Ken Homerun Wallpaper: M.y S.U.M.M.E.R day

Ken Homerun, Kiki (Series) Wallpaper
Ken Homerun Mangaka Kiki (Series) Series

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

[pLeAsE FuLL vIeW!]
hihi you guys! how are you? Im doing fine.
This is my first vector wallpaper, made entirely from the pentool. I wanted to try something different :)
the clouds are crap, I can't really fix it. I tried my best and thats what matters(I think) LOL XD
The Scan::

ill just have the wallpaper do the talking XD
Layers - crapload~


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  1. thecatmistress May 29, 2006

    beautiful <3 +fav

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator May 29, 2006

    Very cool!
    Love the perspective and the vector is really neatly done! Excellent job ;)

  3. pitbull May 29, 2006

    cool wallpaper!nice job!(*_*)

  4. Agathos May 29, 2006

    YEAH! what a feeling, indeed a nice work ;)


  5. rythem May 29, 2006

    its very nice ~ I love the vectors , very neat n the colours r soothing n pretty <3
    u've done a nice job on the clouds , imo ~ the water is very cool too ^^ the perspective makes it more interesting ~ <3
    lovely work done aya-chan ~ X)

  6. shuuko May 29, 2006

    Man, that's awesome! *___* Can't believe that's your first vector, it's awesome!

  7. LeeAnn May 29, 2006

    wow! im speechless!

  8. Sakura-K May 29, 2006

    Wow...this is fantastic...I really like it heaps...wow...*smiles*
    I love the colour *blue is my fave* and seriously...it gotta be my fave as well ^^
    *addz to fave*


  9. ShiXon May 29, 2006

    it is soo not crap aya-chan! >_<
    in fact it's a really nice vector work, kind of umm,, dreamy and very imaginative ;D
    like umm.. childish fantasy like~ *bleh what am i saying? *o**
    the point is this kick ass :D

  10. shinorei May 29, 2006

    Loool. XD It's not a crappy wallie, Ayasal. In fact, it's really cute.
    Your vectoring is hella good and everything's real neat. The clouds look like cotton though, but I feel that the character is in a funny world or something so that's an exception. (: Cute wallie <3
    -thumbs up!-

  11. parami May 29, 2006

    Creative wall! It's different from your previous walls ^_& Peaceful and fresh air.
    Fav for sure!

  12. noxzmaze May 29, 2006

    Excellent. i love it. thanks 4 sharing your work. kawaii!

  13. Alfonse May 29, 2006

    Wow, for your first vector wallie, this looks really good.
    And the clouds do look a lil' funky, but it's all good.
    The vectoring on the scan is pretty good, and the perspective of it all is great.
    There's not much I can say that hasn't been said already, so great job. ;)

  14. fawna-chan May 29, 2006

    Wow, Aya-san, this is really good for your first vector wallie. :D I like the perspective and the simple colors. :) Keep it up!

  15. Milkiyo May 29, 2006

    damn...u have to have me chasing after every of your works XD
    all vectored? then shouldn't it be in the vector section as well? LOL... :P
    this is all good...except he looks pretty nerdy, don't kill me! LMAO X-P
    luv the way how u put the legs in the waters :)

  16. shiningdays May 29, 2006

    mmm, how cute can you get? a wonderful first vector wall (coming from me, who vectors so very little and is starting too XD) cute concept, cute scan, cutely executed - i like and will fave :3

  17. aishiteraburu May 30, 2006

    woah Ayasal-san

    you vectored this all using the pen tool
    *gapes at it for a long time*
    its perfect!
    and the clouds aren't crap its really good
    fave from me

  18. fuyuu May 30, 2006

    This is so cute, Ayasal-san :3 +fav!

  19. Arashi-san May 30, 2006

    wow great ^^ i like the vector style =)
    this is a fav for you ^.^

  20. enchantressinthedark Jun 01, 2006

    Everything's done perfectly here and its certainly not crap! ^_^ YOur works are all realie lovely ^_^ The clouds and water...etc, I love everything about this wall! :) Keep it up!

  21. sangel99 Jun 01, 2006

    awesome! It looks really unique :D

  22. animefairy Jun 02, 2006

    Ooo..this is a wall I have never seen before! o_O I love the clear, blue colors in the sky and cloud! The style that you used in the clouds were kinda like manga-type shading! >_< Keep it up and thanks for sharing, Ayasal! ^_^

  23. AngelKate Jun 02, 2006

    Everyone's vectors always look so much better than mine. :(

    This is really good for your first vector wall. It looks so summey and fun (kinda like the weather here, w00t). Wonderful work. I always enjoy your creations.

  24. sukie Jun 02, 2006

    very pretty vector! i love the clouds!

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