Rozen Maiden Wallpaper: Besinnung (Reflection)

Peach-Pit, Studio Nomad, Rozen Maiden, Shinku, Vector Art Wallpaper
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1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well yea :P I'm back, after one year of procrastination and no inspiration xD And this time with a vector, even!

It's midnight and I need to wake up early this morning so I will keep this short >_>

The funny thing with Rozen Maiden is that the thing that motivated me to watch it was no other than the 4chan /b/ board...! DESU! XD Watching the Rozen Maiden Tr���¤umend opening, I so liked that one scene where Shinku stands on the cliff that I wanted to vector it. I had to learn the basics of Illustrator again to make it possible; It took me over 25 hours (without the numerous hours I've been idling on IRC in between >_<)

The title is in German, because the Rozen Maiden episode titles are in German as well and I figured I could do as much :D The Kanji (hansai) obviously means the same as Besinnung, ie. Reflection. I guess that's what fits the mood best. If not then too bad :P

Anyways there we go, thanks to my IRC fellas on #minitokyo: muz, Rein, candy-chan and Shinn84 for their feedback (and Limality for the very small hint on the title :P)

I hope I can do more in future, my motivation is back but my inspiration isn't yet (if there ever is lol)
Comments and suggestions are always welcome and of course a great source of motivation ^^ Thanks in advance

.:05.08:.:00:24:17:. <@nekosasu|submitin> >_< DONE WITH DESCRIPTION

XD Keep genki minna!

EDIT: I forgot! Original Screenshot

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  1. MuZ0NaZ May 07, 2006

    About time you made an another wall DESU ^_^ While its really weird, you pulled it off well, even the text looks neat now. Great vector considering the blurry crap you had to use as source and that it's your first one.

  2. anji May 09, 2006

    Hello nekosasu ^^
    Yeah it's been a while...
    Anyway I really like what you made. The colors are great and the style with the shadows (made me think of my latest work ahah) so I think it's nice. ^^
    And the round shapes are a pretty interesting look for vectoring. I think it's pretty rare to see that.
    I don't find anything wrong with the composition and all...
    Keep it up, hope to see some work more often ;)

  3. jackalx66 May 09, 2006

    *poke teh cat*

    nice vector >D
    nothing left to say :D
    keep the hard work ^^

  4. Radeonator May 09, 2006

    lol...look who's here, where the hell have you been the whole time anyway?
    btw, i think there's something wrong with some of the stars on the background, or is it just my imagination?

    correct: it is Inspiration! actually. ^_^"

  5. KorganoS May 12, 2006

    Crisp vector, and all the added details are nice. Although I must say, it's very much the same concept with the shot, but the effort is well worth the high quality.
    Hmmm.... I think I'll get this one to put into my desktop wall rotation :)

  6. winterlilac09 May 12, 2006

    nyuuu, nekokun ~ x333 great job on the wall ^^ it looks awesome and it fits my desktop background <3 hehe, gonna try and keep commentary short, but i'm known to write essays =x so here goes xP

    i'm glad you got the chance to watch rozen maiden traumend ~ i hope you enjoyed the series; i watched it a while back myself and i liked it :3 so this wall is really cool in my personal opinion x3

    great job with the vector ~ as people above have already stated ^ it looks really crisp and neat and the outlining and silhouettes look absolutely magnificent ~ a great choice, if i do say so myself, on the screencap you chose to vector. i really liked a lot of scenes in the opening of traumend as well, and i'm rather partial to this one that you chose :3 it really looks well-done and wonderful work transforming the original screencap into a wall ~ getting out all the blurriness and making it as neat as it does look ~ the time and work you spent and put into this really shows x3

    the background for this scene was just really absolutely captivating and the sky i personally thought was just really really pretty x3 + the town down below & the cliff and blah x$ just everything in general xP hehe, like i said ~ *reiterates* great choice of a scene x3 ~

    i have to say that the title you chose for it really does fit as well. i agree with you, quite ~ the scene does look like a reflection upon somber thoughts and the german really rather fits. text looks clean and well-placed as well and i'd say the kanji was a nice addition, too =P

    all in all, keep it up, nekokun and i'll look greatly forward to commenting more of your works in the future ^^

    x3 nyaaa DESU x333 *thumbs up* ~ and fav for meee x3 ~<3

  7. Kurosawa May 13, 2006

    neko vectoring >_>
    I like the detail,especially teh Town under the cliff <_<
    The other rest is good too xD.Well, now i'm still learning how to vector,i'm n00b at all lol

  8. kerohuixco Apr 16, 2010

    Rozen Maiden, nunca he visto la serie y me gustaria verla, al parecer son dos temporadas pero no he visto ninguna de las temporadas. POr lo que he visto en las imegenes parecen ser mu

  9. bizzarre-kun Mar 06, 2011

    all in all, keep it up, nekokun and i'll look greatly forward to commenting more of your works in the future ^^

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