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This is a vector of rey and well you have to guess who that is hehehe, this took about 3 days to do, the outlining one day, and the altering 5 hours on the 2nd day for the altering outlining, and the 3rd, color it in, my best work yet, i showed it to some people and they say its scary on how i did it, and that is rey, i alter it to be him, the bandages are making his bangs go up, and he had a little hair cut too, that person there has hair clips like lacus clyne, except if you look closer there are 3 of them, and that is a dark blue haro, the blue hair girl is wearing blue dress and has red eyes, this took forever to do, glad to be done, its scary on how it turned out, but it looks great, i used the original scan of kira and lacus on mt and the other 2 i got seperate from chloe-chan and put the 3 pieces together, and thats how i outlined and got the foot and the hand.

Now lets see if you can figure out on who that person is, the only ones who know are Enchantressinthedark, and Chloe-Chan, so don't even think about asking them who that person is, and No telling En-Chan, Chloe-Chan.

Not Lacus you guys, she may look like her but its not her

Edit: Okai now that people on msn found out who she was, i posted her name on there

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  1. enchantressinthedark May 27, 2006

    Bwahahaha the ultimate X factor is finally submitted! XD Great work on altering the scan, I know you wubb rey to death XD

    Well, comments are more or less the same like what I said on MSN. Lines are a bit shaky, but the vector and altering is awesome ^_^

    Keep up ze good work!

  2. fluke May 27, 2006

    I didn't think they looked that shaky, to me that is. I always think your vectors looks really sharp and crisp, something I dont feel the same way about mine for some reason. Wow, this is a masterpiece of work I tell ya, but who is the blue haired girl?!

  3. Odeena May 27, 2006

    Eh? I have no idea who the girl is... The only thing I noticed is that she looks a lot like Lacus, except for the colors. So I'd say that she's really Lacus in diguize... did I guess? XD

  4. kyubinaruto May 27, 2006

    I know... it must be YOU XD XD XD XD XD *bricked*
    Let me think for a while more *thinks*

  5. enchantressinthedark May 27, 2006

    hmm are you sure kyuubinaruto, think it over! you're really close to the answer ya know XD

  6. SakuraShirayuki May 27, 2006

    LilLaoRyo704! XDDD XD great! XD such works are ONLY submitted by you XD but great work ! gambare

    "lacus" looks like Hanon from Mermaid Melody!

  7. InuYashaspal4ever May 27, 2006

    Usually I'd be typing in caps out of amazement, but even that's not enough....so i'll type normally X3
    but holy cheese...that's like...HAWT x100 o.O
    that's REALLY good...like, REALLLLLY. with 5 L's x3
    GREAT JOB! +Favv for me~!

  8. soujiokita May 27, 2006

    There's just some jagged lines around the ends of Rey's hair. Otherwise, it's a great vector! I really don't know who that girl is, is she from any anime? +fav :)

  9. strawberrt May 28, 2006

    haha... wow.. cool vector art xD really.. its not lacus? Looks like her to me. anyways... I think you did a really good job on it! Let me guess the girls name. Is it Rena? XD haha

  10. kira-freedom May 28, 2006

    Nice work^_^ Kira&Lacus?

  11. EldaLacus92 May 28, 2006

    Haha... That doesn't look creepy at all! Actually I find it quite adorable <3!
    So hmm.... let me guess who that girl is with Rey.... could it possibly be
    *thinking really hard* Maybe Rei from Evangelion? At least she has her colors
    and all... just a shorter hair and that makes it :D If it's not try and inform me :D
    The altered Kira really looks a bit like Rey... But I think you should have made
    his hair more livid blond...? Oh well.. It's a really good vector anyway! I would
    have never probably have enough of patience to vector that awesome vector!

  12. cocoachung May 28, 2006

    Awesme job! this is the most wonderful work ive ever seen in my whole in tire LIFE! I luv Rey so much too :3

  13. laurent May 28, 2006

    Haha ... great way to turn the all famous image of Lacus hugging Kira who's being wounded into something completely different. Nice job on the colours ! The blue hair is really pretty. I wonder what the girls name might be if she was for real in the series *starts thinking ... hmmm ... might take me a while ... XD* Anyway, nice job, as always ! Ja-na ^^


  14. mechanical-angel May 29, 2006

    lol, nice ^^

  15. moonescape May 29, 2006

    Her name starts with an R? I don't know any person who's name start's with an R because I don't know much of the Gundam Seed destiny characters yet. XD When I saw Lacus I thought she looked like Auel with some Rey in it too. This is really nice and creative I love it. ♥

  16. eternally-asuka May 29, 2006

    Utter amaing work! It's divine! It has a kinda dark feeeling but is also really cute and sweet! waaa i really have no idea who is the girl! tell me! >.<! Anyway super art work!

  17. moonelf313 May 30, 2006

    HA! Love the vector you did! I love how changed everything up a lot! :) Makes me smile, great job!

  18. Emina Jun 01, 2006

    Cool job changing it. Makes me think why can't her dresses be blue...

  19. nieya Restricted Member Jun 05, 2006

    why you changed the colour?but it's really a great job...and it makes me think why kira does not have the hair of cagalli....

  20. royaldarkness Jun 08, 2006

    lol, nice vector XD when i first saw it i actually thought cagallixlacus XD XD

  21. Peezhoun Jun 22, 2006

    Cute pic ^.^
    You made a wonderful vector out of it.

  22. UchihaTaijiya Jul 13, 2006

    That looks neat!
    Thanks for sharing!

  23. theworldisflat Jul 16, 2006

    Obviously, that's an OC (Original Character). Going by the pic, her name seems to be Ryonaka, or something along those lines.

    Great fanart though. really, REALLY good.

  24. StellarxLoussier Sep 23, 2006

    They remind me of Ky and Dizzy from Guilty Gear. Ky has blonde hair and blue eyes while Dizzy has blue hair and red eyes.

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