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You Kousaka, Clover, Suu Wallpaper
You Kousaka Mangaka Clover Series Suu Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

hello everyone see who's back it's me Love-chan XD

haha, it's been age since i last submitted wall here ^^, let me see, hummm 14weeks1day lol such a nice number. And now im back with my new crappy wallie ^__^, yep truly crappy i dont wanna submit it here but i had a promise i'll do it today and someone force me to upload it too ^o^, so here you are.

Okay first then, my apology to my friends who had birthday these days but i cant give you anything at least a GBpost, all my fault that's becoz of my laziness lol sure no, my school took my time and my inspiration went away with suckie cough i'd had XD. But then hope you'll accept this as my apology ^__^, not a good wall but..... :sweat:

Okay then back to this crappy wall ^__^, lets consider it as practising my scenery skill XD..uhmmm
- the scan: extracting and re-paint some points and re-make tons ><
- the water: yay i look quite okay here i try most since my water is bad sooo :D, i also try the waterfall but it seem unsuccessful XD
- the sky: yay my most terrible part so far, i did try many many times and this sure the reason make me pause making this wall for so long(i started it several months yay), but then i do like how they turn out though i receive a comment that "it looks so normally every scene wall has that" yay i have to agree hix but it's still nice right XD.
i was not going to add the bird but i want you to feel the wind, and the clouds's so so calm so i add them in, finally it turn out like that XD
-the land: ohhh that's suck, i did try to add many things to make it better but that all just make the wall crappier >___<, so i decided to leave them like that, ......not good.

Scan is uploaded by Saikusa
Clover by Saikusa

Okay dont wanna say much kekeke, i have to go now plz comment ^___^, i need to improve hehe
All favs and comments are welcome, love you all *kisses*

this is for free--waller element contest and CW CID contest
okay i'll update about this later ^__^

bie bie you all *huggies*

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  1. dianas May 28, 2006

    >.< so so lovely..Nolove dear u did it again..created a cute wallie
    i have notice the scan that u used from some time..nice work..on the bg >.<
    +fav from me for ur work :nya:

  2. rene3088 May 28, 2006

    yay, I've seen the scan before utI dunno that it can turn out like this...it looks cool ^^ + fav

  3. kyokujitsu May 28, 2006

    Wow, that's beautiful ^_^ Everything is so bright, warm and peaceful, you can't help but like it. You would think that the metal would be out of place in a naturalistic wall like this, but it actually does fit in nicely because of its colour. I'm not so sure if it was a good decision to make the leaves on the left more substantial than the rest of the wall (which looks comparatively dreamy), but I guess it fits in as well. Overall, a lovely wall. Thanks for sharing ^_^

    *Adds to Favourites*

  4. revontulet May 28, 2006

    Gosh thats wondrful! I love the sky to pieces :D!
    Spectacular colours and scenery XD! I looooove the birds too..the bushy thing on the left is bold..but its awesome anyways.. :)!
    Well done +fav ^_____^

  5. ShiXon May 28, 2006

    aiyaaa it's super duper lovely nolove-chan : D
    absolutely love the sky part, so beautiful o.o
    and the clover scan is adorable also~ everything blends together it's just lovely =]

  6. sangel99 May 28, 2006

    wow! I love it! :D You cleaned up the scan well :D Everything's so bright and beautiful too....awesome job :)

  7. TomoyoNoBaka May 28, 2006

    That's so pretty ^^

  8. Masteraugmenta8 May 28, 2006

    Hey, not half bad ,it's so bright i have to cover my eyes from the rays......hahah jk. Anywez it's a very summery wallpaper indeed. love it. gonna fave it.

  9. phamthuha May 28, 2006

    I really really don't know what should I say when I see this wall ^_^ Look like you are really tending to my style and surely all my style in making wallie seem to appeared right in this wallie.... really I can't know how to say now -_-

    Okay forget that ^_^ Back to the wallie... Now I am waiting for 10 mins for this wallie to be full view +__+, MT is so slow .... and well... when I full view it, I can only say that I am not satisfied enough ^_^ Just look at every part of this wallie:

