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The wallpaper shows the room of a Mangaka.

I think, the most important thing here is the bg, since it's completely made in Photoshop.
Ahh.. Photoshop, my love, because of you, I didn't have to use my ruler.. >xD
The colouration was really fun, even though it was kinda tough to draw the outlines. >>
But I'm quite satisfied with the results.

You can see 8 pictures in that room and they were all drawn during my English lessons. Our teacher is such an idiot.. >>

BTW, no one has seen those 8 pictures before, so you're the lucky first one.. xDD

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  1. fukushuusha May 08, 2006

    heh...just copy and pasting from AP xD

    I knew you would make such a perfect thing when you said it ll be an original...
    This pwns; totally. Very very original concept and execution. I actually feel that I am looking at some room like that. That kinda feeling I am getting here...and I want a big version of that big portrait there xD
    Great work

  2. kiokorenay703 May 08, 2006

    Really nice i love it, and yes as once again i have said something on Ap, yeah im Anime11, XD!
    so very nice once again! lOlL i love the bg, and the room its very like... Reall looking, hey did u like do it form one of ure art rooms in ure house?
    but in any case its very CUTE! i love it!
    i will add it"hte wall" on here as well as AP!
    and just a quastoin, how many of them do u have on the web. like how many sites do u have them on?
    Thanks A LUT!
    For the share!
    here its :

  3. sukie May 08, 2006

    WOW! =D you really did it this time girl! =D The porportion needs about more work but other than that everything looks super cute! =D +fav

  4. strawberrt May 08, 2006

    whoa.... this wall is like.. GORGEOUS. O_O i love how you set up everything, and how its in an artist's room. Its very original.

  5. flyindreams May 08, 2006

    *points to AP*

    Such a rocking hot wall... >DDD *drools happily* Awesome awesome job.

  6. shiningdays May 08, 2006

    hehehe ^_^ such an original concept.

    something's bugging me about the pictures on the wall/floor/etc though.. they just seem too bright/as if the shadow isn't hitting them... too much like blocks of wood with an image mapped to them rather than a canvas. i don't quite know what it is but it's bugging me.

    Other than that though, a fabulously creative wall that turned out cute and quaint, so i'll fave it :D

  7. rythem May 09, 2006

    such an interesting concept yina ~~ *o*
    cant type much (should be studying ,lol) but I love how u draw the art tools (or whatever its called XD;) very neat ~ and the perspective is done nicely ;D
    great work ~ +fav ^^

  8. kyubinaruto May 09, 2006

    What can I say, totally something new. The textures work well with the concept and the art tools are really neat =))
    The shadowing is... somehow weird? I don't know >..< It just doesn't look right to me.
    I envy your talent >...<

  9. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 09, 2006

    Pretty intresting wall since just looking at this gives me the creeps because my own studio space isnt that so clean as that! hahaha but no matter i like thee simpleness of the canvasses and little details here.
    Lovely and original all the way, great job Yina! :P

  10. Zefie May 09, 2006

    interesting concept and the idea is very nice ^_^ you made really original wallie yina ! like the way you used much redish colours and then on that one wall little bluish to give great contrast. colouring overall is very neat and shadows come out nicely and softly. also like the smooth pattern all over the wall. your drawings are pretty and they are wonderful as details :D
    clean and unique work :) thank you for sharing !

  11. ShiXon May 09, 2006

    wowwie! yina-san turns into a mangaka! *w* whee~
    the whole bg is just wow and it must've taken a long time, it did didn't it? O,o
    superb job xD i should be able to do that in about ... *uses a calculator* 234823894 days from now ;D

  12. Sandra May 09, 2006

    I love it Yina , you should know how much i love originality in makin wallpapers.And it is original.Great.Everything, the bg you made and the drawings you draw :)

  13. kiukirilya May 09, 2006

    Amazing, it's so well done! ^^
    The concept is great and the room seems so real!
    I HAVE to fav' your wall! ^^

  14. Rebel-Soul-Kaze May 09, 2006

    What can i say without sounding like a spam message >.>?
    Amazing wall, execution and idea, the brushes, the paint jars, everything seems so realistic, yay, is a fav.

  15. Chloe Retired Moderator May 09, 2006

    I thought this was a scan at first *_*
    Very neatly done and I love the colors and lighting! The texture is awesome as well ;)
    Keep it up!

  16. Frosty May 09, 2006

    woo.. lol beautiful drawing and cg job you did with this piece....
    what great way to showcase all of your beautiful sketches then put it alll up on a virtural room of your own. XD
    great concept and and good show *pats on your back* :D
    Gives you score of *9.6* and a Grade AA+ for a great job well done.

  17. Revan Retired Moderator May 09, 2006

    Ohh wow... very creative. I'm very impressed with this wall and the fact that you've done everything in the room (except the drawings) with Photoshop shows that not only are you skilled but also very hard working and for that we should all be thankful :D

    Love everything about this and the texture gives it such a nice feeling.

    *Proposes for highlight*

  18. Jerrios May 09, 2006

    truly a masterwork

  19. knightstar3 May 10, 2006

    woah, nice drawings! :) you really must be a mangaka yourself. ;)
    nice originality. love the idea.
    keep up the great works! XD

  20. harakiri May 11, 2006

    There are some minor irregularities in the perspective of some things but this gives the picture a dynamic and a bit chaotic atmosphere that fits in very well with the depiction of a mangaka's interior. I like the textures and the details in the room. That mangaka there seems to like making sketches because she/he hasn't started with colouring all those canvases xD

    btw: The spelling of the Korean comic is "manhwa" (h in front of the w - that's how they do it at Tokyopop).

  21. darkar May 11, 2006

    Impressive artwork! Like it!
    Thanks !
    Guess i m one of those lucky one ~

  22. fuwa May 11, 2006

    nice work yina---

  23. mystvearn May 11, 2006

    Nice work. Looks like I'm changing my wallpaper after a very long time with the old one

  24. redangel6112 May 11, 2006

    Nice work....A very creative wallie...^-^... This wallie is very different from the others wallie I had seen.
    A picture of an artroom as a wallie...^-^ Great Idea..
    You know what, you're a pretty good artist....the picture of the girl there is pretty nice...^-^...I like it...
    Thanks for sharing..

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