Air Wallpaper: Wandering Angel

Key (Studio), Air, Sora (Air), Misuzu Kamio Wallpaper
Key (Studio) Studio Air Series,Visual Novel Sora (Air) Character Misuzu Kamio Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

UPDATE: It looks like I got a warning repeal so now i have no warnings from the result of the ecchi on 'chosen angel' YAY! im soo happy ^^

As the story is told,
I will follow my role,
As the legend unfolds,
I will follow my destiny,
As fate plays her role,
I will wander to the unknown
and become a legend of an untold story


So when I went back to the Air section I saw this scan and i was amazed that I didnt notice it before, so I started to make a wall out of it, as you can see ^^
For some reason it reminds me of a previos wall i made,'lost angel' but maybe thats becase of the glitter.......(i do love glitter after all >.< )

Will thanks for everyones support and loves to all my friends!

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  1. minkz May 27, 2006

    I'm the first who comment... yay... should make it quick...^^I think it'a nice wallie,even though I don't even like bg much... it's unusual for u to make dark blue sky like that...I prefer brighter bg .anyway still fav

  2. fawna-chan May 27, 2006

    Aw...how pretty! I like the lost angel concept. I like the slanted perspective and the background looks nice. I especially like the lamposts and the huge moon!

  3. aqiaqua May 27, 2006

    Aw, it's so cute! She's so pretty! Beautiful atmosphere, and i'm sorry your other one got deleted >.<

    Fave from me!

    *sets as desktop wallie*

  4. midnightLOVERS May 27, 2006

    this is so adorable. i really love the scan that you choose to make this wallie. she has such a wonderious and blissful look on her face.

    i love the background too. the moon looks really lovely and i am just in love with the shooting stars. the clouds are really beautiful as well. i love the shadowing on them of dark and light on them. really lovely.

    great job on the wallie and im sorry that your other one got deleted. but i guess thats how MT runs. i would have to agree that the warnings are kinda blunt and rude.


  5. foreverforgotten May 27, 2006

    Oh my goodness... this is beautiful! Spectacular coloring, pretty scan, well done background and design ^^ I love it! =)

  6. forlorn-faith May 27, 2006

    Really wonderful wallpapers. Lovely atmostphere and a cute young lady. Your caption is pretty nice too =) I like blue... Thx for sharing and keep up a good work.

  7. royaldarkness May 27, 2006

    very pretty wallie :) peaceful, serene night ^.^

  8. cherry12 May 27, 2006

    chichiri1907-san! that was beautiful! SU! come 2 my chibi camp! and reply! SU! *puts on favs*

  9. nolove May 27, 2006

    wooaa, yay yay Chi-chan dont let that disappoint you ^____^, how great you can finish another Air wall for the contest ^^, and this sure a great out from ya ;), i do love the m agical feeling and how the scene turn out ^____^, such a great work in short time like that, so sure you got a fea from CW and 2 points
    keep it up ^^

  10. Persocom01 May 27, 2006

    Wow you sure make alot of nice walls chichiri! I don't think I have enough desktops for all of them ^^;

    hmm but I prefer the feathers in the foreground white rather than black ^^;

  11. flamealchimist May 27, 2006

    awsome wallpaper!
    i think it is really cool!
    i really like the background and the scan is really cool!

  12. ShiXon May 27, 2006

    soo cutee, sweet and serene chi-chaan : P
    i like the shade of blue around the character so sooft x]
    love it chi-chann~ you never cease to amaze me! >D

  13. quantixar May 27, 2006

    Very nice wallpaper. Somwhow dreamy and brings your feelings out.. dunno what I'm talking. Good job! :)

  14. schwindelmagier May 27, 2006

    oh dear >.<
    this one is wonderful....this one is perfect,master chichiri *_*
    I love your wallies,you are really the best waller I know
    the scan from air is really beautiful and the bg is amazing....the bird,the clouds,the streetlamps,the moon....everything fits perfect.......
    for sure.....fav+
    see ya ^.~

  15. enchantressinthedark May 27, 2006

    Awwwww....I'm so sorry to hear that your previous Air wallpaper got deleted...it was really beautiful and nice! >_< *gives more cookies* Hope you'll cheer up sometime soon ^_^

    Well, this wall isnt as good as that one, but I still wubb it anyway ^_^ You're really an awesome waller :D The background is really great, I always love night skies XD Whoa, izzat Misuzu? She looks kinda different here... ^_^' Anyways, keep up ze good work!


  16. 00Sephi00 May 27, 2006

    Its an awesome work in my opinion! keep on working! :)

  17. jaguar88 May 27, 2006

    Dont worry too much about your other work ^_^ Although that one looks more interesting :P
    This one is also good... i like the wings and the moon on the background :)
    The Colour also Good >.< (Blue... my fav colour)
    Thanx for making and sharing this file :D
    Chichiri1907 All the way! XD
    Keep up the good work :)

  18. Devildude May 27, 2006

    hmm.... very nice and calming, like the clouds and brushing of the while piece. Lovely and wonderful, and less bright too, what I like best. A fav.

  19. Rikkablurhound May 27, 2006

    Lol... mature content... ^_^'
    Anyway... I think this is better XD
    The perspective is great! I fail my geometry, so... Im kinda blind when it comes to degress & stuff... ==
    why m i saying this? ^_^'
    Anyway... I think the crows really let out the ang feeling of her...
    & as usual your clouds are lovely... XD
    I like the texture U laid on it^^

  20. Rhonda21 May 27, 2006

    Aw. Yes I'm sorry also that is got deleted.

    But you know I'm really glad you decided to use this scan because I saw it not too long ago and I had wanted to make a wall with it but never did. ^_^' It is such a pretty scan.

    Of course, the background is very beautiful! The shooting stars, the planet, the clouds, everything looks great. Well then good luck with this wall! And Great Job!

  21. thecatmistress May 27, 2006

    Absolutely remarkable chi-san <3. I love the beautiful blues. +fav *claps* please keep it up

  22. cremia May 27, 2006

    really beautiful wall!good job. I love the background and colors.

  23. beautifuldreamer1289 May 27, 2006

    wow... that is gorgeous my dear. absolutely stunning O.O +fave for a beautiful wallpaper

  24. pamkips May 27, 2006

    ish so preety ^_^ gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, pammy like very much ^______^

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