Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Sweet Serenity

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Lacus Clyne Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

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Woo my mind is sooooooo clear yep that's why I left, to clear my mind *cough cough* yeah right I just didn't have PS ^_^

Pam what is your opinion?
*dies* man, after months of not using photoshop, i really suck at it, woo well my opinion about this wall, i've gotten rusty, but here's the wall I have been procrastinating and promoting with the peeps at Minitokyo......God, woo feels good to be back

What was I listenling to?
Panic! At The Disco, I think that CD played 1,000 by the time I finished, that's how much I suck at this again

oh yeah the link is........Here rawr sooooo yesh credit goes to WingsOfFreedom for that

I can't really think anymore.....so all i want to say is that this wall (yes i know i know) is dedicated to all those people who have been patiently wating for the worlds most......happiest......*shivers* pinkest wall of today, hey my minds drifting off again....damn PATD.........next time I promise my wall will be prittier...otay!

PS I know the walls a tad pixilated......well it's the damn compupers fault, this crap can't save right

Love to you all...yep and a big thanks for supporting these crappy walls


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  1. miraku-spike May 02, 2006

    wahaha! im the first to reply to you beauty art wallpaper! ^_^' wow! very nice work thier my friend. great job, no , fantastic job on the extracting and on the background! your work just keeps on getting prettier and better by the day/ month/ year. lol well keep up the great work my friend.

  2. SharinganKnight May 02, 2006

    you have gotten a bit rusty. But its an amazing wall, that could be perfect with a few touch ups. Im glad you're sorta back though. :)

  3. PinkPrincessLacus May 02, 2006

    Beautiful Wallpaper of Lacus, the colors are so bright and pretty. I love the grass and the castle in the back. :) I love it. Adding to my favs list *and i dont add walls that often to it either* :)

    ~* Lacus *~

  4. Chloe Retired Moderator May 02, 2006

    Yay, welcome back! Anyway:
    Really nicely done!
    Love the background and the colors are awesome! WingsofFreedom did an excellent job on the vector.
    Keep it up!

  5. phamthuha May 02, 2006

    The banner you are using is the feature symbol... You can't use that without my permission ;) Hope you can recopy paste the right code for the siggi banner ^_^

    Well... back to the wall... I have to say that it is not a good wallie from you (or kinda bad...) The building is TOO blurry and so fake... the scan is also too overlay and contrast that i can't see any means in her eyes and her face ... Well the the sky also misses the details and it is so poorly done -_-
    Can't say more since it will hurt ya much ^_^ I guess you can do better next time ;)

  6. Frosty May 02, 2006

    First Welcome Back ! XD
    and second... Happy Birthday... *Getting ready to give ya 17 birthday hits* XD XD XD
    okay how about 17 b-day Glomps instead ^_^'

    lol... hmm.. the wall wise... I think it looks okay.. not as bad as it seems... ^_^'
    but the theme of girl + grass + moon/city scenery is beyond over play.. >_<
    and when I d/l to take a look.. lol... yeah.... the image is a little too bright for the bg... ^_^'
    the wall somehow doesnt look very matching like that.. T_T
    very unlike the quality of work you did in the past... >_>
    bur eh.. once awhile we choke... *I do that alot* XD but hehe... still its alright..
    good effort and again.. *can't wait til wed to give ya b-day hits* XD XD
    Gives you a Grade A for satisfactory, rather typical but good effort work. ;)

  7. sorm May 02, 2006

    Beautifull Lacus Wallpaper, costume so pretty and the background really great but I think it too much bright? for me, ah... I hope you don,t upset about my comment.
    Thank for sharing and Welcome back too.

  8. Lacuslover81 May 02, 2006

    I love the pioc of Lacus you used in this pic that is deifnitly one of my faovirtes. I enjoyed the background too. I like it alot. you did a great job well done.

