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AQUAPLUS, To Heart 2, Ikuno Komaki, Manaka Komaki Wallpaper
AQUAPLUS Studio To Heart 2 Series,Visual Novel Ikuno Komaki Character Manaka Komaki Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This wallpaper is dedicated to all who helped me and cheered me to go forth, when I needed support the most, Puppychow16(Phoenix), Jason9811, Maxi, Prof, Enchantress, GZZ (my deepest gratitude), Jay, Chopper, 5acr3d, Hamster, and many others who helped. Thanks really.

On the wall:
Spent around 60 layers, circles are mostly individual made, more flexible than them brushes.... nonetheless, thanks to PaulW for letting me whore his brushes.
3D renders from Boogy I think, wonderful set there bro! Scan from MT. Mostly filters that are very default, tried to replicate something like a passing dream, you know how when you opened your eyes and you never can remember those dreams that you had just an instant ago? Well, that is what this wallpaper is somewhat about.

On method:
Motion blur is a funny thing, some people consider it as blur, some people wanted something different for it, I think it is not that bad, you prolly try to use it, but most people do not like to, dunno why.

I haven't used the extrude for a long time, it was back in my very generic walling days I think, nonetheless, I loved the effect.
The rest pretty much explains itself, default text, simple simple, messy, circles (God, I love them and cannot do without them).

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: DayBreak
Wall: OZ
Reason: Do I even need one? Look at the extensive work of this vector people?! This Doooooood is TEH AWESOME! If you do not worship him you are freakin blind! Now Go!

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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator May 22, 2006

    Very cool!
    Love the smooth colors and the bg is awesome. Nicely done!

  2. darkseraphim May 22, 2006

    Hmmm... The way you made wallpaper is unique. It's really nice and I love it. Great work!

  3. Farewell May 22, 2006

    awesome man, i like the colors and the picture fits perfect. Good job.

  4. Hikarigi May 22, 2006

    I love the colors, and the girls are very beautty ^^, the bg is awesome! Good Job ^^ Add to fav's ^^

  5. uchiha-vegeta May 22, 2006

    they look so young , where the hell did they get such big......or never mind XP

    awesome wallie ^_^ devil-san

  6. Ianervan May 22, 2006

    Wow, it's been awhile DD! I really missed your work! Well done there dude!

  7. bj0rn May 22, 2006

    Wassup! After so damn long, DD is finally back! And damn! You didn't dedicate it to me! =X

    Anyway, hope you pwned those papers well cause from what I see, you sure enjoyed and did a good job there. Once again, trademarks swirly whirly circles by you! And I gotta agree, motion blur is actually a good thing to use. So you people out there! Start blurring WITH MOTIO! Yeah! Do The Motion! Once again you've proved that something that can be done that people normally don't think so.

    Colourwise, good choice! My favourite in fact! For the inside, i thought orange would be weird, but after awhile... I found it very unique. As if it creates a focal point for us to see. It's like the wall is telling me, HEY! YOU! LOOK HERE! THE BABES ARE HERE! Dreamy alright!

    LoL! And the 06 looks awfully familiar... ... ... LOL! Damn~ The Devildude Design word is there! Someone sure is self loving himself alot! =X

    Oh yeah~ Forgot to say... My favourite girl (one of them actually) in To Heart 2! DD suits my taste! Wonder where you got those scans though.

    Ok~ That's about it!

    P.S You can tell, I'm saying alot from my usual short comment. Just wanna do this specially for you since you're back after so long! Keep going dude and grow grow grow!

  8. Rhonda21 May 22, 2006

    Pretty cool wall you got here. hehe, nice with the motion blur. And cute image. Well then nice work.

  9. Kiako May 22, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the background design is very good, like the composition, the pic of the two charas fits in well.
    keep it up

  10. xluminax May 22, 2006

    The Girls are very nice, and the wallpaper is overall beautiful. Great job DD-san!

  11. LunaTsukino May 22, 2006

    Nice and so creative effects! *O*
    The background is black, but I can see it sparkle! *O*

    the circles, the extrude effect, the girls...
    ALL PERFECT! ^-^

    You surely deserve a Fav! ;)
    +FAV FROM ME! ^0^

    Thanks so much for sharing...
    Very wonderful work! ;)

  12. Vagetogt May 22, 2006

    Another fantastic wallpaper by Devildude! ^-^ Great job! I like that scan alot! ^_~ LOL! They are cute! I give this wallpaper an 8/10! And a favorites!

  13. Rikkablurhound May 23, 2006

    I like it XD
    It looks very pretty, I really like the circles U did...
    The scan is clean & everything is perfect^^
    Perfect Picture XD
    The motion blur is pretty ok too... but smth bout it bothers me... >_<
    But its really pretty XD
    +fav & fea

  14. phamthuha May 23, 2006

    So cute, DD-chan ^_^ I like this one >__<! Of course my fav ^_^

  15. Milkiyo May 24, 2006

    so...how were ur exams? ugh..brought it up again :P mine's over X-P *sticks out tongue* ok...the wall....-sigh- circles...this time even overdoing it X-P XD
    anyway..luv the other messed up effects (as if it isn't messed up enough) the blur here...haha..doesn't seem to affect the quality whereas gives it variation as well :) glad to see u wall again..finally I got time too :P XD XD
    I'll say it's a 'default' of ur style :P dd mashed up with randomness.
    keep it up (n.n)

  16. enchantressinthedark May 25, 2006

    Reminds me....how's our 3-month-old collab doing? =.=

    Yey DD, you're back ^_^ Back with walling, back with your whoring styles again XD Funny thing is, I never get bored of 'em XD You manage to compose such unique walls and the patterns are just lovely! ^_^ I like the motion blur ^_^ Its alwyas gives that dreamy effect ^_^

    Well, glad your exams are over ^_^ Good luck ;)

  17. midnightLOVERS May 27, 2006

    awwww. what a cute wallie.

    i really love the background of the wallie. aminly the circles that enclose the image of the girls. thats a very cute and creative idea. i most definatle love the useage of the different shades of blue, yuppers blue is so my favorite color and this is so going on my favorite list.


  18. Bisuketto May 28, 2006

    Woah man this wall is one of or the best you have done!
    BG ./ Maybe this is biast.. I love blue; furthermore those shapes worked quite well. The bg had the overall balance, so that you could appreciate the whole wall.
    Pic ./ cute girls, fit into the wall quite nicely, I also like there positioning.
    text ././ No special text, but it fits in well; not too imposing and yet still throws its weight around.


    DD this is awesome, had the girls been someone I'm obsessed with, this would stay as my BG, I faved this one. Good show. Keep it real man :thumb:.

  19. ayaki May 29, 2006

    your signature design.
    it merges really nicely with the scan ^_^
    i think the circles work well here~
    great job!~

  20. jeffng9 May 30, 2006

    very cool to heart wallie~!
    nice i like it!
    keep up the good work~

  21. blu3angl Jun 01, 2006

    Hey omni~ Awesome wall, i forgot if i said it on AP or not, but yeah, nice use of the blur.

  22. whatthesonson Jul 13, 2010

    love it. thanks for uploading this scan :D

  23. phongttp001 Feb 06, 2011

    awesome man, i like the colors and the picture fits perfect. Good job.

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