Takehito Harada Wallpaper: .:Lolilicious:.

Takehito Harada Wallpaper
Takehito Harada Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

man...probably the loliest wall I've ever made. -_-

its been eons since I last made a wall so don't mind if it sux a bit @_@

Was going for a techy abtract -ish wall but got bored and added in 2 planets just for old times sake xD
Also kept the colors soft cuz you know how soft lolis are :O

photoshop cs2/3days


Chosen by bromithia and euna

We haven't seen one of these walls in a long time. Yes, it's been eons since Osi's made a wall, and nearly as much since we last saw a flood of this style in MT galleries.

The soft, pastel tone adds in a nice touch to produce the lovely bg of this loli wall. If you look closely there's a bit of everything in this wall from astract to the good old planets we all used to stick into our walls. Very nostalgic. A nice 'comeback' wall, Osi!

Proposed by bromithia and highlighted by euna.

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Browse Takehito Harada Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. frozenwilderness May 13, 2006

    Osi I love your walls D: Why are you so leet T_T

    But yea.. it's very loli X__x You should start walling again you poop.

  2. crapmonster May 13, 2006

    my god...osis back! uh....
    anyways this wall is really nostalgic of the old style of walls that people use to make. nice job on the tech/abstract, you still got it man!

  3. w00tazn May 13, 2006

    sup homie. awsome wall man.

  4. jackalx66 May 13, 2006

    the bg was ok x3
    at full the planet dont seem like planet to me lol
    maybe it just was the abstract =3

    overall is fine for me, and yeah soft color goes for loli /o/
    keep teh good job k , cya ^^

  5. candy-chan Retired Moderator May 13, 2006

    allright well ill do this quick >_>

    good: perfect abstract. Love the soft colors
    bad: scan isnt blended with the bg D: i smell bad extraction and you could have, iunno, done something

  6. KorganoS May 13, 2006

    Yeah! Go Osi Go!
    Wall more lolis and fill the world with that 'puru puru' stuff =P
    Anyways... nice and effective abstract. Reminds me of... wait... GundammZZ's walls O_o?

  7. tAtEkAnE May 13, 2006

    *laughs @ osi* maaan u're walling again, just after me sayin to u "Like you wall?" haaaahaha g00d j00b man xD

    anyway i think it's a nice wall xP but yeah extraction sak *runs*

  8. nekosasu May 13, 2006

    myomyo :D
    i knew you'd do something good out of that nice loli scan *drools*
    abstract? planets? /me is blind x_x

    anyways great wall osi-chan, good to see you back in the game as well ^^

  9. phamthuha May 13, 2006

    Wonderful, sweetie OoO So so smooth XD that I do love and sure the color is wonderful ^_^ Love love this one *kisses* and also quite along time you haven't submit a wallie ^_^

    Sure my fav, sweetie ;)

  10. Kurosawa May 13, 2006

    uh oh no someone walling again ~
    I see teh loliconzz wall >_>
    damn,loliconzz are infected me now ,noooo >_<

  11. bromithia Retired Moderator May 13, 2006

    Why do all of the old good members come to life when you make a wallpaper?!

  12. Susan-chan May 13, 2006

    i'm luving it ^_^ high quality wally:)

  13. euna Retired Moderator May 13, 2006

    O________O OMG. Osi has returned! XD
    Geez, what happened to your old scenic style? >_<
    Well, nice wall. Obviously you haven't lost your touch. Yet. OX
    It's great. It just reminds me of the good old days. Nice soft colours and abstract bg. Looks lovely. Btw, it does look a bit like ZZ's walls.

    Quote by bromithia Why do all of the old good members come to life when you make a wallpaper?!

    Yeah...funny that. lol

  14. kalicodreamz May 14, 2006

    seems this war at AP is bringing everyone back XD
    nice to see you alive osi :o
    but i pretty much agree with candy on both gooad and bad x_x

  15. AkinaSpirit May 14, 2006

    Wahh~ Osi made a loli wall ._.
    *runs up to Osi* ---- (o^^)-o)x.X)
    Hisashiburi punchu~

  16. fawna-chan May 16, 2006

    Pretty. :)
    I like the bright and loli colors.
    I think that maybe this is the first wallpaper that you've done when I'm here. It's really good.

  17. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator May 16, 2006

    Zomg, I can't believe that you decided to start walling again and lo and behold, this scan to boot *______* Supurb job as always and just simply outstanding. I really love the color scheme chosen and the design as well is just gorgeous. Honestly, it looks as if you haven't even taken a break from walling. Absolutely perfect in every way and even if it is lolilicious, it's still a damn good wallpaper that earns a favorite for me. We can only hope that Osi'll keep continuing to wall as well XD.

  18. Pladao38 May 16, 2006

    It's cute XD.
    Very good and neat job indeed.
    Colors are nice and lolis are never bad XD.

  19. roly-poly May 17, 2006

    nice wall, where'd you get it? the ball wallapaper shop?


    ok that was harsh, i apologise. issanok wall. far from good in your standards. or my standards. i haven't decided yet.

  20. ykfanzz May 18, 2006

    Is the image from any anime? Or by any famous artist? The colour is beautifully match. I like it alot :)

  21. janicehamtaro May 20, 2006

    It definitely is lolilicious! Lol! I like pastel colours a lot. And the girls seem so cute! Love this wallie <3

  22. studio May 20, 2006

    Oh it`s been ages. Love the colours there down the back.

  23. Chizuru-Otohime May 20, 2006

    I like it lots. And...it doesnt look loli to me ^^;
    or maybe it is. its really cute ^^

  24. Milkiyo May 21, 2006

    a mixture of the new with the old :P someone've created a style..
    nice mild colours, have that loli texture in it if u get my meaning :)

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