Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper: End of Time [W]

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Alphonse Elric Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Alphonse Elric Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Full view, please

Blah... I'm still not sure if I like this one. I tried my best to make it look like a floor (yes, again).

Alphonse was scanned by me. Had to clean it up a lot and get rid of the big red "FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST" written on him. Chalk was vectored, as was the transmutation circle.
Wasn't sure where to put the title. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I chose "End of Time" 'cause the scan kinda looked like some sad carving on a wall or something. Added some leaves and a forgotten transmutation cirlce, and the result sits in front of us.

Time: around 5 hours
Layers: 38

Textures from DA! and Mayang.

Comments welcome =)

Edit: Darkened (darkend? How do you spell that?) the chalk.

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  1. Morphee May 16, 2006

    yea it does look like a floor :) though i think the texture is a bit strong... but well... that's me talking

    other than that i really like it :) i like the chalk you put ^_^
    very good wall ;)

  2. Yina May 16, 2006

    wow.. O__O
    interesting concept and composition.. >__<
    my only complain is the drawing drawn by chalk.. it's too sharp and too neat i think..
    but nevertheless great work =D

  3. pamkips May 16, 2006

    ooh I wuv the concept it's awesome ^_^ it's so dark and moody ^_^ pammie wuv it

  4. PAche May 17, 2006

    very nicely vectored (wow) and i like the....scratchy-ness.but i think the trans circle came on too strong it stood out of place there maybe it being blurred more wld be better.it was too clear and placed abit wrongly. and the texture's whites are too clear.the granite(you used something like that right?) texture gave it a nice stoney thing but the spaces between the granite was like *boom, i'm not supposed to be here but i dont care*.you get what i mean? ^_^' who wld i suppose but thats the only way i can put it.the chalk was also too bright

    as for the title...maybe you cld incorporate it into the trans circle...it might look gd... :/

  5. krisaiee May 17, 2006

    very interesting. l like it^^

  6. uchiha-vegeta May 17, 2006

    this is so freaking awesome , damn ur gooooood~

  7. pegassuss May 17, 2006

    Nice work Chloe-chan! ^^ It looks good and the vector is really great! Textures are really nice and I like the composition. It has a feeling of mystery ^_~ Nice job!

  8. jomjaikap May 18, 2006

    look interesting

  9. Ephemeral-Garden May 18, 2006

    Awesome! By the way, this might as well looks better as a wall than a floor. Coz it looks like a special Alphonse Memorial wall. XD

    But anyways, still looks good. Though maybe the transmutation circle looks a little bold and plain... I know there's actually an option on how to actually make the circle looks like it was drawn using an actual chalk... but not sure how to do it. I've only seen it though.

    But likewise, great work. You really are improving. *hands cookie*

  10. RainWater May 18, 2006

    It looks more like it's under a sheet of water. Maybe it's just me, but the transmutation circle seems a bit too strong. More like a stamp, that's what it is.

    Actually, maybe the whole wallie does look like a stamp. And the circle is the country's sumbol! *okay, now I'm just babbling.*

    It's still a great piece, though. Keep it up!

  11. flyindance May 19, 2006

    well, I hope u dun mind.
    I tink among all the ur works, tis is the work I can't understand o dun like the most so far
    background is great n the colour mixture is quite good
    but I can't seem 2 understand wat tis wallie is abt, mayb coz I dun watch tis anime
    very sori abt it.
    it gvs a sad feeling like tat

  12. enchantressinthedark May 20, 2006

    Wow, this is indeed a unique wall ^_^ Very interesting! And your vectoring skills are undeniably (is that how you spell the word? o_0 ) amazing! Its really great! Keep up ze good work!

  13. trinigirl524 May 20, 2006

    hm its a really unique concept and i like how Al looks in this, very dark and mysterious. though i think that the texturing is kinda too much and i agree with Yina on the chalk drawing. but other then that i like it and the blending of colors looks great. nice work keep it up ^^

  14. Milkiyo May 20, 2006

    seems interesting enough though the symbol kind of clashes. Lovely texture :D but I can't see a floor out of it :X

  15. Alfonse May 21, 2006

    Hey look, it's me on that wall. xD Just kiddin.
    Well, I like the look of this wall, and it from FMA too, so that's a plus. xD I like the idea of it all, with the forgotten transmutation cirlce and all.
    I think you managed to grasp the look of a floor on this one, but you still need some work on it. Just keep workin on it, and I'm sure you'll nail it sometime. ;)
    Anyway, great work, it's a definite fav. ;)

  16. dieg1 May 22, 2006

    great scan, even when i don't know much of this anime, i've only seen it a couple of times.

    hope you keep posting scans like this

  17. paintmearainbow Jun 13, 2006

    Interesting concept~ This wallie seems to cry out to me a dark, mysterious yet sad feeling, it does really represent how Al feels sometimes... This wallie has its charm.
    Awesome works! Fma is a great show XD

  18. Nirkatze Sep 13, 2006

    I saw this wall fullsize, and I swear, it pulled at my heartstrings. I would say that you almost don't need the white array or possibly tone it down--it pulls away from the poignant feeling the wall creates. Beautiful.

  19. Elves Sep 27, 2006

    Awesome floor! So realistic yet anime-esque. I like how you've made Alphonse seem like a shadow over the floor, but not quite - due to the red eye which really stands out (maybe a little too much, but no biggie). And I'm glad to see the chalk textures. And here I may be nit-picky, but technically if the transmutation circle were on a rough stone floor with that big of stones it'd deviate from being a perfect circle due to the perspective and angels the rock floor creates. With all the nook and crannies it'd be a lot bumpier looking than that. As I said, that's me being picky. ^_^' You could put the title within the transmutation circle - I think it would fit there. How you have it works too. Sometimes walls are just fine without a title plastered all over them. :) Awesome job! Thanks for sharing!

  20. jhgfdsertyu Apr 30, 2010

    The filter is a bit obvious (extending into Al), but nevertheless, well done.

  21. only002 Aug 01, 2010

    ooh nice vector, I like the boldness of the black and white (and nice title too ;) ) too bad Armstrong is missing...

  22. incool Nov 24, 2010

    abi kardes hikayesi delikanl?ca aferin

  23. conx Mar 07, 2011

    this cool pict...alphonse..so dark

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