Suigetsu Wallpaper: Fading [For Chi-chan]

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Fading [For Chi-chan]
My inspiration just popped up from nowhere. When I saw this scan of the gurl, I intended on making a wallpaper as if she's waiting for someone... So I just played around and used the eraser to erase this erase that, and it had too much white... so here came the idea of the whole "fading thingy". Finally I merged the scan with a stock photo.

Took me 2 hours to finish it! (Probably one hour of thinking what to wall XD ) I stayed up till 3am just to finish this wall.. >_< Now I really look like a zombie...not enough sleep XD

Well this gurl looks like she has suffered much pain, and now, she finally gets to fade. She finally gets to sought her own happiness, in heaven.

Nyuuuuu why did I make such a sad wall when it is suppose to be a birthday gift?

Okay then, here's to my dear friend, Chi-chan! She'll be celebrating her birthday on the 16th of May. Mine will be on the 15th XD Such a coincidence! Well, here's an early birthday gift for you, Chi-chan! Hope you'll like it and HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE! :D

And a big sorry to you guys if I havent commented your walls! I'm currently on commenting hiatus, but I'm sure I'll get everything done by the time my exams are over! Hope you guys can understand! Love you all! *hugs*

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  1. fawna-chan May 12, 2006

    It's really nice. :) I like the colors and how she's fading and blending in with the background. I don't like the swirls in the left corner though...but maybe it's just me. Very nice job. :)

  2. Fayt42 May 12, 2006

    ohhh i saw this girl befor
    i think she was from a game
    it came from a magazine i think?
    i had to merge mine togather
    otherwise i very nice job i admit
    thanks for the share :D

  3. melissa-clyne May 12, 2006

    hello there! cool wally! ^^ I love it, this one is definetly a fav! hahahahaha really its amazing ^^ well gotta go ^^ byeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. YamiTEIOH May 12, 2006

    O_O <(...)
    Argh, kill me if it's not the best wall I've ever seen in my life. How can you say, there's imperfection? It IS the Perfection!
    favored+walled+copied several times in all my files+anything I can do show that this wallpaper is the best.
    Should I just say it's good work? No, it's better than that.
    Thank you very much for this wallie... ^_^ no I'm not exaggerating (or just a very very very little...)

    EDIT: Or there one little default...the text :lol:

  5. MiniMog May 12, 2006

    Very nice wallpaper you've made, here, enchantressinthedark. I, especially, really love the colours you used, on the background, and the texture the background has. Really nice, indeed.

    The scan is a pretty nice choice, too, as she looks like she's in deep thought, as she seemingly is fading into the background.

    I see that you added some text, other than the primary focused text, too. Nice addition. I interpreted it as some sort of note, or a part of a letter, but since I don't know what it means, I can't be sure.. XD

    Again, very nice wallie, and I look forward to seeing what you cook up for us, next. :)

  6. Xx4azngrl8xX May 12, 2006

    its so pretty! i love the mixture of colours and everything! Great job

  7. Rhonda21 May 12, 2006

    So very lovely! The colors are nice and the whole look is great. Well then great job!

  8. starrliteangel May 12, 2006

    veeeeeeeeery pretty. i love the wide range of colors you used and the purples and yellows go so well together!

  9. Lariel May 13, 2006

    ara... this is so sweet and serene. Love it! Gambate! ^@^

  10. Ephemeral-Garden May 13, 2006

    Sweet. ^^ It has that slight abstract touch to it. And YES! Sad wall! I love sad wall! (And yes, I don't really like happy wall, coz I'm not a happy person XD)

    Hm, the choice of stock photo... I guess it does fit with the scan. Though my only complaint is about that swirly thing at the top left corner... it kinda makes the wall look strange.

    And the font for the word "Fading" is a little weird... plus the location for it doesn't seemed appropriate for some reason. In my opinion, it looks better if you could lower the text down coz it stand out, a lot.

    But overall, this is a new fresh wall. Very calm, soft and SAD! ^^

  11. Akarix May 13, 2006

    The wallpaper is soft and sweet ^^ The colours blend togerther and gives a very soft and pure feeling to the wallpaper ~!
    Me really like it ^^ veeery nice nyan~!

    Keep up the good work nyan~!

  12. phamthuha May 13, 2006

    Eventhough this wallie is really "fading", i still have to say that all the details are really fantastic, sweetie ;) Yup, I like this one ;) But.... I don't know why but I only click on download it when i see the name of the waller is: Enchant-san... well i guess the way you made it is not attractive enough then ^_^

    Surely a lovely present to Chi-chan ^_^ Hope you don't mind my favy and add to CW gallery now ^_^

  13. k1ru May 13, 2006

    have a really soft color, en-chan~
    the character really match teh background, and the pastel color makes it looks great! <3 <3

    the only thing that I dont really like is the text, doesnt really match the wall, if you put it there...
    maybe you can move it to somewhere else...

    anyway, nice wall!

  14. royaldarkness May 13, 2006

    ooh pretty *is enchanted* this is really amazing! i absolutely love the colors, it's so...so...sweet and dreamy :)

  15. mizu-megami May 13, 2006

    wah this wally is really beautifull*_* i'll add it to my favs^_~

  16. N9e1 May 13, 2006

    Great fading effect! You gave this wallie a dreamy look~ Everything in this wallie goes well with the theme~ ^_^
    The details are beautiful. Good job! Thank you for sharing!

  17. chichiri1907 May 13, 2006

    Oh Enchan!

    Your sooo sweet, thank you so much for my early birthday gift >.<

    I love it so mch its so pretty! Do u want to know something funny?
    You see the scan you used for the wall?
    Will i had that scan for a very long timeand was dying to know if anyone would make a wall out of it, so this really is the perfect gift for me, so thank you soooo much
    *hugs wallie*
    I still cant belive that you wold give me such a nice gift, Im in sch an awwww over how beautiful it is.....AND NOW ITS MINE! HAHAHAHHAH lol, over exagerated their ;)

    *hugs enchan*
    I love it sooo much, and once again thank you!

  18. chikage-kekinha May 14, 2006

    It's really beautiful! XD ;)
    I really like the background and colours!
    Keep it up!
    Going to fav! :D

  19. zaira May 14, 2006

    wow! i'm really really! jelous of you guys!
    i can't still make another wall... dunno why ehehe

    well for the wall! i like the fading concept
    though for the color combination between the scan + the stock photo is a bit out of place....maybe you can try to make the bg a little bit pinkish or same color as the scan...

    i really do like the font text you use XD but maybe you can change the place or its position somewhere. overall nice fading wall! keep it up! :)

  20. blueneutral May 14, 2006

    Wah...nice man this wall! Everything looks fantastic! Love it man! Favourite *.*

  21. Rikkablurhound May 14, 2006

    This is not your best... >_<
    But its still a lovely piece... XD
    I like how shes fading away^^
    & I like the swirls above...
    The stock image blends well too...
    Its really beautifull
    Looks like bubbles, the stock image XD
    +fav & fea

  22. Elain May 15, 2006

    very-very beautiful & light (in all means ;)) wallpaper!
    + favorite deginitely :D

    the only thing that looks odd is the way how 'Fading' written. It's too heavy for such light both girl & background.

  23. animefairy May 17, 2006

    Aww...this really is such a sweet and cute wall! The girl looks very innocent and sweet! I love all the bright and rainbow colors! It really brightens me! XD It has been a while since I've seen you make a wall, but this is really amazing work here! Keep it up and thanks for sharing, entrantressinthedark! ^_^

  24. quantixar May 17, 2006

    Beautiful. :)

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