Wei Liu Wallpaper: Wei Liu: The Prince of Masks

Wei Liu Wallpaper
Wei Liu Mangaka

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I haven't done a painted re-CG of a scan in a long time. So when I saw that this scan of a character by Wei Liu could use some major touch up, I decided to go for it. Well, mostly it was because he's damn hot, with his long flowy white hair, and the gorgeous demon mask. I could do without the angsty!eyes and the long fingernails, but meh. Basically, I didn't do anything to the scan except repaint it and adjust for levels/colors. It's pretty enough as it is.
Here's a before and after shot (at 100%):
The title is a play on a Mandarin movie called Wang BianLian (The King of Masks.)
More resolutions at DA! Desktop Anime

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  1. becomewired May 05, 2006

    wicked ! nuff said

  2. LeeAnn May 05, 2006

    well.. what can i say?
    its so COOL! and very artistic!
    you never really failed to amaze me!

  3. Frosty May 05, 2006

    oh wow, that image is amazing..... :o
    whats more needs to say the picture is worth a thousand words..
    and this case.. a thousand praise.... :D
    the details on this image must of took you forevr to re-cg it..
    pats u on the back on giving such a gorgeous and hmm.. just dazzling work.. XD
    Gives you a score of 9.85 Grade AAAA+ for just an absolutely beautiful piece of work.

  4. icyrain May 05, 2006

    A fascinating picture. Very lovely. I've never heard or seen of the character/anime before, but it looks interesting. Great image.

  5. dianas May 05, 2006

    this is one of the most perfect wallpapers that i have seen on MT

  6. sandumirabela May 05, 2006

    Whoa what can I say...when I first saw it as a thumbnail I said to myself that it looks great but I haven't imagened it looks this goo^_^!I totally love the characters face and the improvement I see you did to the image!And really must say that this is one of the best works I've seen^_^!Definately an interesting and captivating wall with colours well chosen and gii I am speachless...simply fantastic!Well hope to see more wonderful work from you^_^!

  7. kuroimisa Retired Moderator May 05, 2006

    lol Wang bian lian?

    I thought it was Bian Lian Wang XD [oops I accidentally taped it over before my dad watched it >_<] It was the mask guy who wanted a son but ended up buying a little girl (pretending to be a boy) and he ended up teaching her his magic, right? X-P

    And Wei Liu <3 I enjoyed working with his images. This is definitely the bomb XD <3

  8. ozma255 May 05, 2006

    Good job on the retouching and it's worth the time and effort coz this image is very beautiful in the first place!
    Nice colors and composition, this's worth a thousand favs but sadly I can only give one. +fav

  9. cyd84 May 05, 2006

    King of Masks was such a good movie...makes me sad to think about it though :(
    Great job with the re-cg...you really got a smooth painted quality that allows the beauty of the scan to shine through

  10. Caya May 05, 2006

    Oh my god... this is awesome.. Great job on the re-cging. Definitely an A+ and +favs^^

  11. ayaki May 05, 2006

    perfecccct re-cg >_<
    after reading misa's comment.....seems like an interesting movie!~ :)

  12. elentary May 05, 2006

    Very Good
    * . *

  13. Dream24 May 05, 2006

    This is soooo cool! The colours and image are both very intense. It left such a huge impression on my mind. Nice job on improving the qualtiy. Wickedly cool wallpaper!

  14. DREAM May 05, 2006

    beautiful job lady tama.
    : wonders what text says :

    + desktop et favs

  15. zzee May 06, 2006

    Wow, this wallpaper is beautiful! The picture itself has very pretty designs and you really helped bring them out more by repainting it. Very nice ^_^

  16. trinigirl524 May 06, 2006

    wow. just wow. this wallpaper is very stunning the designs match perfectly and blends so well. very creative and very amazing work. fave+

  17. kaisui1tatsu May 06, 2006

    Very nicely done! I love the touchups you did and the colors are so vibrant! Thank you so much for sharing this work!

  18. Kelena May 06, 2006

    Here's another 'wow'. :D The thumbnail is very nice, but enlarged, this is gorgeous. You've done us all a favor by retouching this image. The before and after pictures are very different and remind me of the ads showing how people retouch real photos. Great job on this one. :)

  19. PikaMoon May 06, 2006

    Wow. This is crazy amazing. You can totally see the difference in quality from the lil' pics you showed. Must have been a lot of work. Amazing and TRULY beautiful. Definitely a fave from me. There's a movie of this? Hmmmm....Sounds awesome. Haven't heard of it though. Hahaha...gonna go look now. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful wallie. :)

  20. July-chan May 06, 2006

    amazing! neat ! very nice and shapely.

  21. tehpooch May 07, 2006

    *drops jaw*
    a-ed o aebs (added to faves) XD

  22. shanasho May 07, 2006

    it's simply perfect !^_^!

  23. AngelKate May 08, 2006

    Woooow....your CG work is amazing! The scan looks wonderful All the details are very nicely done too. Your walls are teh awesome.

  24. Angelette May 08, 2006

    I think it's amazing. Yes... I'm not COMPLETELY dead... yet. >_> Soon. ANyway, WOW. Tama, you never fail to amaze me~ I must learn from j00~

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