Air Wallpaper: My Last Summer [W]

Key (Studio), Air, Sora (Air), Misuzu Kamio Wallpaper
Key (Studio) Studio Air Series,Visual Novel Sora (Air) Character Misuzu Kamio Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Full view please

Listen to Air's opening song when viewing this wall XD

This is for the AIR - The 1000th Summer contest here on MT.

About the wall:
It's rather plain, I know.
Well, originally I had a wooden border around the wall (since the wall is a "painting", which is why the title is scribbled on the painting), but it looked kinda funky, so I removed it. I hate my water. It's definately no Phamthuha-looking water (XD) and I really wanna... punch it >=(

Air was such a strange anime, I had difficulty thinking up a poem. I tried making one up pretending that I had never seen Air, but that didn't work.

Time: about 5 hours
Layers: 41
Textures from DA!
Scan (Misuzu was vectored by me, btw): Air 1 by GEE.

Comments welcome!

My, um, poem: (avert you eyes!)
As we say goodbye
I feel a deep sadness, as well as relief
You're safe now, while I must complete my journey alone.
Walk your path, and I'll walk my own to somewhere I won't return from
I feel a deep sadness, as well as relief
As I turn and walk away from my last summer.


Edit #1: Fixed my weirdo water >_<
Edit #2: Made my clouds seem more like they were painted.

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  1. sukie May 24, 2006

    Wow...great work! i love the sky! SO pretty~! ME love the scan too! super cute!

  2. SkyKing8 May 24, 2006

    Very beautiful to look at! Thanks again for another awesome wallpaper!

  3. MapleRose Retired Moderator May 24, 2006

    nice work! I like the clouds, and the lightness of the mood. but you're right, the water looks a bit... off... maybe it's because it doesn't quite have that watery texture (it looks a bit blurred, thus clashing a bit with the sharper texture of the clouds and everything else). I'm not sure if it's just my monitor, but it looks a bit too bright. Also, the horizon doesn't look even, it curve downwards on the left side (dunno if that was intentional), so it makes the water look off, like it should be draining out of the left side...

    other than that, great wallpaper. I like your vector too.

    btw, I like it better without the border. it doesn't look like it needs it.

  4. eclair-chan May 24, 2006

    wooow that's so cool, I like those clouds this I cant even explain how great this wallie is ^-^ just palin amazing

  5. Fran Retired Moderator May 24, 2006

    Nice wallie Chloe-san!
    I love the path, and the vector it's just amazing
    Yeaahh....the water is...strange, it looks like a bunch of clouds
    On the other hand...the clouds are breathtaking!
    I really like it!
    + fav
    Oh yes....it looks so much better without the border

    Edit: The water looks great now >_<

  6. Milkiyo May 24, 2006

    the fuzziness of the texture seems to suit a painting, u don't really have to bother with the title really :D well..except that the border version does make it look funky. no wonder there are so many air walls recently >_< her fingers look kinda stunted O.O don't worry about the water, the 'furtherness' of it makes it look ok ;P
    nice poem, luv the part where u walk ur own path :P

  7. Limefreak May 24, 2006

    Wow I like it alot. nice poem as well!
    Overall great job.

  8. ShiXon May 24, 2006

    ooo shiny *o* lol
    it is indeed lovely and adorable wallie and i really love that scan <33
    and i was just about to use it also ;p lol, i say you did a good job on making a peaceful summer theme chloe n_____n

  9. flyindance May 25, 2006

    I really like the scenery, :)
    hey, the water looks ok, there's nth wrong wf it
    I wrote poems too, I tink tis poem suit pefectly.
    u r really very talented, u r the most talented among my frens

  10. aishiteraburu May 25, 2006

    do i even have to say anything?
    The wall is just fabulous
    and the vector no doubt perfect
    i love the background

  11. Imashitowareto May 25, 2006

    very gud!thx!

    merged: 05-25-2006 ~ 10:16am
    very gud!thx!

  12. Sandra May 25, 2006

    <3 Textures <3


    Awesome job.... :)

  13. quantixar May 25, 2006

    Heyy, nice wallie. Even though it's plain but it's just makes it more artistic. Looks like painting really. It's wonderful wallie - I love the scene.

