Last Exile Wallpaper: Staring Into Troubled Waters

Range Murata, Gonzo, Last Exile, Tatiana Wisla Wallpaper
Range Murata Mangaka Gonzo Studio Last Exile Series Tatiana Wisla Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Another one ^^; I've been working somwhat obsessively lately. This one's a real simple one. Some character from LastEXILE (I', pretty sure but not 100% Never seen the show). The background image is a stock photo I got. I tried to add a city in the top-right but it didn't quite work out as well as I'd hoped. I orginially wanted something more slum-ish but the dock just seemed to work. What I'm worried about is the character not fitting in with the background, but it looked decent last time I glaced at it, so I'm hoping it looks about right for everyone else :3

And in case you're wondering why there's only one thing to sit on... I was lazy :p And I apologize for this being smaller than usual - I take what I can get with photos. Maybe sometime I'll redo this but unlikely unless everyone says I should change the same thing.

EDIT: Changed the size of the person

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  1. h2dz Jul 02, 2004

    hey wassup stardusted, hows it goin?

    ohhh yea the wallie,
    this is one sick waliie, is the bg real? awesome job, keep it up :)

    ( i meant "sick" in a good way, some people dont get it, but i kno u do O_~)

  2. Cloudnine Jul 02, 2004

    very awesome scenery ^^~ the brushed look of the BG matches well with the character. The only odd thing is that the character seems out of place with the modern wharf scenery (LE had a more retro, mechanical theme to it)

    Great work overall! Keep it up =D

  3. crapmonster Jul 02, 2004

    nice one! the only prob with this is the scale, she seems to be sitting on the dock and if thi is so, the dock should be bigger cause right now its to short

  4. niXan Jul 03, 2004

    Wow. This one is really nice! The style and color is just great!

  5. White Jul 03, 2004


  6. NebulaMask Jul 03, 2004

    Wow, Nice job matching up the feel of the BG with the feel of the character!

  7. RiceMaster Jul 05, 2004

    nice nice... the pic and bg are blended together

  8. PrinceVern Jul 05, 2004

    Mmh ^_^ wow, I definently like this one the background goes quite well with the character, and the color scheme gives me a nice, serene feeling...great job :3

  9. RAXXEPUNK Banned Member Jul 08, 2004

    aWeSoME thE bg & pic

  10. kiyu Jul 10, 2004

    great job ^_^

  11. dahl Jul 10, 2004

    Beautiful colors!

  12. DeepInfinity Jul 12, 2004

    Cool, I just kinda dislike the image of.. the girl. cant remember her name. Kinda looks odd. I think if there was a littl contrast made by making her sort of umm.. glossy it woulda turned out better. Oh well, I cant resist last exil walls and this is no exception. good stuff stardusted I like :nya:

  13. macross Aug 03, 2004

    Interesting work in the background is very good work in this wall and I really like the serie of the last exile

  14. Kei Aug 12, 2004

    i l o v e t h e w a l l . . .
    C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s ^^

  15. FroXenfire Aug 27, 2004


    I have the 1st 3 DvD's of this anime and I love it :D

    To start with her name is: Tatiana Vizska, and to tell you the truth, she is kind of out of place at the dock by the water, but not to worry, the colors of the BG mood of the Geography, and just the mood in which she her self is positioned make it work for some reason, and that is really hard to do, but you nailed it ^^' She is a Pilot, and Fly's well suposably Letters, from battle ship's to land to well this and that, but she is positioned as well as a Fighter. She is abit stuck up, and being known as the best flyer their is does not help that, she still bring something out thatmakes you like her, and at the same time feel for her. over all a well made char ^^' Oh yea she's preaty hot too, that helps lol. Well, I hope my comment's are interesting and not to much information... lol I Do tend to talk alot sometimes, when theirs something to talk about, so for now sayo~

    PS - i just joined Mt^^' and for my 1st post, I posted a wall of her. Feel free to drop by and check it out, won't hold my breath for a comment, but they do make my day ^^'

  16. zyan Sep 13, 2004

    Great background! Good work matching the char with the background.

  17. Noir1223 Mute Member Oct 21, 2004

    great scan sexy awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait to get to level 10

  18. AzNKiDoOo2 Nov 20, 2004

    wooow!..Nice wall!.. i really really hope it was in a bigger resolution thou. Fav for you! can u pump it up to 1600 resolution? xo

  19. glamdring Apr 30, 2005

    thanks a lot very beautiful wall i think i love very much it's awesome !!

  20. Uffa May 26, 2005

    Great wallpaper!!! I will add soon in my favourites!! Good job!!!

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