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Hi there everyone ^_^ I am back with my new wallie XD . Yep, this wallie is for The 1000th Summer contest at the AIR group. So sorry I can't make more wallies in such short time, so I can't dedicate this wallie...


Okay, about the wallie, before saying anything, I hope you all can check out this scan:


It really sucks >__<! and took me totally 2 days to edit... but well I guess this wallie look nice in your all eyes ^_^

Time to work: humn... I started making this wallie on Wednesday last week... and spend totally 6 days nights with it +__+
Layers: I don't wanna count it +__+ About 210+ layers (no kidding >__< maybe more...)
File size in PS: 57,285mb
Things I added in this wallie:
- The sand: at first I want to add in some foot print and shells... but then I thought it is nice as it is now ^_^
- The wave: I am sure it is the hardest and also the most fantastic part of this wallie. It is also my best wave ever ^_^ About 4 days for it...
- The sky: a new style of mine. I love it'cause it looks so fresh in color (so proud >__<!)
- The bird: very few but carefully chosen ^_^ Hope it looks nice ;)
- The scan: I really like this girl after I edit her ^_^ Also the dress is a nice texture and I have add in some blend effect with cool color ^_^ Look like I am master with color now (jokes >__<)
- The shade: Took me alot of time .... but I guess it looks soft and smooth ^_^
- The feather: I add it in like a piece of love ^_^ It is also for the poem i am gonna write now ^_^


Okay, then now here is my poem (it is really bad +__+ and it is my first time writing a poem in English...)

# .... Close my eyes .... #
I hear the waves lap against the shore,
I hear the wind blow my tears into the air.
My eyes, my heart, I open my eyes...
Magic casted, you appear with your sweet kisses....
But... eventhough my words can't fly,
My soul will still be by your side.
Hold... Hold me tight... can you feel my heart beating fast?
My voice can't stop singing our song...
to a dream land, to the air.... of love
I will keep my hope to see you again,
# Promise.... #

OKAY! All comments and faves are welcome as always ^_^

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Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Ayaki
Wall: .natsu.matsuri.
Reason: The movement, yet quiet stillness of this wall is stirkingly captivating.

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  1. Ardenta May 23, 2006

    I like this bright wallpaoer of yours. :)

  2. melissa-clyne May 23, 2006

    wow! incredible! this one is really the best wall I've seen lately ^^ I love how it all turned out... I'm sure you'll win! phew.... I was going to participate on tha Air group contests, but because of the day limit I coudn't enter T.T sniff... but hummm I really like it! its awsome! and its very realistic! defenetly a fav my friend ;)

  3. annakee May 23, 2006

    wow! those waves are so beautiful. i want to be here ^^

  4. aishiteraburu May 23, 2006


    now there is no chance for me to win that contest
    the wall is fabulous
    and i love the scan you used thuha-chan
    the background as usual is fabulous
    i love the beach and the waves
    and your right it is one of your best waves
    and a fave from

  5. royaldarkness May 23, 2006

    very nice wall :D such a lovely beach scene, the scan suits the background so well! another fave for me ^.^

  6. nikorai May 23, 2006

    awesome that must of been tough

  7. nolove May 23, 2006

    quite shocked when i first see this wall >___< it's not as ur recent walls, not so colorful as them, just a soft smooth blue, just wanna full view it now but damn mt, i have to reload many times *angry*.
    okay okay ^^, the first impression is the further waves, it's really beautiful and soft, but somehow looks like clouds >"<, quite weird but still beautiful ^__^.
    But im sure, in my view, the nearer waves is the most most beautiful in this wall ^__^, it's so so realistic and smooth and yeah, im sure this is ur best waves ever >.<, i do love it :)
    2ndly, sure is the girl >_<, this time blend effect for the girl is the best best you did make it turn out so so wonderful, the texture and color ^__^, everything of the girl, the shadow is really really kool and if i didnt know the scan i may think it's from the scan too XD, so so fit, an A+ for this one ^__^
    The cloud: soft and smooth but quite blur, i do love if the flare is more colorful since it's hard to see among the cloud ^__^, though, the rainbow is really lovely, a truly wonderful and realistic cloud ^__^.
    I dont have to say much about the water, that's a masterpiece ^__^

    Okay, so a top fea and 5 points for ya, sweetie ^__^

  8. krysmoon May 23, 2006

    you've done miracles with that scan , your wall looks amaizing - a very peaceful scenery and yet it seems alive , i keep waiting for the waves to get to the shore :d and the poem is not bad at all , i really like it and it goes well with the wall

  9. Clover May 23, 2006

    hmm.. i feal refreshed when i look at your all^^
    for me it will be a fav.