  14. rythem May 25, 2006

    so calm looking and AiR-ish <3

    I never seen the scan n thus I love it so <33 ur vector is very neat n nicely done ~
    the whole scenery is lovely , the textures blends the elements perfectly~ love the font too ^^
    umm yeah maybe the sea looks a lil plain n lack details , but overall u did a great job ;D

    good luck with the contest chuuu ~ <3

  15. Strawberrychu May 25, 2006

    This is really awsome Chloe-chan! I love the scene and the vector is really well done! The texture is really great too, it's just perfect! And I like the water XD. Nice, definetly +fav.

  16. bbls May 25, 2006

    wowzers..the vector is amazing, especially misuzu's hair!
    i luv your concept here, with misuzu running along the beach.
    the title of your wallie is particulary sad and meaningful.
    i also really luv how your wallie looks like a painting...it has a very soothing and soft atmosphere. :D

  17. Ephemeral-Garden May 25, 2006

    Melancholic. Very.

    I love the atmosphere you've set for this wall. Especially the scan, I've been wanting to make a wall out of a person's backview... just too lazy to start working on that. And you pulled it off! I really love the whole theme in this. The sea looks very very nice, as if it's done through painting, though it kinda contrasts with the realistic sky...

    And I love the perspectively done pathway. It really works well with your title, and the scan. Ack! Can't say anything else but "this whole thing looks awesome!" Really. ^^

    Very nicely done, Chloe-chan!

  18. phamthuha May 25, 2006

    OUCH >__<! This wallie is also for Air contest? Oh i am gonna lose.... Just pray for god magic will happen XD

    Ah yes, once again you make such wonderful piece ^_^ The scan is sure lovely and you are so talent to wall in just 5 hours +__+ while I have to spend weeks in just one work *damn my stupid head*

    Okay, full of admirartion I am now ^_^ Fav from me Chloe-chan ^_^

  19. Revan Retired Moderator May 25, 2006

    Gotta say that this is one of the best walls I've seen from Air... don't know, it just portaits the big sadness that is characteristic from it. I feel the texture and perspective have helped with that.

    As the rest have pointed out the pathway rocks, the whole work with it is very accurate. Mizusu's vector is flawless and as Ephemeral-Garden has commented, it's great you've done her in a backview. About the clouds & water... well I guess your editing has taken care of it, now it matches with everything... your wall looks like it's been handpainted :o

    Best of lucks with the contest *proposes for highlight*

  20. Alfonse May 26, 2006

    Man, this looks great. You definitely captured the look of a painting on this. The serene feel and beauty of this wall/painting is spectacular. The vectored scan fits in well and looks as if it were painted. The birds and the sky look great, and the water looks pretty good. A lil wierd, but it's supposed to look like a painting so I think it looks fine. .::shrugs::. (almost looked like grass at a glance)
    As for the poem, it sounds fairly good, I can't say much cause I'm no poet. eheh ^_^'
    Well, enough of this rambling, and on to faving. xD
    Great job as usual Chloe-chan. ^^ Keep these walls-a-comin.

  21. candy-chan Retired Moderator May 26, 2006

    To me this looks a bit like nothing. The one good thing I see about the wall is the interesting contrast with the black parts, wich are original considering it's a beach scene.
    The scenery seems way too gushy for the straight edged vector. This disbalances the whole texture of the wall, and the one you overlayed on top of everything doesn't help. It looks like an easy escapade to REALLY making efforts in blending together vector and smudge. The clouds look like they've been deformed by your smudging. Oh and I can see the stock's extraction ( straight edge on the left part)

  22. LeeAnn May 26, 2006

    wow! it feels so refreshing!
    i alwayz expect something magnificent from you! and you never failed! wow! *again*

    about the poem....
    i have no idea about Air but.. your short poem makes me really sad and think deep..more specifically, think of a sad and very sorrowful events on my life..T_T i almost cried..
    but at some point its relieved me from something..maybe pain, pain of being alone..

  23. pamkips May 26, 2006

    -_- what is it with you peeps making such oreety air wallies, , -__- there really goes my chances of even winning j/k I could really care less ^_^ good luck to ya ^_^ anyways about the wallie, o-mi-gosh this is sooooo preety ^_^the way, ahh! it's just waaaaayyyyy to preety! ^_^

  24. YamiTEIOH May 26, 2006

    Whewww! So great! Loves the sky and the entirely bg, in fact ^^ The girl looks cute too, even if we only can see her back, hehe. Thank you very much -> this is great art!

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