Ogi Wallpaper: In A Funk

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Was lookin for scans that look modern and such...but since i have limited knowledge in anime and all, i asked gid for help she said to look for Ogi's works, and looked through MT and found some uploaded by dream so thanks xD

gid provided the lyrics i used for the wall
text: lyrics of Painter In Your Pocket by destroyer
the other text: by me when i was talkin to flyin and i told her that xD

thanks to gid for lookin over the wall and helped me by tellin me to subdue colors of some of the elements to focus more on the girl...

i vectored the scan and added strands of hair (coz i like those) and change the colors coz i like that too...

my flow of thought right now is messed up..coz as the title says IM IN A FUNK ><!

YEAH YEAH cityscape again, let's just say it's like "TEXTURES" for me x3

1280 x 1024 version: http://po-taters.tamashii.org/ogiwall1280x1024.JPG

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  1. flyindreams May 07, 2006

    Tates this wall is hot lol. XD Everything rocks, cityscape included >:3

  2. shiningdays May 07, 2006

    man, i wish i went into funks like yours - my funks leave me unable to wall at all D: (then again i suppose when one considers your normal level of awesomeness this IS a funk eh XD)

    maybe the diagonal lines shouldn't continue over the girl/numbers/sidebar thing? i think it's good in the bg but it's a bit much over the entire thing. the vector was done masterfully and the colours are cute and well-chosen. i like the slimey-leaflike things coming off the bar with the 02 attached :D

    i'm sure you'll get over your funk~ this is a great wall nonetheless :D

  3. candy-chan Retired Moderator May 07, 2006

    ah I think this is my favorite trendwhore styled wall from you
    I really love the scan you chose, and everything fits perfectly, nothing stands out too much. The leafy thing is somewhat original too XD
    damn that scan is just too hot, the colors you changed look perfect :3

  4. strawberrt May 07, 2006

    wow... this wall looks really good ^^ I love how you made it so original, and made it your style. it looks really hip and funk XD

  5. bromithia Retired Moderator May 07, 2006

    I love the retro look you managed to pull off :) Looks like something Gid would do, haha

  6. sukie May 07, 2006

    WOOOOOOO! =D ME LOVE! the girl looks really clean! =D (literally) but i have a problem with the blankness on the left top side... but that's probably just me...

  7. DREAM May 07, 2006

    yeah Ogi rules- i love his style.. vectors real well.

    i like the general vibe here but the colors are a little subdued and the text.. if yOu are going to say "shit" then say SHIT not SH*T...
    i just thiink the text takes away from the bg..

    btw- although Ogi is japanese he is NOT in anime or any related industry..

  8. midnightLOVERS May 07, 2006

    ohh how cute and sassy looking. great job. thin kim going to add it to my favorites now.


  9. ShiXon May 07, 2006

    omg it's cool >D
    really reminds me of your latest cowboy bebop wallie ;D
    love the background!

  10. Xerdo May 07, 2006

    It's definitely a very well created piece. Of course, it's to be added to my favourites.

    Excellent work.

  11. euna Retired Moderator May 08, 2006

    You are one of the most stylish wallers I've seen these days. THis wall just proves that. <3
    I just love the simple bg you use that just go perfectly with the scan. Also, I don't think I need to say this again, but I admire your vectoring skills. <33
    It's just wonderful. I love it *fav*

  12. Zefie May 08, 2006

    really pop-ish wallie you have made ^_^ like the bright pastel colours, they give open and happy mood. also like the way how green background colour goes darker from the top. pink and purple coloured horizontal lines gives nicely brightening touch to greenish bg and combines the vector to bg. vector is really well done and colouring is very pinkish. shading in the vector is also nicely done and little purple gives nice darker touch. like the dot and arrow effects coming from the city. also the the gray edge around gives stylishness and is good detail and the city view in the distance is nice. wonderful work and thank you for sharing !

  13. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 08, 2006

    Awesome color combinations intersecting through the bg and character! the strands are a nice tocuh plus i love the texture done, gives more of the modernist funkiness all through the wall.
    Great job Tate on bringing the Funk in to spunk! XD

  14. semanga May 08, 2006

    wonderful this looks so wonderful
    i lost my words .... i am glad that i get notifications from your amazing work so i can add this to my fav like this one

  15. mirkoemir May 08, 2006

    Like my sis semanga told ... wonderful work. It's simple, and beautiful ... Fav!

  16. ceasarr May 08, 2006

    i like the vector, and the way the outlines are colored,
    and also good use of the pattern there...

    but i dont really like the quotes there... there should be something more sexy, imo , coz the character is quite cute herself...

    anyway, its very modern-trendy-pop etc.. like the colors a lot

    keep it up

  17. Revan Retired Moderator May 08, 2006

    This is really In a Funk XD ... now seriously, I love the colors you've used and your vectoring is just flawless.

    By the way, I agree with DREAM about the sh*t thing, it would have been better to write it properly or not at all. But aside that this rocks :D

  18. Yina May 08, 2006

    your style rockz.. <33
    great work as always =D

    *copies very short comment from AP* *runs*

  19. evilchunli May 08, 2006

    nice wall :) i love vectors hehe. and i like the texture u put on the entire wall (not sure what to call it lol). fave++

  20. drag0 May 08, 2006

    Very good wall!
    It's orginal and stylish, I love it!
    Great job and thx for sharing!

  21. bluSake Retired Moderator May 09, 2006

    Beautiful vector. Like the urban look; goes very well with the image. The colors are funky and vibrant and very nice. Especially ike the text XD it has attitude.

  22. EternalParadox Retired Moderator May 09, 2006

    Might there be a 1280x1024 version of this wallpaper? I'd love to use it as my desktop, abd I really don't want to use this one stretched to fit unless there's no other way. *cross fingers and hopes* =)

  23. Frosty May 09, 2006

    very nice vector.. eh.. already commented on AP ..
    now I'm doing a repeat.. XP but very nice... XD
    gives you a Grade AA+ for a very cool looking stylish wall. :D

  24. Mia May 09, 2006

    I like the colors. It's a very stylish wall.

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