Suigetsu Wallpaper: Yoru no Sora

Gayarou, F&C, Suigetsu, Nanami Makino Wallpaper
Gayarou Mangaka F&C Studio Suigetsu Visual Novel Nanami Makino Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


XD finally squeezed in some time to finish a wallie. :)
i kno that last time's was kinda a disapointment. :P hopefully this time is better. T^T

i kno that there are quite a few things that are still messed...like the footsteps for one. :sweat:
yup, one can definitely go on criticizing about it. i dun mind. ^_^'

i really like the colors for one. ..kinda random.
ok, as usual not much to say. but thanx for viewing and comments are definitely appreciated.
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  1. ShiXon May 06, 2006

    the clouds are just stunning o.O
    since you don't mind criticism~ *ehem*
    the relatively light background kinda clashes with the girl and it's kind odd with those white foot tracks, maybe it's best to remove them? =D

    and i think you should make the girl more emm.. 'darker' so she blends with the whole thing, unless if you want her to stand out of course.

    it's kinda hard to tell which is the main focus, the girl or the clouds? the clouds are a bit distracting in my opinion.

    that's all i can say about this wallie, overall of all the criticism i jsut wanna say you did an excellent job and i'm pretty sure you worked hard on it? ;D

    goo knight-chan! *w*

  2. sukie May 06, 2006

    wow...this looks really good...the way you made the sky is amazing! =D was that stock? brush? please share your secret!

  3. trinigirl524 May 06, 2006

    wow amazing effects. the sky lights and clouds looks stunning and i love the textured look in this wall. the text is interesting and the glowing footsteps looks great as well. awesome work ^^ its a fave+

  4. kuroimisa Retired Moderator May 06, 2006

    Lol just wanted to give in some more goss about the title, yoru no sora- that's right, but more oftenly they call it yozora.

  5. shiningdays May 06, 2006

    *points at what kuroimisa said in her comment* D:

    the footsteps seem a bit out-of-perspective with the background but wow, a beautiful wall nontheless. the sky's beautiful; though the bright white clouds and the stars are a bit of a logical error eh? XD i like the plants on the silhouetted skyline too :D the silhouette thing is a bit cliche but it's done beautifully here so it's all good~

    There appears to be some weird geometric shapes in the bottom-right of the sky, are those from a blended layer? o_O; they just seem to look a bit odd and out-of-place.

    I agree with ShiXon; the focus is a bit hard to discertain. but damn, is it pretty...

    yeah. lovely wall, i've rambled enough :D

  6. redangel6112 May 06, 2006

    wow! The clouds are amazing.
    I like you put the girl's foot print. It is very outstanding from the background. The foot prints is the first thing that makes me interested in this wallie...^-^...
    Great work....
    Last but not least, the cloud "hontoni"(really) amazing

  7. nolove May 06, 2006

    always admore knightstar-chan wall, that's really amazing esp the wonderful magical sky, and the way you deal with the scan is good too, that's such a great and weird scan i;ve never though about what should i do with it and immediately fall in love with your wall.
    The sky is totally amazing, everything seem blend together perfectly >.<
    The only thing i dont like is the outer glow around the girl, that make her look like she's standing out of the wall >.<
    anyway wonderful job :nya:
    I'll ask Ha-chan for a feature in CW ^__^

  8. quantixar May 06, 2006

    Gorgeous! The background just captures you into staring in's beautiness. Such a nice wallie overall.

  9. PikaMoon May 06, 2006

    Quite interesting. I've seen this picture a lot but never with glowing foot steps. Very unique. The background seems quite different from all the typical walls I've seen with this bip. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Very unique indeed. +fave+

  10. agneslee May 06, 2006

    The view in this wallpaper is utterly beautiful...the bg is well match the whole image.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful scene with us..
    Love this pic very much.

  11. Acuni May 06, 2006

    what a beautifull walpaper
    nice sky i realy like it

  12. strawberrt May 06, 2006

    whoa... this wall loooks so beautiful! i just LOVE the effects you added to this wall. The glowing footprints are cool, and the sky is just.... stunning. definally a fav :)

  13. phamthuha May 06, 2006

    WOA! This wallie rock, sweetie >__<! The gallaxy you made is just like heaven OoO I am totall fall in love with the way you place the scan wonderfully ;)

    Okay, as Love-chan promotion, I will TOP FEATURE this wallie in CW ^_^ It is really really a fantastic wall and I guess 5 points for ya is not wasting ;) Keep up your great work and sure my fav ^_^

  14. N9e1 May 06, 2006

    What a heavenly wallie~ Beautifully done~~~ I love your idea and composition~
    I don't think the glowing footprints is messed, I like it~ it's cool! ^^ (It shows clear contrast with the earth and matches the sky! It's symbolic in a way.)
    Everything's just so beautiful~~~
    Great job!
    Thank you for sharing! ^^

  15. drag0 May 07, 2006

    This wall is awsome :O Definite fav. This clouds is awsome, colors and whole pic is very clam and relaxing. Really, REALLY great work!

  16. schwindelmagier May 07, 2006

    aaah >.<
    one of the best wallies I have ever seen
    respect ^o^ *bow to you*
    the sky seems so real ,the scan is clear and goes more than only perfectly with the bg and the title "yoru no sora"
    sounds wonderful...."night sky"....a very good title
    the birds are good to give the white clouds more contrast
    everything is so magical and beautiful

    add it to favs ^.^

    good job,keep it up^.~

  17. chichiri1907 May 07, 2006

    What a stnning wallpaper, especially the clouds their like so haunting!
    Im glad you picked white footsteps because since the whole atmoshere gives off a ghostly feeling, the white jst ties it all in :)

  18. flyindreams May 07, 2006

    Ooh... pretty :) I like really like the plant silhouettes especially. The clouds + purple gallaxy overlay looks a tad strange to me, but everything else looks nice... Lovely work :)

  19. Meteorskies May 07, 2006

    Sorry I don't have time to comment with precision, but you have my fav! ^^

  20. Rhonda21 May 07, 2006

    Very pretty. Love the sky! It is really beautiful. Nice colors too. Well awesome work!

  21. JKLeganes May 07, 2006

    Oh my...it's...no words, really. So...deep and...oh my... :)

  22. Mimickme May 07, 2006

    Awesome wall, i really like the mix of colours and the tone of the sky

  23. Justice48 May 07, 2006

    Brillant background! I mean, the colours and everything match with it perfectly. Not to mention the scan, they all fit together.

  24. Sumomo- May 07, 2006

    I love the wallpaper, but you should remove the footprints. They stand too much out and kinda ruins the wallpaper as whole.

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