Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Wallpaper: Brokeback Fantasy!

Square Enix, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Sephiroth, Cloud Strife Wallpaper

1600x900 Wallpaper

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bored out of my mind, I found myself searching through the extensive MT gallery this morning in search of an "entertaining" scan, until i got to the Final Fantasy section. At which point I couldn't help but noticing, and inevitably LOLing myself to tears, the undeniable similarity bewteen the scan and the poster:


although not entirely alike, the posture of both characters is amusingly similar. I didn't quite want it to be a parody though, and hence I really didn't go for the overall poster look but it still reminds me of the movie. Yet Im tired of the usual sentimental and serious FF walls, so I thought I'd bring the nifty little fact up, and maybe it'll bring a smile to your face like it did to mine.

Used some textures and stocks from thespook, DA!, Mayang and stockxchange.

Im a texture whore, so I personally liked the over texture version much more, but for thos of you who don't (if you of course bothered to read up to here, like you should):


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  1. candy-chan Retired Moderator May 29, 2006

    haha pwned

    ok nvm uhm. well i like the softness of the textureless one. though the text sucks. stop using S E R I F F O N T S W I T H M O T I O N B L U R L I K E T H I S. We've seen it enough

  2. TheRavenIsUnSkill May 29, 2006

    wikipowned <.<V

  3. bromithia Retired Moderator May 29, 2006

    Hot linker.

    As for the wallpaper... Scan + stock + stock. Kind of boring for me, but other people might like it. :]

  4. OroItachi May 29, 2006

    haha, wth! brokeback mountain ... eitherways, nice work man

  5. LeeAnn May 29, 2006

    now that should have been the dvd cover!

  6. Tias May 29, 2006

    Nice XD, it looks great, + it has cloud and sep on it :P

  7. Rhonda21 May 29, 2006

    Haha. I would have never noticed how similar they look. lol. anyways. this looks cool.

  8. boogybro May 29, 2006

    I couldn't see the Brokeback Mountain picture when I was at AP last night.

    ... I LOL'D.

  9. Milkiyo May 29, 2006

    omg...OMG! It's everyone's gay fantasy! :X well..it's mine :P
    I've seen it and the movie's quite touching though pretty pathetic ending :X
    I must simply dwn this one! it gets owned! :P

  10. Devildude May 29, 2006

    Aye, who cares? I am a supporter of you, and whatever it was, even if it was as gay as Brokeback mountain, damn, it is still great, I love textures and stocks, and yes, was looking for something green for my desktop anyway.

  11. sacredsky May 29, 2006

    OMG what the heck?! Cloud and Sephiroth are the worst couple ever! J/K, your wall is great :) See ya.

  12. shiningdays May 29, 2006

    this is the reader's digest version of my AP comment: LOL CLOUDxSEPHIROTH PR0N.

  13. harakiri May 31, 2006

    Well, it's a nice parody indeed xD
    FF seems to be quite the target for parodies lately.

  14. Rageru Jun 09, 2006

    Nice BG and keep it up!

  15. kimcad Jun 09, 2006

    Perfect! scan match with this BG well. i like bg's tone very much. fav!

  16. sakuraino Jun 12, 2006

    That is soooooo cool! two ideas combined... really imaginative!
    the posture is really alike... liking it!

  17. DREAM Jun 14, 2006

    text is the only problem here

  18. wert668 Jul 11, 2006

    The background colors are nice curtain is good work.

  19. Mseses Aug 19, 2006

    XD it is so funny jajaja, I like the effects, it is good, thanks for the pic ^^

  20. javed13 Oct 07, 2006

    great wallpaper! its soo awesome..

  21. Spongepop Oct 02, 2008

    Wow this is amazing! I love the texture and the background. You did a superb job and I love it. Thank you for sharing!

  22. abelini4 Mute Member Oct 02, 2009

    Beautifull ^_^...

  23. Soileyh Jan 23, 2010

    Sephiroth + Cloud? LOL! Whilst the wallie itself hasn't much for itself, the gay movie poster spoofing is enough to make one laugh :)

  24. AzarDarkstar Jun 15, 2010

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this.

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