Brothers (Series) Wallpaper: POP! Anko

Sho-u Tajima, Brothers (Series), Vector Art Wallpaper
Sho-u Tajima Mangaka Brothers (Series) Series Vector Art Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

please forgive me for the crappy title ne~
the girl's name is anko and she's from the manga BROTHERS by Sho-U Tajima
i wanted to do something a bit different than my usuals + flyindreams inspire me to vector from a manga scan! LOL i always wanted to <3

her body looks twisted o.o *bleh*
tried to keep it simple and i didn't have any idea what to put on the left side
i think i failed on making this wall look pop, did i? D:

oh well, comments are w-e-l-c-o-m-e ~~<33 *w*



Chosen by shyxsakura and biriwilg

Very clean and fresh, the pop-art accents don't clutter up the wall, but instead make it...'pop'!

Proposed by shyxsakura and highlighted by biriwilg.

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  1. soujiokita May 07, 2006

    I think it's a nice wall. The left side should be left empty, b/c there will be more space for your icons. It's a great vecotr, and the colors are nice too. Awesome work once again! :) +fav

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator May 07, 2006

    Very cool!
    The colors are great and the vector is really neat and well done! Love those little splashes and flowers. Great job!

  3. chubbykitty May 07, 2006

    haha simply adorable X3 I like it :D

  4. AngelKate May 08, 2006

    That's awesome! I love the purple. Your vectors are always so clean lol. Mine never look that good. XD Great work!

  5. semanga May 08, 2006

    ohhh very nice i must say u have a wonderful new style i love your works and this is my new fav keep it up

  6. k1ru May 08, 2006

    cutie cutie~ XD
    a simple stylish wall! <3

  7. Idril May 08, 2006

    wow! a purple wall! I luv purple! XD
    humm background looks simple and empty but I like it, looks so stylish and creative ^^ good job!

  8. pegassuss May 08, 2006

    Really nice wallie ^^ heheh all pinky :P well it's a bit empty, but it's really nice. I like the details you put in it, the splash background the buildings and the lighting, weird flowers and planes ^_^ the composition and combination of all that makes it look really nice. It's really a new and sophisticated style from you ^_~ Good job! Keep it up!

  9. flyindreams May 08, 2006

    Ooh, looks nice >_< The only thing that strikes me is that some of the outlines in the character vector are a bit thicker than others... so maybe be careful with consistency, but everything else looks great. Glad you got inspired XD

  10. bromithia Retired Moderator May 10, 2006

    Hmm... a nice pop-art styled wallpaper from you. I love the use of bright colors, but you kept is simple enough where it is not blinding. Great job!

  11. knightstar3 May 10, 2006

    >w< awesome style really. nice pop-style! ^^
    the vector looks great and i like how you left the left side blank. simple is great! ;)

  12. KorganoS May 11, 2006

    Pink >_<
    hehehe.... not my color of choice, but I really love Anko's character in BROTHERS. Two thumbs up for walling such a rarely-walled serie. And a good one, too. Dunno, maybe BROTHERS isn't as popular as Sho-U's other work, MPD Psycho, but that's about personal preference anyways...
    Pop style? Can you elaborate? XD lol j.k.

  13. janicehamtaro May 12, 2006

    Ahhh! Me likey! Pink<3! Superb wallie ~.^

  14. phamthuha May 13, 2006

    Snizz... You are so great now, sweetie TT_TT I love this one color ;) Pink is my fav and sure you did make a wonderful vector wallie as always ^_^
    Of course my fav and feature to CW ^_^

  15. animefairy May 14, 2006

    Hehehe...this wall looks so cool and has a pop-style into it! The title was weird, but it goes with the wall. XD I'm not a fan of pink, but everything blended so well together that I had to love it! Keep it up, Shixon-chan! ^_^

  16. AlexXan May 15, 2006

    Hi ya :)
    This vector used is cute and i think it is.... realy pink wallie :) :D X-P
    hi hi - just kidding ~
    Efects and colors used on right side are good but i miss something on left side too
    maybe just some easy brighter stripes or some geometry objests....
    Anyway.. i think u made it in PoP style and it is awesome work :)
    Keep it up!

  17. JKLeganes May 16, 2006

    somehow I cant quit looking at it :S good!

  18. bbls May 21, 2006

    the simplicity of your wallie is divine!
    and the vector looks wonderful!
    also luv the fun and cheerful look of your wallie...lol! XD

  19. CrystalValderyan May 29, 2006

    Kawaiiii! Really good wall! Thank you for not filling the left part of the wallpaper... Many wall artists forget what's the purpose of a wallpaper and just fill everything but you didn't :D thanks!

  20. overbond Mar 11, 2007

    a little "too much" pink, but i like the brushes, composition and blending of the wall ;)

  21. theremosster Nov 18, 2009

    this is an awesome wallpaper

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