Katamari Damacy Wallpaper: Very Berry Strawberry Jelly

Namco, Katamari Damacy, Vector Art Wallpaper
Namco Studio Katamari Damacy Game Vector Art Source

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

omigosh it's a strawberry katamari thingie :D
i gotta wall it right away <33 i must admit my recent submissions really sucks >_< *i have zero inspiration right now* i think my braincells died... oh well.

besically i just vectored a katamari image and kinda change the legs position and created a vector of a strawberry.. jelly o.O
forgive me if this wall blinds you or anything like that ;___; *hides behind a rock*

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  1. AngelKate May 25, 2006

    hahahaha...that rules! XD It looks like its sitting on Jell-O XD

    I love the stripes too. Your vectors are always so cute. :) Great job!

  2. phamthuha May 25, 2006

    So sweet, ShiX-san ^_^ I love pinky >__< And you seem to like this chara alot XD
    yep, of course my fav ;) , sweetie ^_^ And I will ask Love-chan about the feature ^_^
    Good luck to you and add to CW gallery ^_^

  3. nolove May 25, 2006

    nyyoooo, nyaaaaa.....speechless Shix-chan XD, super super kool vector wall from shix-chan again yay, havent watched katamari yet but sure i did see some art from this before that all're soooo kute.
    yup i do love the pink color you use here too ^__^, sweer as stawberry yaya
    You sure got a fea at CW and 2 points for sure ^__^
    keep up the great great great work ^^

  4. Chloe Retired Moderator May 25, 2006

    Hahahaha! Oh my God, this just made my day XD
    I absolutely love the idea and the jelly(!) is awesome! Great job vectoring too!

  5. fawna-chan May 25, 2006

    Yay! :D
    Strawberry Heaven! X3
    This is an fantastic vector and I love the stripes in the background!

  6. Milkiyo May 25, 2006

    omg, jelly! I can taste it now..not surprisingly cos I am eating one now :P vector's great and the stripes for the design seems like christmas candies (the ones that look like a coloured cane)
    ^.^ keep it up!

  7. redangel6112 May 25, 2006

    I haven't eat yet.
    I wonder does the jelly taste great....^-^...
    I like your bg. The stripes looks great.
    Nice and cute wallie...^-^...

  8. rythem May 26, 2006

    rofl it makes me laugh xDD
    oh no shixon dear ur submissions nvr sucks D:
    anyways ~ I love this wall ~ very nice vector n the jelly is yummy looking *Q* love the pretty pink colours too ~ XD <3

  9. Phill May 26, 2006

    Jellow ... yay , I used to like jellow like crazy , they're just too colorful and fun to look at , well , I have never tried jellow with strawberry b4 , I'll give it a shot XD

  10. Sandra May 26, 2006

    AWESOOOME :D The jelly is really great :D But this guy....he scarres me :P Nevermind awesome vector art :D Woooow this jelly is great !

  11. LeeAnn May 26, 2006

    its so cute!
    and the bg..love it!
    the concept..great!

  12. Misato-Kun May 27, 2006

    Yaaaaa! I can't get enough of these katamari walls! This one and including the others have the perfect backrounds to go with the katamari's. Yet another addition to my collection of your wonderful Katamari Damacy series! Hope to see more and thank you for sharing this :D Now I feel like playing the game on my PS2 X-P *Runs off to PS2*

  13. flyindreams May 27, 2006

    Sweet, shi-chan XD Can't go wrong with your katamari walls, and the strawberry prince looks great with the jello x3 Nice colors as well :D

  14. AlexXan May 27, 2006

    I dunno this Katamari thing, so i cant realy write here something useful,
    but it is funny wallie, somehow XD XD XD

  15. IzumiChan May 27, 2006

    This wallie has an interesting name... ^_^
    I loved the colors and the stripes, it looks cute and fresh. :)
    That stuff inside the jelly are ice cubes? O.o
    I wonder what would happen if they melted... how would the water come out? *_*
    Anyway, great job, I loved it. ^.~

  16. soujiokita May 27, 2006

    That's cute. I really like strawberries. That jelly looks so good, makes me want to eat it. Speaking of braincells, me and some of my friends always make fun of one of my friends saying she only has two braincells. Anyway, great job this vector wall! :) +fav

  17. knightstar3 May 28, 2006

    XP simply cuteness Shix-chan! ~~
    VERY BERRY STRAWBERRY! <3 :) and jello too! >w<
    great vector and i love the stripes! ;)

  18. keevang May 28, 2006

    cuuuuteeeeee. pink is good. pink is love. pink is everything. XD
    anyway, another great wall done. :D

  19. enchantressinthedark Jun 01, 2006

    Awww why do I love your vector walls sho much? XD This is really great and not to mention, cute! You really like this character, don't you? XD Everything of this wall is done beautifully, keep it up with your mad vectoring skills! X-P

  20. animefairy Jun 01, 2006

    Nyaaa...so kawaiiii! :nya: :nya: :nya: I love the cute and fun colors! It remind me so much of flowers and summer! ^^ The design bg does blind me a little, but it looks so cool. *trying not to hide from the wall* >.< The jelly creature thingy is so cute and I just love the strawberry theme! :nya: :nya: :nya: Nyaaa! Hehe. Keep it up and thanks for sharing, Shixon-chan! ^_^

  21. CosmoStar Jun 04, 2006

    I liked the title a lot!
    The jelly looks tasty too and the katamari is cute and yes, this wallie really blinds us!
    Congrats, this is very kawaaii!

  22. k1ru Jun 05, 2006

    cute katamari! <3 <3
    I love the color u used there, sweet. <3

  23. janicehamtaro Jun 06, 2006

    Omigosh! It's so cute! I simply love strawberries...and this one looks pretty yummy! lol! It doesn't suck, no da! It's cute ^_^

  24. saffiremoon21 Jun 12, 2006

    this is like...wtf...but its still really creative and awesome XD

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