Jiuge Wallpaper: loving under flowers

Jiuge Wallpaper
Jiuge Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

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Here is my newest wallie.

I had taken up this idea already times for the banner contest. Thus I did not think as wallie determine a bad idea. Thus it pleases me really well. I made the background somewhat differently. The extraction of the flowers was the hell. Very lengthily. But I created it.

It is spring. The season of love. I think the wallie fit very well this topic. The girl longs herself much for him. And the boy apparently too. The picture radiates very much romance. Also alone by the flowers. The pair look as it is finally united. After long time of the separation.

But that is my view. ^_^'

I hope it please you like me.

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NOTE FROM MOD: This has been moved to Other as this is Jiuge, not Wei Liu

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  1. Kori Apr 30, 2006

    Wow! Beautiful wallpaper! And beautiful people as well! I like the background very much. I like it that you've added it some depth by making some of the flowers fuzzy. :) Keep up the good work!

  2. kiukirilya Apr 30, 2006

    Beautiful wallie! I already liked the banner very much and I love the wall ^^
    A fav' for sure!

  3. Rhonda21 Apr 30, 2006

    Oh I'm so happy you made this into a wall! How beautiful! The background is so pretty and I just love that scan! Wonderful Job with this wall! :D

  4. trinigirl524 May 01, 2006

    wow very enchanting. the decorations look really magicial and the scene is just beautiful and i love the scan. great work ^^ fave+

  5. JiVA May 01, 2006

    Amazing! I really happy look this wallpaper and my eyes falling on the costumes... Great job! :p

  6. phamthuha May 01, 2006

    Very wonderful scan, sweetie ^_^ But i am sure you can do better to make the scan more smooth and beautiful ^_^ since i see so many color noise here...
    The bg is a nice idea to remake the flower ^_^ It reminds me of my Summer Grape and that makes me love this wall more ^_^

    okay, fav+ from me for a wonderful scan ^_^ And sure add to CW gallery ;) Thankie sweetie for your hard work ^_^

  7. Lamaros May 01, 2006

    Very wonderful wall! the flowers look great, the chars,specially she looks very beautiful
    its one of the best ive seen this far, great work!

  8. aneres May 01, 2006

    The costumes and background is truly enchanting and in beautiful colours. <3

  9. thinker123 May 01, 2006

    what the anime name?
    from where?

  10. Zoamel May 01, 2006

    The guy is really hot... I have a weakness for guys with white/silver/light-blue hair ;D
    It's so romantic. I like the Sakura blossoms a lot.

  11. Kelena May 01, 2006

    This wall is very beautiful. I love romantic walls. The bright and bold colors really bring out the feeling of spring. Everything looks so crisp and clean. Great job. This is definitely a favorite. :)

  12. Eowyn May 02, 2006

    I just love it! Great wall! Go to my favs! ^^

  13. lovecards May 02, 2006

    Hi! the background is really good...and as you said is spring..the bird´s ,the sun, the flower´s complete the internal lover´s ...(i wish to be the girl of the picture ...the guy is nice^_^).see ya.

  14. Oriane May 02, 2006

    Wow it's a so beautiful wall I love it! I gonna add it to my fav!

  15. Elven-Inccubus May 06, 2006

    Beautiful, just beautiful! There is no other better word to describe your work ^^ Congratulations! I feel like loving X /// D nah...I really love it....the feeling, the love...like a love that never dreamt of coming true, but it did....*3 thumbs up* Keep going! =D


  16. Kukuru May 06, 2006

    Ah! I'm using all my credits to look at your lovely works :d Hehe I love how this looks :) Has a very romantic / loving feel :)

    Where are the characters from?

    Oh, and nice work with the flowers in the background, they really accentuate the piece :D Thanks so much for sharing ^.^

  17. GintheTwilightswords May 17, 2006

    So this is the wall you use to make thos nifty "Thank You For The Comment" banners.It looks gorgeous Steff,thanks for sharing ^uu^.

  18. strawberryghost May 21, 2006

    my god your wallpaper is gorgeous! just wondering... do you know if the image is from a series or just random pretty people? =P lol, and thanks again for sharing!

  19. Kashino Restricted Member May 27, 2006

    Lovely piece of art ;) I find it beautifull, thanks for sharing this! ;D

  20. Cheza1982 Dec 27, 2006

    Wow, this one is gorgeous!
    It's so romantic.
    You did an awesome job on this one. My fav from all of your wallies ^.^

  21. moonlightdreamer May 30, 2007

    another beautiful wallpaper!

  22. sandumirabela Dec 04, 2007

    The artist isn't Wei Liu but Jiuge,I am sure of that because I know most of the pics!So I don't know if Jiuge has a place for the scans and wallpapers but you should put it in another category.Well you can realize that the artist is different looking at the style!

  23. Mayis2008 Nov 26, 2008

    I abosolotely adore it!
    I have loking for a wallpaper with this image for so long..... and now I can have it on my screen thanks to you :)

    thanks thnaks thanks thanks.... a lot!

  24. rahill Sep 09, 2009


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