Trinity Blood Wallpaper: Trinity Blood : Judgment day

Gonzo, Trinity Blood, Dietrich Von Lohengrin, Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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*Listening to Prayer~ Disturbed
I found a reason~ Cat power
Funk soul brother~ Fatboy Slim
I cant get no satisfaction~ Rolling stones
Straight out of line~ Godsmack*

Ok i swear this would be my last dark wallpaper before i start on a summer wall for this month since im such a RAT BAS..... but yeah anyways i wanted to do more walls which included men who looked like girls but theyre not cos they just look like it...which comes in terms with being metrosexual and at the same time hotties for women all over ! ^_^ So i got this from MT and its one of the characters of the series Trinity blood which looks like castlevania the game but i could be wrong cos i have never seen this anime as of yet, simple extraction, a little re-cg here and there then tried to make it as seem as if they were inside a small cathedral lighting candles. Sorry if the frontal figures dont look as clear but the main focus is the two guys by the rule of perspective is "as if you get closer to one object in focus, the objects closer become blurry"... added a pillar so it wouldnt look empty and make it seem as if they were in a cathedral. Lots of experimenting with brushes but especially the yellow lighting eminating from the candles, to the characters, the wall and some natural light going on the clothes also.

I got the little phrase on the text title from the Silent Hill movie but i could have misinterpreted it so refrain from my uncertain lack of intelligence so it namely goes "Do you know that we will judge angels?, Do you know that saints will judge the world?". I chose this because of the religious significance most religious "good n evil" type genres of movies and shows that are constantly going around in the world and thought this would go together very nicely.

Anyway hope you like! ^_~
More resolutions coming soon in Imanimetions so wake up soon!


Personal intent:
Lately ive been feeling misplaced with myself, ive been thinking for going for the same sex deal which has been on my mind for a while... not of the intimate crap but more on the companionship type thing, not as best buddy but more of close friend which you can relate to ... just like a girl would . But what am i talking about, life for me seems to be about the uber sensitive sides of choices which come together in this whole grand scale of things. Lately ive been like a depleted volcano, on my bed with a naked girl on one side while on the other my hand is sticking out in bed while i look at my half filled bottle of whiskey namely "Muerte" while near it is a white petaled flower pot staring at me from a distance. And as i look up on my bed i see the mirrored image of myself almost dead but saved by a half asleep angel grasping me tightly, never letting go because she feels that i would die in an instant i walk out that door. BUT the problem is im not wearing my crucifix necklace which is actually on the bedside table next to me. (just to let you know its my damn imagination for an artpiece im doing now) I think im starting to become bitter as i get into my psyche of artmaking and being a hopelessly happy sad but happy person nowadays... although i dont need your sympathy (if your reading this) cos all i need is a little prayer in your hearts cos were all lost souls in this world and are finding the meaning which binds us in the chain of life.

Loneliness, silence and hope for love: 3 negative things which motivate me into making the art and maybe someday it might be getting a calibur .38 which could finish all of this.... *sigh*
hmmm t'was the time.

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  1. Juclesia May 04, 2006

    so I've got the first comment XD ..... Well what can I say, A NEW GREAT WALL from you

    .... great resolution, great image, GREAT WALL!...

    ....hope to see more of you're work soon, so cu XD

  2. Zefie May 04, 2006

    really nice looking wallie from trinity blood ^_^ just month ago saw the anime and it was quite cool. like the darkish colouring theme and the slanting perspective, makes the concept look very interesting and original. you made good work with scan of isaak and dietrich, light in their faces brings them nicely out of the dark background and you can also figure their costumes better :) and the higlights in their hair makes them look soft and shiny. also the light comes more natural looking way from the candles. the idea of the empty cathedral turns out very well. the way how candles are unsharp is good detail and really makes you focus for the characters. also the candles creates little warm yet mysterious atmosphere. great work and thankies for sharing !

  3. candy-chan Retired Moderator May 04, 2006

    yum, I love how everything looks high quality and soft, great job~

  4. shiningdays May 04, 2006

    mmm, good use of focus is what jumps out at me first.

    second is that it's such a cool scan to begin with :P

    third is that (for once) it's not a Toribla wall that makes me go "meh."

    Everyone else has sung your praises, and i feel the same - +fav

  5. Frosty May 05, 2006

    looks nice...
    yet another high quality work from there...
    looks clean and great.
    Gives youa Grade AA+ for a nice looking wall. :)

  6. kalicodreamz May 08, 2006

    ahhh...god ol foreground objects xD
    i use them all the time :3
    love the feel of the wall and the lighting. i've been so busy lately i havn't been able to comment on your walls ;-;
    just know i heart them <3

    did you happen to upload your arete wall? :o
    i dunno which one it is ;-;

  7. euna Retired Moderator May 08, 2006

    Nice wall OA! Even if it's a dark wall, it still looks great. Also, if you're starting some summery walls, maybe that'll get you feeling a bit better. I hope so anyway.

    I really like the smart-blur type effect in the wall. THe colours and textures go together so well, they produce the perfect atmosphere for the wall. It looks great OA! *fav*

  8. Yina May 08, 2006

    omg.. they look so gaaay.. x__x mhmm maybe they ARE gay.. nyaa.. who knows.. xDD;; nyaa.. great work, as always =D

  9. Liz May 09, 2006

    wow hot! great work love the darkness of it and the background is beautiful and the characters are really cool!

  10. xRedPhoenix May 10, 2006

    Couples are so pretty ^^ Good job. Dark is gooood...

  11. LeeAnn May 10, 2006

    wow! man! that is really tasty!

  12. fati May 10, 2006

    good wall good job jlé aimé

  13. Ardenta May 10, 2006

    This is my very first comment here. ^_^ I love this anime and I'm always happy if I can see new wallpapers. I like the feeling of this picture.

  14. kayo04 May 11, 2006

    Must comment for the wounderful work you have done. Thank you for sharing. Hang in there. I know life can be suck. The way you express them through you art is very amazing. I wish I could do that.

  15. animefairy May 11, 2006

    Oo...this wall is a bit dark. -_-' But I love the designs and how it's all laid out so nicely! XD The two boys both have a very weird emotion. >_< The color are so pretty and beautiful! Tnanks for sharing and keep it up, OracleAngel! ^_^

  16. darkpoca May 17, 2006

    Yeah ! Very beautiful wall with the sexy bad guys of the anime. The dark mood suits Trinity Blood's atmosphere wonderfully ^_^ !

  17. sapphiresky May 23, 2006

    ahhh.. the bad guys..... they're just damn... pretty? XD XD XD
    lovely atmosphere... dark and... "i'm lovin' it!" XD

  18. vatican92 May 26, 2006

    I can say that OracleAngel's artwork is beautiful as always..
    Very impressive
    Like the way that the img of Isaac and Dietrich is slanted

  19. sesarysan May 30, 2006

    that was a lovely darkness.
    And that was Isack and Dietrich .

  20. Ryouko Jul 11, 2006

    awesome wallpaper. I love it. *gorgeous guys ... drool* ^_^

  21. CrimsonMoon Sep 24, 2006


  22. farhana Mar 09, 2007

    Love it! Dietrich is so cool!
    Great wall!

  23. kiwiTinkzzz Jun 03, 2007

    awesome wallpaper.....

  24. hellooo36 Jun 24, 2008

    no comment
    [just gorgeous]

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