Black Lagoon Wallpaper: Red Fraction [W]

Rei Hiroe, Madhouse, Black Lagoon Wallpaper
Rei Hiroe Mangaka Madhouse Studio Black Lagoon Series

1024x768 Wallpaper

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Full view, please

The title comes from the opening song, Red Fraction, from the anime Black Lagoon, which so far has been pretty interesting!

Everything in the wall is vectored, which is why I'm submitting it for the Divine Awards monthly contest. This month's theme is "Your Style".

Anyway, uhh... lemme see here... vectored the bullet shells from a screenshot as well as the feathers. The quote if from Levi when asked by Rock about what she did before joining the group. Also, does it look like a floor? 'Cause that's what I was going for *nervous*
Textures from DA!

Layers: 30
Time: about 4 hours

Comments welcome!

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  1. ShiXon May 08, 2006

    wheee 'nother spectacular wall from chloe-chann xD
    i like the textures you used and the bullets looks smoooth 8d
    good job once again clhoe-chan!

  2. aishiteraburu May 09, 2006

    so unique and fabulous
    another very creative work
    the texture and the bullet are just great
    the feathers really nice with the background too
    nice work chloe-chan

  3. MapleRose Retired Moderator May 09, 2006

    wow, beautiful vectors. Love the textures, esp on the floor.

    are those bullets supposed to be resting on the floor? because the one on the left looks to me like it's floating a bit. maybe it's because of the shadow, or the lightness of the floor beneath it...

    anyway, the feathers are a nice touch :)

  4. midnightLOVERS May 09, 2006

    wow this is really stunning. the bullet shells and the drifting feathers makes me think that death reached out its hand to someone. it leaves such a mystery in my mind. it really nice.


  5. kyokujitsu May 09, 2006

    Wow, that's really cool. Nothing really even looks like it's been vectored, and the contrast between the bullets and feathers is nice. Thanks for sharing ^_^

  6. Vakita May 09, 2006

    wow is really sad but also is great look´s powerfull
    i look´s like if you killed a angel
    but is beatiful ^_^

  7. PAche May 09, 2006

    that wallpaper took my breath away.everything blends so smoothly together.don't worry it does look like a floor.how did you do that...depth into the floor?its a floor yet it feels like its more than just that.and the luminous feathers add a nice touch to the bullets, as if angels and death were somehow related indirectly(actually they are right?).not adding any blood there was good.most of the time when there's bullets theres blood but here, because there isnt any, one wonders just what those bullet shells are there for.

    however, the one and only problem i see in the wallpaper is the shadow of the bullet.on the shell, the shading's fine.but on the floor, the shell on the left looks wrong.i think cos it isnt aligned with the one on the right.light travels in a straight line, remember?they dont bend so this shadow shouldn't either.i think thats whats making it...out.the shine at the tip of the left bullet is also a little too straight for a supposedly bent thing so yea.

  8. LeeAnn May 09, 2006

    im speechless...

  9. hanakosan May 09, 2006

    love the way you did it... has a very nice mood to the wall ;)

  10. Susan-chan May 09, 2006

    it can be everything: i luv ur works:D and i i like this work too! m the textures, the feathers and the ligthing too! ;)

  11. eternallegend May 09, 2006

    this wallie is really nice with the way the background looks ^^

  12. Yina May 09, 2006

    i really love this one.. *__* as i said on AP.. XD

  13. cyd84 May 09, 2006

    A beautiful piece with a great original idea...were the screenshots also from Black Lagoon?
    It's difficult to create a moving piece without a character to focus on, but you really succeeded
    I love your use of textures...the floor looks fantastic :) ...and the shadows are well placed...love the text as well
    My only suggestion is to soften/rough up the outlines on the bullets and add a bit more outline (maybe some interior outlining of the spine) on the feathers since right now the bullet outlines are so clear while the feathers have none...it's the only thing that really reminds you that it's a vector and not an image from a beautiful scan :)
    A really great piece overall

    Nominating it for simple-ism :D

  14. uchiha-vegeta May 09, 2006

    nice nice nice!

  15. Frosty May 09, 2006

    sweet looking wall...
    thhe texture goes very well with the overall pic...
    rather simple but looks really nice. :D
    great job ^^
    gives you a score of *9.45* and Grade AA+ for a simple yet beautiful looking wall.

    ps: would give a higher score if the resolution isnt so small.. XD

  16. CagalliLover84 May 09, 2006

    Pretty interesting Black Lagoon wall... it does seem a bit plain with just the bullets... but it has its charm... the resolution is great... keep up the good work.. hope to see some more!

  17. lena3883 May 10, 2006

    Yup. definitely looks like the floor. AWSOME job! I really love this wallpaper. My desktop will no doubt get some use outta this. Thanks so much for sharing it. Good luck on the contest ^^. +favs

  18. Dragus May 10, 2006

    yea i don't think i need to say anything u already know hahah.

  19. GrayFox23 May 10, 2006

    The white feathers look pimpin on the dark grungy back drop. ^_^ It's like there's a little purity in all the dull darkness. Oh and I love the 9mm shell casings ^______^

  20. echidnaboy726 May 11, 2006

    That's impressive! You did an amazing job with the floor and the feathers, and the whole concept is just spectacular. My only gripe (and it's a small one) is that the shell casings look a little like they're floating. Regardless, it's still wonderful. Keep it up, yo!

  21. Ephemeral-Garden May 11, 2006

    I'm beginning to enjoy your anime wallpapers which features objects instead of the people itself. (Especially after your Pride wall)

    The floor can be seen as a successful execution. It definitely looks like a floor, awesome work on that one. Your vector is, well, again, awesome. Can't see anything that makes it different from the original (menaing your vector looks too similar with the original ^^)

    Awesome job. Loving object-centred wall now. XD

  22. N9e1 May 11, 2006

    Simple by nice~ Very symbolic~
    The ground is very well made~
    Great wallie! ^_^ Thank you for sharing!

  23. Alfonse May 12, 2006

    Wow, you always seem to pull off simple walls. And you just love to vector don't you. Anyway, there aren't really any flaws in this wall. It's just so simple, there's nothin to point out. But I will tell you one thing, the floor does look like a floor. I like the lighting of it. It's bright on one side and darker on the other. I dunno why I like the lighting so much, but it looks good. ^^;
    Oh and nice vectored feathers. I really wouldn't have known they were vectored if you hadn't pointed it out.
    Well, enough of my rambling. I think, as usual, you did a great job. ;) Keep 'em comin Chloe-chan. ^^

  24. Onime-no-kyo May 12, 2006

    Beautifulll wall, as I like to say, beauty in simplicity. and BTW is does look like a floor, ORSUM WORK!

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