  9. paintmearainbow May 02, 2006

    Wow! A really lovely wallie of Lacus(: I love the background and the colour scheme is really beautiful :D (Is it me or you like to add images of white birds to the background of the wallies you make? I like it though :) ) Maybe like the others have said, the wallie is a little too bright but other than that, this is a wonderful masterpiece!
    I hope to see more of your works! (More works that include Lacus will be great XD )

  10. FlowerDog May 02, 2006

    Mmm.. Why am I always the last one to figure out that someone has been out? XD Oh well, Welcome Back Kawaii-Chicken-sama! :D Your wallpapers aren't crappy at all. At least you know how to make one even after a long time of not being near your PS. I couldn't combine all of the elemets of stock images, brushes, or even text in a wallpaper if I knew how to. You have good taste. Love WingsOfFreedom's vector of Lacus and she matches nicely w/ your scenery. Maybe the extraction could have used a little more work. There is still some light blue (from the vector's background) located between Lacus's right arm and body. Other than that I had no problems w/ the way everything else came out. Wonderful job Kawaii-Chicken-sama. It's good to have you back. :)

  11. aishiteraburu May 02, 2006

    first of all missed u a lot
    and the wall so ain't crappy
    though not ur best either
    but i know u can pull through it kawaii-chan
    and happy b-day again
    ur b-day present is still under construction (i just need to find a right scan)

  12. Justice48 May 02, 2006

    Ah... goodie. Nice background, although I have to say... the scan of Lacus is a bit too bright. Sure she has bright skin color, but not too bright that it is practically white... Okay? ^^

    Other from that, I find the wallpaper nice. :)

  13. jomjaikap May 03, 2006

    so color full

  14. Faikenshin May 03, 2006

    i wuv the back round 2 thumbs way up!

  15. evasion May 03, 2006

    oooooo, awesome wall! The bg sky is simply fantastic, and I love the choice of color and lighting that you used. Makes it rather lively ^_^> +fav+

  16. Rhonda21 May 03, 2006

    I didn't know it was your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D

    Well I just LOVE the sky and grass. They look great! Well Done!

  17. EienKazuki May 03, 2006

    Hey there^^ Umm, Happy Birthday? (even though I don't know you ><) lol... Well, your wallpapers are crappy xD... maybe alittle improvements, then you'll better han now. Lol... ^^ Well, the wallpaper itself, looks really good. I agree with Frosty, the scan is really bright or you made it really too bright for the background. I also think that it might be alittle off proportion. The buildings in the background and Lacus don't really match (to me ><) I think the background is ok, maybe alittle dimmer with the moon and fireworks><, since the buildings are black, it doesn't really blend in enough >< (even with the smueging><)
    Anyways, welcome back ^^ lol Hope to see more of your works soon. (I can't wait ^^) Ja ne


  18. animefairy May 05, 2006

    Oooo...very beautiful and I love the colors! XD I love the beautiful effects you added into it! Keep it up and thanks for sharing, kawaii-chicken!

  19. moonescape May 05, 2006

    This is so beautiful! It really looks like you did so much work since you said you finished by the time you played your songs 1,000 times. X_X This is just so lovely that I can never do anything like this. -^-^-

  20. xenogear238 May 05, 2006

    aww... lacus is so beautiful i luv the wallie great work & keep it up

  21. yo-chanbokura May 09, 2006

    Happy birthday kawaii-san ^__^ nice wallpaper it is, keep it up!

  22. DestinyValiantAnimeAngel May 27, 2006

    YOu used a nice scenery with a good (excellent, heck maybe perfect! XD) scan for this wallie, gosh, haven't since a good amount of Lacus stuff since I was gone, LOL, favy! XD

  23. Firemace Jun 20, 2006

    Geez wow ! Good touch there on the backdrop.
    Hope i aint' too late again to comment. =D

    Splendid ! *Adds to fav.*

  24. UchihaTaijiya Jun 20, 2006

    Very pretty!
    I love that scan of Lacus too!
    Thanks for sharing ::favs::

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