  10. Meteorskies May 23, 2006

    I decided yesterday to abandon the Air contest because of a lack of time, and now I'm sure it was a good decision. Your wall is so amazing that I wonder how you cannot win. So, let's comment:

    + The character : superb scan, good cleaning. I just think she is too much pale.
    + The symbol : well-chosen, nothing more to say
    + The sand : looks like really good, as in your wall "Sleeping Beauty"
    + The sky : quiet different from your usual skies, but sure it is wonderful. A bit weird, maybe...
    + The waves : actually the most impressive in this wall. So realistic... the meerschaum is impressive (what do you want me to say, it's so impressive you just can watch it!)
    + Other effects : birds, rainbow, shadow... really nice

    - The dress : well... I think the dress is under your skills. I justify : the pattern you added is too flat, perspective of fleats are missing (however, I critisize it, but I'm not able to do as well ^^)
    - The sea in the background : it looks like too much... hum... plastic maybe, I don't know how to express it. I saw it in some of your walls yet, but I never said it.

    So, I know I'm hard to please, but don't worry, I never saw a so wonderful wall, I just think it's better to say what can be improved (this way, you can do better). Each time you do better, pham, it's really impressive. I wonder what you did during the week to spend all this time in making wallies!
    Anyway, you deserve the favorite that I give you. All my congratulations!

  11. candy-chan Retired Moderator May 23, 2006

    This is probably your best wall yet. Keep improving, but try and find more original ways to copy others, because this is clearly inspired from something else.

  12. kaylessa May 23, 2006

    all I can say is.....wow!
    That is awsome, very beautiful ^.^b

  13. Chloe Retired Moderator May 23, 2006

    This is awesome! The wave is just... wow. So perfect! And the scan looks awesome! Excellent job!

  14. KittyCyn May 23, 2006

    Hi girl! Awesome increidible wallie! *__* But what captured more my attention was the sea! Very well done for being hand made O_o
    The sand is very realistic to,you made also an exc cleaning of the scan... ^_^'

    But my only complaint is the sky...I think it is a little bit plain...it is completely of a solid color: light blue...maybe some gradient begining lighter from the horizon and darker to the space will give more deepness.
    The clouds I think there are too much clouds and very close to the sea...I think that an air wall should have more respiration in the sky (hope you understand me sweetie XD)

    But again I say> I'm impressed with the sea...it made this wallie a whole masterpiece!

    Keep it up girl! ;) *hugs*

  15. Rhonda21 May 23, 2006

    Wow. Such a wonderful wallie once again sweets. The waves look awesome. The whole beach with the sand look really pretty. The sky is lovely of course. The image matches great! Well I really like it very much!

  16. sukie May 23, 2006

    Wow i love how you made the sky! it looks sooo pretty! =D I love the scan too! SUPER KAWAII! =D great job!

  17. alterlier May 23, 2006

    damn.....that's quite of impressive, damn what a great piece of art..the waves how did yo made those ones? handmade? that's awesome is so clean ....and actually to be such a simple scan you created the most perfect atmosphere to place it ...the texture in her dress captures the eye, the sand looks so real >_<
    jaja you are quite of artist and such a nice person...cool and wonderful thing there anyway.
    fav ...of course.

  18. Ayasal May 23, 2006

    gosh phamthuha! your walls are so beautiful! O_O it hurts my eyes!(in a good way) :) the wave is so nicely done! I wish I could make something like that (I suck) LOL
    good job and keep up the good work! +fav!
    yay! XD

  19. PikaMoon May 23, 2006

    Wow...I'm speechless. You made...ALL of that?! Dang...You're amazing. *bows* The ocean, the beach, the skies, looks SO real...wow...greatly and...superbly done! :) Thanks SO much for sharing...you definitely put a lot of work into it and it can easily be seen in full size. Thanks for sharing...this totally makes me long for summer even more. ^^;; Definitely a fave from me. :) +fave+

  20. ShiXon May 23, 2006

    oh wow ha-chan it is really beautiful : D
    you make awesome wall scenes and this one is jst beautiful and summeryy~~ very fresh and happy like <33
    i gotta fave it! heehee~ another job well done sweetie, i absolutely love everything about this wall n_n

  21. himeno22 May 23, 2006

    omg wow!

  22. rythem May 23, 2006

    I agree with candy ;D this is prolly pham-chan's best walls ~

    u did a wonderful work on the scan ~ the patterns on her dress adds a nice contrast with the brightness , the extraction is well , perfecto n blends well with the bg ~ <3

    the sand n the sea is yes, my fav part ~ the colours r just soft n soothing ^^ well , I'm not gonna say too much , but maybe without the font is better <3 the clouds r pretty , but maybe a simpler look is better too (imo)

    but u did a great work with this ~ ur certainly improving lots ne ~ xD

  23. rubenz May 24, 2006

    phamthuha san this is great ^^ I really love the soft color on the cloud and the wave you made its great ^^ :D

  24. DragonboyVNY May 24, 2006

    hey girl. been a while since i checked MT! exams and projects... But... I LOVE THIS! Im all ready for the SUMMER! Hong Kong here i come!

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