    - The sky: full of brushes +__+ and i think it is some kind of messy there ^_^ Although the blurry and bright cloud is not logical... The bird is also too much and I think ... just like you are practising some new brushes in this wallie +___+
    - The scan and the big big leaves: Huh? So poorly extracted sweetie TT_TT It is really the part that made me dissapointed when I full view this wall... The black edge made those stock out of place and why not try to recolor it better? Try it more next time ;)
    - The grass and the hill: It is surely a mix between my and GundamzZ's style ^_^ To say the truth I think the bright part is too much and there should be some blend between those part since it looks too separate.
    - The big birds and the leaves: XD , I guess you gonna make the feel of near and far here ^_^ But it is incorrect ... The birds are too big and the bridge seem to be hide away so miseriously ^_^ And also the duplicated birds is really messy +__+ What made you think it will work? And about the bridge too, if I were ya, I will del it instead or else I will remake it ^_^ But well you finished it already...
    - The lake: nice done ^_^ I like this part. But it seems to be lack of farther feeling... since it is too sharpen so it brings the feel of nearer part... not really logical +__+

    In content, i don't like this wallie :D Just keep complaining and I will even hate it more >___< So I will stop now *sign...* Abit of upset to see it... but well I hope you will make new wallies soon ^_^ And plz be more mature in it >___< and make wallie using your head of logic ^_^

    See ya soon and good luck ^_^ So sorry if I have made you sad *snizz...*

  10. Fran Retired Moderator May 28, 2006

    So warm and beautiful! Perfect for this season (in my country is autumn, so it's pretty cold here XD)
    For me the scan it's a bit pale
    But it's a really lovely wallie!

  11. Abzuseilue May 28, 2006

    very artistic, i will keep reminding your artwork, great well done . For my environment love revision

  12. aishiteraburu May 28, 2006

    ah your new wall love-san
    and its wonderful though i have to agree with thuha
    the scan isn't extracted properly(you can see some black edges)
    and the water it kinda really doesn't look good
    but i like the clouds and the grass
    they really are very attractive
    overall its a nice wall

  13. quantixar May 28, 2006

    Such a nice and warm wallpaper. Like a painting or something.

  14. Oriane May 28, 2006

    Wow your wall is very beautiful!

  15. keevang May 28, 2006

    me, definitely love the sky, the mountains and all. very nice <3
    just the scan's too.. pale. make da colour darker yo! :D
    keep up the good work. ^^

  16. inREVERIEforever May 28, 2006

    Yay, finally a wallie from nolove-san! I've been waiting forever! :)
    WELL, its taking forever to download the full-view... sooo I'll just start where I just see the thumbnail.
    I love the scenery, it's soo enchanting. I love those type of wallies, sadly, I suck at them. XD The sky looks very, very lovely.
    Yay... full view is up. Wow... it looks even better than the thumbnail! I simply love this wallie. The birds add such a nice touch. Definitely love the mountains, the grass field, and the lake, too.
    But juuuust one complaint. The leaves on the left side are out of place... well that's all. But you don't have to listen to me... I suck at making wallies. XD
    But it's definitely a fave for me! This is such a beautiful wallie. I can't wait for your other works that coming up!

  17. kaisui1tatsu May 28, 2006

    Very nice! I love the wings on the scan and you added a nice depth feeling to the wall! Awesome work!

  18. hatsukanezumi May 28, 2006

    Wow! Looks great! This is the first time i've seen a happy Clover wallpaper ^^

  19. chibichibikaukau May 28, 2006

    so sweet! i think this is the best clover wallpaper ever! i love it!

  20. Jerrios May 28, 2006

    wow so beautiful.... kire da na....

  21. thecatmistress May 28, 2006

    :O I don't know what to say.....it's absolutely stunning...+fav

  22. Machika May 28, 2006

    This wallpaper is plendid >_< It makes me breathless when I look at it! You have real talent, nolove-chan! I could never do something like that. This is absolutely my favorite ^^

  23. IzumiChan May 28, 2006

    Without the grass leaves in the right, it would be near perfection. Maybe you culd make a grass stripes-less version? >_< (it's too dark, it doesn't matches the mood... >.< )
    The sky is gorgeous, I loved the colors. (but maybe there's a bit too much birds... <_< )
    But great job, I liked it a lot. ^_^

  24. KyoFan368 May 28, 2006

    Ohh that is a beautiful wall! You did a fantastic job!^_^ I thank you for submitting it!^_^ I have to add it to my favs! :) :D :pacman:

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