Eureka 7 Wallpaper: Serenity Now! (remake)

Kazuma Kondou, BONES, Eureka 7, Eureka, Renton Thurston Wallpaper
Kazuma Kondou Mangaka BONES Studio Eureka 7 Series Eureka Character Renton Thurston Character

1600x900 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I gave into peer pressure and changed the color configuration of the wall added and extra sky fish and gave it a few minor brushed up touch ups. Because I gave the typeZERO, Renton and Eureka more vivid colors I had to reblend the scan with the skies and this is what i got. After seeing the wall without a texture I fell in love. Thanks for all the critiques those of you who gave them.

Previous Description:

Eureka Seven..mm, amazing anime. My thirst for it is never quenched with Nanashi's slow releases of it, and so i had to go and make a wall. I picked the scan because I orginally just wanted an Eureka wall and went looking for one that fit my desktop, and I saw one with this scan..but the resolution was way off for my monitor and I had a different view of how I wanted mine to look. Hence I made this one, it also served the porpuse of forcing myself to practice brushing. I seriously need a tablet...brushing clouds by hand is a nightmare. Anyway, on to the wall..I think the most time was spent making the clouds based on stocks and reconstructing slected sections of the scan that were cut off by my primitive resolution, but after it was all put together I had to work the blending in a bit, for this I played with the colors and added a texture(which also kinda hides some mistakes on my clouds :3). I gave it a stronger light source and some light rays using some filters. I wanted to include the title somewhere in there, but I had no fitting place for it other than the small section where my icons will go...I can't help feeling that the wall is empty yet too busy at the same time, I guess this is what ultimate tranquility feels like. :shrugs:

thanks to Kalico for the scan.

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  1. Rhonda21 Apr 30, 2006

    Peer pressure. hehe. Well then, pretty much the exact minute I commented on your other wall you deleted it. lol. How funny. :D Okay, well as before I really like those clouds. Looks very nice without the texture and also very nice color change. But then again I liked both walls. ^_^' (I can never make up mine mind.)

  2. chichiri1907 Apr 30, 2006

    I actually liked the other wall better, maybe because of the colors and jst of the entire atmosphere, and this one reminds me of Ningens wall.
    But its still nice :)

  3. Tias May 01, 2006

    great wallpaper >.<
    1000 times better then what i can do till now <_<
    if i was a eruka fan, i guess i would have faved this one now, it does look great, but i'm not into eruka really

  4. nighthawk51 May 01, 2006

    Great series, great wallpaper.

  5. shiningdays May 01, 2006

    mmmm, definately better without the texture :D

    i must admit i liked the colour of the sky in the previous version, but mmmm. definately better without the texture. they look cute brighter =D


  6. fluke May 02, 2006

    Sweet dude! I love the widescreen wall too, I didn't know that was an optional size to wall in for MT...I love it, fits my screen perfectly!

  7. YoKoBaNdiT May 04, 2006

    yeeah! peer pressure rocks niah lol kiddin long time no see lol awesome wallie i liek it, i was looking for a new bkround on my comp and this one is it!thnx ^.~ ciao u

  8. ayaki May 05, 2006

    eek..i i didn't get the chance to look at the one with the blue sky. -_-a
    anyways...the sky here looks great.
    But i'm a little bias on blue skies ^^ haha
    The lighting here is well done!~

  9. harakiri May 11, 2006

    So the cloud is painted with a mouse? You did a very good job on it. If you want to purchase a tablet I recommend you to buy a wacom because the cheaper ones are not of that good quality (I had a cheap one in the beginning and it was more anger than joy).
    I think there is a conflict in your wallpaper because the characters are too bright and vivid while the sky indicates a stormy rain. Well, you could say they are on the border of bad and good weather.

  10. Hachimitsu May 18, 2006

    Love the wallpaper. Looks nice. Great job.

  11. walkure245 May 18, 2006

    I kind of liked the blue version a lil better since it made the wallie lighter and fits the title a lil better and the scan. However, brown does have its own charm and warmth. The clouds are really fluffy and really look realistic. The scan has an awesome quality and the extraction was done well. Really awesome work!

  12. Furiz Feb 24, 2010

    now this is what i wanted a smile with Renton and nirvash

  13. huzaifah Sep 09, 2010

    dis is the best.................

  14. VIANEYMT Oct 23, 2010

    Me encanta nirvash jeje y la serie esta super xD

  15. yuyito Oct 30, 2010

    this is one of the series that make me realise how much i love draw and anime!

    merged: 10-30-2010 ~ 09:43pm
    this is one of the series that make me realise how much i love draw and anime!i definitly love it!

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