not clean, and eventhough your idea is really nice (a paradise >__<) but you didn't make it successfully ^_^ The flying islands is too plaint with poorly done grass (I can see the grass's feet >__< too careless...) and although the part that is hidden into the cloud is poorly solved... can it dissapeared that fast? while the cloud color is too dim and almost go into the dark blue sky...

    Well after all I think you can do better ^_^ The color here is not fresh enough for this style and sure you really can do better >__< Actually I do love the idea so I guess I will look forward your new one ^_^ Good luck then Tantaga ;)

  14. Tasana Jun 01, 2006

    oohh thats very prettyful, i really want that dress lol anywho, very pretty BG with the clouds and grass great job! :)

  15. nolove Jun 01, 2006

    really nice tantaga-san ^__^, the atmosphere's really really fresh and nice view. the scan isnot in nice extraction her hair still has edges >.<, how amazing the color is, very fresh and clear, quite simple but still beautiful ^__^

  16. uffy-chan Jun 01, 2006

    Really very nice wallie.. she looks so spontaneous.. I'll surely fav it ;) thanks for sharing

  17. verin Jun 03, 2006

    nice idea with the floating islands :) i like it very muche, fav ^^

  18. midnightLOVERS Jun 03, 2006

    what a really nice wallie. the idea of a floating island is quite fasniating now that i think about it. it looks really lovely in this wallie and has a really nice representation. the clouds itself look sso realistic and lively.

    this wallie is so wonderiful. i like this wallie, more or less because, the girl seems like she is beckoning us to come with her into this exotic land of flosting islands. she seems to want to bring us into this place and from the look on her face a very happy place to be.

    nice job on a beautiful work =]


  19. aqiaqua Jun 04, 2006

    Phwee, it's so purrtttyyy! Some of the gulls look a bit out of place, not blended in too well, but heck, that's one amazing wallie! Fave from me!

  20. stellar Jun 04, 2006

    kinda uneasy about the birds. >.<'' luving the scan image and the whole floating island concept. i thinki it did a pretty good job. xP

  21. royaldarkness Jun 04, 2006

    just lovely :) simple but nice!

  22. Elven-Inccubus Jun 04, 2006

    I love the way this wallpaper makes me feel.....like flying in a dream....even like I'm already on my marriage day! .-. It's really...beautiful....drewamful *3 thumbs up* Keep it going! It's really fabulous! Congratulations...may the Valar be with you! Namarie! ^^

  23. Samranya Jun 04, 2006

    Its so beautifull. Simply captivating! Keep up the good work! ^_^

  24. animefairy Jun 04, 2006

    Oooo...this wall looks so bright and sweet! It reminds me so much of summer and flowers! The skies are very clear and everything goes together very well! Keep it up and thanks for sharing, Tantaga! ^_^

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