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Ah~~~~ Finally a nice wall from me... XD
lol... I hope its erm... not to bright... >_<
I saw many walls with this scan before & they are all really lovely... I hope mines OK ^^
I started out by blending in a stock image of a sea & hills...
I overlay some colours & made it overall with blue....
The I drew the talisman on another file to see the full effect before transferring it to this image....
The wings too....
This is about a "girl" from another dimension that has came to our world in search of the tree of eternity....
I made the tree kinda weird with the big flower over there.
Actually the tones of blue are to reflect the icyness...
erm... ^_^' dont get it huh?
I meant, U see the flowers blooming, that is the only sightings of life in this place. So its to reflect stronger on the words eternity. (elemental: ICE)
So, basically, the whole wall is fantasy theme.... >_<
I also did some grunge brushes down there, its not really obvious though...

Wallie for: Free--Wallers Contest
Join Us^^ Its an mixing themes contest.
Layers: didnt really counted.
Hard thing: erm... The blending took me some time, so did the stock image, it was pretty bad...

Full-view please, it loooks blur from here, crud >_<

Im pretty happy with this wall... Hope U like it^^
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  1. bj0rn May 01, 2006

    Gya! >.< Nice wallie!

    Firstly I think the colours are good and you did a good job trying to potray the image here.

    But.. It's kinna bright and glaring. Beside that, the feet of the girl looked a little weird.

    The water reflection is terrific. Wonder how u did that though. Overall, a good wall for me except the brightness. Perhaps too much white. >.<

  2. Akasa May 01, 2006

    Whoa this is nice wallie great job ^^ water reflection in awesome :D

  3. jaguar88 May 01, 2006

    Not really that bright... very nicely done
    Love the birds and the wings ^_^
    the Sakura tree is also pretty good with the theme
    Well done and keep up the good work

  4. eternallegend May 01, 2006

    this wallie is really nice however the white parts have covered up part of the tree making it look as though it is separate from the rest but maybe thats how you wanted it to be portrayed ^^

  5. uchiha-vegeta May 01, 2006

    wooooooooooow! its so amazing , lovely , the effects are amazing , a fav for sure ^^

  6. Pisaro May 01, 2006

    Yeah, nice wallie... plus a damn cutie too... amazing. but i think is a little bit too bright. Erm.. other i think is not a problem.

  7. Devildude May 01, 2006

    very very bright.... not my type of wallpaper but hell, it works fine.
    The tree needs a lot more brush work to do, I recommend you try some tree brushes easily available in DevArt for downloads. It looks dead frankly... and the shading on the leaves need work to make it more outstanding.
    The rest is good I think.

  8. Chloe Retired Moderator May 01, 2006

    Aw, very cool!
    The scan is a bit blurry, but the bg is nice and I like the colors. Nice job!

  9. chaosmongoose Banned Member May 01, 2006

    i really like bright wallpaper. of course your wallpapers are always great. then blend is exellent.

  10. trinigirl524 May 01, 2006

    yeah i've seen this scan used before but its usually always turns out nicely and it does in this wallie too. not bad, the idea behind the concept is interesting and the blending of everything is nicely done. i think that tree could use some work though to make it match with the style of the rest of the wall but otherwise nice work keep it up ^^

  11. pamkips May 01, 2006

    omigosh it's been a long time since i've been on mt, and last time i saw your wallies...they were cute....but now....O_O omigosh.......you.....are so good

  12. xianghua May 01, 2006

    Nice wallie Rikka-san! The scan you chose is beautiful!
    And the effects done go with it! I like the wings^_^
    Most of all i like the tree over there :D
    Nicely done!

  13. Rhonda21 May 01, 2006

    Lovely. Pretty background. And I've always thought that scan is really cute! Well nice work!

  14. Midori-chan May 02, 2006

    whoa! this wallie is so nice rikka-chan! XD XD
    i just love the colors...i mean the icy blue color XP lol. the white is kinda bright for me...since i'm the type of person who loves dark colors XP hehe.
    the overall effects af the bg is great, but the tree needs to have more branches, or else it looks dead to me..lol ^^"
    it's an awesome wallie rikka-chan!
    +favs. :pacman:
    [btw, sorry i could not handle the group all this while, because im having my exams...since im sitting for SPM this year x_x ]

  15. flyindance May 02, 2006

    very nice, nicely done except it is a little bit too bright.
    but great job, it really doesn't affect the wallie much :D

  16. jomjaikap May 03, 2006


  17. monyetterbang May 03, 2006

    i really like those blooming flowers
    and da gal is sooo kawaii with her wings

  18. ArtificialRaindrop May 03, 2006

    First off, sorry I got around to looking at it so late -_- Anyways, I love the softness of this wall. I personally think the tree looks great standing out from the hills, since it fits with your title ^_^ Normally I think the vast amount of white would be blinding, but it actually adds to the calm feeling in your wall. Also, I like your idea for a story behind it. All in all, the wall is lovely :)

  19. kensheekauru May 04, 2006

    eih.....i like tis....rikka..
    gambate ne!

  20. 09Chiaki09 May 05, 2006

    Been some time since i came here....
    Favourite colour of mine is blue, the wall sure is soothing, the misty effect looks awesome too^^
    Err...it's just dat the gal's feet looks a bit weird, and the wings don't seem vry obvious.

  21. Milkiyo May 06, 2006

    nice concept o.O
    u're really keen on sweet and bright walls, aren't ya? :P
    lovely theme though the glaring effects are a little too splattered over the bg

  22. IzumiChan May 06, 2006

    Good job with the brightness! XD
    I liked it overall, even if white is not my favorite color. ;)
    This is scan is really popular... but it's because it's very CUTE! *_*
    I liked how you blended an abstract in the bg... really good. :)
    The only problem I see there is an ilumination one. Her feet are darker, because in the original scan the light was off around then, but in the wallie, they should have been lighter than the rest of her body, because the lake emits light... did you understand what I meant? ^_^'
    Keep the good work up! ^.~

  23. darkar May 07, 2006

    I like the idea of that dimension and the wings of the girl. But the perspective. If thats the tree shes looking for , why is she looking here?

  24. 1ozzy1 May 07, 2006

    very nice wallie ,, keep up the good work ;)

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