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what can I say...It was fun the process of doing this ..it looks simple, yes...but I like it, a lot, I worked on PS and the idea was that the girl there decides one day to get rid of all the slag in the world ...and when she finally finished her job she realized that she killed every human on earth...so she is kind of lonely.
hope you all like it.

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  1. bj0rn May 21, 2006

    Great vector. Just felt that the shadow should some opacity with the red splat on the ground. As for the description.. its kinna interesting. From what i see... its her hands draggin along a wall which creates a mark. but the propotion looks wrong. i mean, her hands cant reach the wall if she's standing far from it ya? besides that, outlines are a little choppy but perhaps thats the way u want it to be. perhaps u wanna pick a better colour next time since i cant tell the colour difference in the wall, floor and hands. =)

  2. Ayasal May 21, 2006

    gosh, I love it! it looks very different from other walls :D
    thank you so much for sharing this wonderful wallie! good job and keep up the good work! +Fav

  3. Chloe Retired Moderator May 21, 2006

    Whoa, this is crazy.
    The vector is really awesome and I love the splat on the ground. Nicely done!

  4. ShiXon May 21, 2006

    such a long title nee? ;p heehee~ it's so different from your usual~
    it's clean and very imaginative <33

  5. flyindreams May 21, 2006

    Awesome. Love the starkness of the colors and the concept. Her head, neck, and hands look a bit choppy, but everything else looks wonderfully dramatic :D

  6. uchiha-vegeta May 22, 2006

    nice vector , keep it up ^^

  7. Osirisa May 22, 2006

    Wa..... it's different from other works from u :) nice, of course ^__^ I like the blood circle..... quite impressive :D

  8. Rikkablurhound May 24, 2006

    Its a really nice & simple wall XD
    Lets see... I agree with flyindreams bout it lookin a lil choopy, but I think U did a great match of colours & everything looks perfect.
    Great composition... XD
    wat else can I say XD
    +fav & fea

  9. luckymouse May 27, 2006

    ooo this wall seems real deep thou showing little you can get alot just from looking at it. as well i really like it :)

  10. cyd84 May 29, 2006

    really neat design...love the contrasting colors and simple look...the red and black look great
    not so sure about the jagged vector style but original

  11. airam13 Jun 08, 2006

    you give us a very nice piece of your art and of course of your creative and special imagination... It's deep and simple, but the message you wanted to transmit it's really implicit...you can see it form the begining...eventhough many people criticized...I like it! no...I love it! It's just you and the ideas in your mind that's what I see in this wallie! nice job! my friend...

  12. ParadizeXI Jul 11, 2006

    ah ha..(but is it really possible for this girl to kill everyone?) ^_^' hehe ~backing up~ i better becareful with her then.. XP

    anywayz.. really nice... (and the girl just kinda remind me of my ss teacher :sweat: hehe ~nervousness~)

  13. sixthie Jul 26, 2006

    yea i see diz idea too simple...but i do like "her" the character n things she did...i adore her...huhu...keep it up dude...

  14. nevaehkrad Sep 27, 2006

    Beautiful wallpaper! I always had a similar image in my mind but I'm not talented enough to do anything to show it..and that wallpaper pretty much shows something like it. Just the feeling that it gives...it's awesome. xD

  15. aghost Feb 17, 2008

    Strong Elfen Lied vibe, or is it me?

  16. Alcyndore Oct 25, 2008

    Love the red in it. It's creepy, sad, lonely and effective. Again the simplicity and the empty space represents its charm.

  17. VILLALS Mute Member Dec 02, 2009

    woooow is very very cool yeah ...nice.. ^_^

  18. Monaliza Jul 12, 2010


  19. ido Mar 20, 2012

    Nice job, but I have to mention that this image belongs to another photograph artist who take a photo of a girl walking a street, the photograph made an effect with the blood because the picture is black & withe, but only the red color is visible, I'm sorry but this is not an original Iidea I have the original on my files if you want to see it.

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