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This is one crazy work.

This one took me about 3 weeks to complete. Since I was busy, I had to finish them bit by bit. And as usual, no planning for the colour scheme so I just have to refer to my Ragnarok: Sakura Romance's guidebook and looked through the job character for matching colours, plus a little of my imagination, this is how the colours were decided.

Actually, this picture was requested by my councilor as a memento. No, actually he only requested a picture of our department in blazer, so I did. And then I went over and drew this special edition of our department, with each of us representing 7 job classes I had from my Zodiac Dreamers story.

Cell shade. It was such a pain in the butt.

Psychic - 12 layers
Shadowmancer - 12 layers
Mathematician - 15 layers
Thief - 17 layers
Ninja - 12 layers
Predator - 12 layers
Wizard - 12 layers

I hate the mathematician though. I like the outfit, but I really hate the fact that she was the hardest to cell-shade. With all those patterns and stitchings...

Now about the background... it was a little tricky to do. I'm still trying to do abstract and grunge, so... this is what turned out. I don't really like the abstract, but I do like the grunginess. And it was a little headache to do, so I won't say anymore.

The brushes, I believe was from DA.

Okay, done crapping. Won't say any further. Critics welcome. (Particularly the drawing and the technique of my cell-shade)

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  1. kuroimisa Retired Moderator May 13, 2006

    Your drawings have definitely gotten better and better, as has your colouring in! The only crit I have at the moment is about the colouring- I'm assuming you did a bit of colour burning, so you might want to use the smudge tool a bit (I guess burn and smudge are a couple now X-P)

    *jealous* you can draw hands X-O

  2. Anjhurin May 13, 2006

    Ohoh the thief is looking sooo good... he's the sweet-talker 'i rob you behind your back' type of guy isn't he ?

    Anyway, really nice drawing, i think everyone has good stances, and i really like their hair too :). Clothes are quite original too.
    Some bad points : the psychic's arms are too thin, and the elbow doesn't appear to be there on the straighten out arm (on that same arm, the index finger is a bit long). Your hands are pretty well drawn as misa pointed out ;) . Other thing is, the characters seen from 3/4 th profile, their faces are a bit flattened out (especially the predator and ninja).

    Otherwise, it's a really nice work (i loooove the thief OMG he looks so cool ^_^'). Thumbs up obaa-san !

  3. Chloe Retired Moderator May 14, 2006

    Woohoo, a doujin!
    Love the colors are awesome and the characters looks great! Some arms might be a bit thin, but other than that, great job!

  4. Akaiken May 15, 2006

    You going there lazy, I mean, busy Sofia. Your doujin is getting better and better as you continue, *sniff*! Why do I have to envy everyone of you here... T_T

    Anyways, the colors are getting better as usual. You still have to improve on the character detail, you know. I can't understand the detail of that blond guy on the back but you did pretty well on the other characters.

    And one last thing... damn, your doujin loads very long! Too big to be an ordinary doujin.

  5. enchantressinthedark May 20, 2006

    Improving, improving, you're certainly improving Epphie-chan! ^_^ I've biten my nails down with envy because you can draw doujins so nicely XD The concept of your doujin is really nice! Zodiac Dreamers, what a wonderful title! And the characters you drew, really compliments it! Keep it up Epphie-chan!


  6. charaznableamurorei Jun 21, 2006

    I absolutely adore anything that has to do with "classes" (though not the hierarchical variety!) and archetypes, since giving drawings more background story/context rather that simply posting fancy art but without the story behind said art, to my mind, really makes my mind race even more (and I should pay more attention to proper sentence construction, lol)... so your art gets my vote for the DSC's June-July monthly display event, Ephie. ^_~

    Though the other entries also give me that 'intrigued' feeling, yours is really loaded with lots of context... and raises lots of questions. I should REALLY prioritize reading up on your Zodiac Dreamers story: where do you keep the text, by the way? Or are you just making the story as you draw your art? I only read the intro on your userpage: a hero confronted with a dilemma running thru the core of his/his comrades' existence; why does altruism/sacrifice and egoism/love of self have to be always at odds with each other (the danger of dualistic thinking, as I'd name it) and other interesting questions.

    I love this line very much: "Can truth be acceptable just by agreeing on what is shown on the surface?"

    Also, regarding the artwork, I'm just wondering why you drew the Ninja class character as the only one evidently holding a weapon. It's interesting for me to see characters relying on other means to fight, instead of depending on physical implements (as the case is so with most "classes"-based stories, following a stereotyped rule "The-Bigger-The-Weapon-The-More-Powerful-I-Am", lol).

    As for critique on the technical chu-chu of All of Us Are Dreamers, I don't feel I have anything else to say (honestly, I'm a little weak on the technical aspect-critiquing part), but I kind of notice that most of your characters' eyes have this 'smug, confident' look to them, especially the psychic's and the predator's... am I right or am I just entering one of my hallucinatory phases, lol?

    Lastly, this is not the "thank you for the nice GB post" and "thank you for really embodying and upholding 'Support Doujinshi'" post and the "wow, I am so proud and happy that you and many other doujinshi lovers are doing their part in promoting/supporting your own indy art" post I owe you! Probably, in the coming days, I may be able to do so (I have this little thing called "W.A.R. fever"? I hope it subsides soon, lol), but please believe me when I say that I am really happy for you and for all that you've done to stand up to share art that comes from your very hearts... and before I get mushy and teary-eyed here, fin!

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