Shuffle! Wallpaper: Dreaming

Hiro Suzuhira, Shuffle!, Nerine Wallpaper
Hiro Suzuhira Mangaka Shuffle! Series,Visual Novel Nerine Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Scan: Shuffle-Akira Hayase
Layers: About 40

Well this wall is kind of messy. I usually don't put text but since it looked kind of plain yet messy ( ^_^' ) I decided to put some. I hope it doesn't look too bad.

The background was pretty difficult. I added so much that I hope it doesn't look too crowded or something. :sweat:

I was going for a dreamy kind of look so that is why I wanted her to be a little blurry looking.

I probably re-did this wall some 4 or 5 times and I'm still not really sure if it looks okay. Mmm, well at least I hope everyone else thinks it looks all right. Sorry if it doesn't. heh heh.

I welcome any critique! And also comments and faves of course. :D

(oh and I have yet to get me new contacts so I couldn't really see. Lol. I'm REALLY blind without my contacts. I got a headache just from trying to see. XD Another excuse if it looks weird. Hehe.)

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  1. Machika May 07, 2006

    Whoa....It's so pretty, rhonda-chan! It looks like the girl is daydreaming ^^
    I love the FX! My fav ;)

  2. annakee May 07, 2006

    the background it's very cool. a lot of work for sure, but... my fav++ is for chara's color. it's awesome.
    nice work once again =^_^=

  3. inREVERIEforever May 07, 2006

    Ah, that looks so dreamy... hehe. I really love it. ^^ It looks so wonderful! Great job Rhonda! A fav definitely. ^^

  4. quantixar May 08, 2006

    As I could expect from you, very nice bg and it really does look dreamy. Good work!

  5. Kiddybabe May 08, 2006

    wow that looks really pretty

  6. uchiha-vegeta May 08, 2006

    gotta agree with everyone , this is awesome ^_^

  7. Idril May 08, 2006

    nice wall Rhonda-chan! everythings looks well done and awesome! so magical ! u really did a great job here, sweetie!

  8. pogimonzgt May 08, 2006

    even though i don't really have the patience for coming here anymore... i have dropped by to marvel at your work. You've come a long way. (not that i was ever better than you or anything...)

  9. pegassuss May 08, 2006

    It's really nice rhonda! ^^ I like the scan you chose, it's pretty and I think it gives the wall the feeling you were going for. But, even though you wanted it to look blurry I think the contrast between the scan, the background and the text (too sharp) is too much and it makes the wall look no so good. Besides this, I like the background, the colors are nice (I love blue! =3) and the effects you used are really nice and well used. It looks beautiful and it helps to give a dreaming feeling to the wall (except the round shape in the upper corner :P ) You did a nice job rhonda! Keep it up! ^-^

  10. TMC May 09, 2006

    Nice wall I really like the background the effects you used. The colors go nicly with her and I like the moon, is what it looks like, in the upper left corner. Nice job keep it up, Fav.

  11. Milkiyo May 11, 2006

    hahaha! what's the power of ur eyes? it must've been real high..kidding :P *chills* *waves potatoes* the moon looks half eaten o.O
    the bg is a little blotched up..erm..colours are well chosen :)

  12. Rikkablurhound May 12, 2006

    I like the texture of the bluness...
    Its really pretty XD
    so is the gal. well... the moon looks a lil odd... >_<
    other than that, its relly pretty...
    But I think the gal looks kinda blur compare to the BG, i know bout the dreamy look, but she looks more like an illusion now XD
    I think the font is kinda distracting.. >_<
    But i still love the BG & nice choice of colours XD
    sorry I came over so late... >_<
    +fav & feature

  13. Sakyui May 12, 2006

    so cool~

  14. Sakura-K May 13, 2006

    Um..this is really different to your other wallies from memory ^.^ *nodz*
    I think maybe a little bit more work on the extraction on the girl. I like how it is simple with the blue texture (cuz blue is my fave colour. I think you can tell by my userpage, wallies etc) anywayz...that's bout it.
    I think the text is a bit too big, it takes away the attention, where we are suppose to focus on the anime character ^.^ 8nodz*

    soz for the late reply, I've been really caught up in school work and thigns like that because of VCE here. which goes for two years...it sorta determine whether I get into university or now...and to me it's more important then making wallpaper ^^ So now I've have over 300+ notifications and it's killing me, plz I'm going from top to bottom, therefore it'll take some time for me to view them all >.<''


  15. kiokofeather May 20, 2006

    I'm gonna say like everybody this is realy cool the back ground is great its like all peacful and then it makes it great because of her eyes. Great job!

  16. TrigunPreacherGirl May 22, 2006

    Her shins seem a bit disproportioned, but nonetheless, a great job, and the fuzzed quality just adds to the beauty. Nice work!

  17. Kyuoto Jun 05, 2006

    Everything looks matched. Just that her eyes look weird....anyway, the bacground is good, i guess it looks better if it isn't so sharp. Great work!

  18. Damane Jun 05, 2006

    The colors and how she was drawn is really nice! ;) Keep up with the good work!

  19. jro1 Jul 07, 2006

    i love her details. nice job!

  20. cisnehyoga Jul 25, 2006

    la combinacion de los colores me encantan, al igual que la pose y la exprecion, lo unico que me desagrada fueron las orejas del personaje, por todo lo demas felicidades

  21. nanapan Sep 05, 2006

    Wow! very beautifu l! and very pretty !1 it really exellent work ! i like this wallpaper .... Thx for beautfiul wallpaper .... ^^

  22. jorpanoterracombr Feb 10, 2007

    job wanderful!

  23. ShirakawaKotoriCute Restricted Member Mar 27, 2009

    My what is she doing?

  24. jonyang510 Feb 02, 2010

    shes sooooooooo beautiful!

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