Yoshitaka Amano Wallpaper: Exodus.

Yoshitaka Amano, The Virgin Wallpaper
Yoshitaka Amano Mangaka The Virgin Artbook

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Final Score: 74.7
40.0 (51) + 20.2 (30)

* Technical: 11.5 (15) + 6.5 (9)
* Aesthetic: 11.0 (15) + 6.1 (9)
* Artistic: 12.5 (15) + 5.8 (9)
* Competition: 05.0 (6) + 1.8 (3)

Okay not sure what all the numbers in the brackets mean, but I guess I'll put this up for fun.

And wherin, then, lies your virtue?

Arete, 2006. Hosted by Schattenrand. Visit Schattenrand NOW!

Yes, this is my wall for the Arete, featuring this Yoshitaka Amano scan, of course, submitted by Lord DREAM. Check his gallery for more high quality yet beautiful scans. ^^

Alright. Now move on to Arete. It was around the end of February? I guess. Too long, really. >.< The original scan was titled The Dreamseer. So here I was, in front of my computer, practically doing nothing... trying to think of a way to actually produce a decent Amano wall. New thing, really. Then when I was staring hard at the scan, suddenly I looked at the title again. Dreamseer... suddenly it strucked me.

Dreamseer... I see the dreams from the future, also of the past...

Actually that WAS my early plan. But unfortuantely, I was craving into Utada Hikaru's Exodus, and that song just can't leave my mind, even the lyrics. Seriously. So, just when I was finishing all the background... well, the background consists lots of crappy but useful stuffs.

There were about 5-6 stock photos back there. Some were pictures of boat, urban decays, old buildings... as what I've mention from above... I was trying to mix the past and the future, also the present into the background, and implicating that this woman here, the Dreamseer, watches the dreams for the past up to the future.

But the text went disoriented from my original plan. I've been listening to Exodus over and over I HAD to put that song somewhere in this wall. So in the end, this is how the wall looked like. Thanks to Exodus. The original title should be "The Dreamseer" but aaarrgh... I'm too lazy to fix that.

Currently listening to: Lin Jun Jie - Cao Cao

Exodus. - Best Viewed in Lower Brightness.
Below 15% is the best to bring the right mood out.

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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 30, 2006

    I really love this scan. It's creepy, but really cool.
    The bg is awesome and I really like the ide behind this wall. Keep up the great work!

  2. Regenbogen Apr 30, 2006

    Hello Ephie,

    haven't read you for some while... so first of all: good to see you back.

    First I'll post my comment as official judge again:
    The wallpaper looks good. I'd even use it as my wallpaper. However I lack a very original idea.. and I don't see what the character has to do with exodus, how they are connected to each other apart from using these lines on a wallpaper. The effects were wisely used... without destroying the art of Amano. And I also like the background which seems to represent the ideas that have been expressed in the poem. Overall well done!

    So yes, I liked your wallpaper... but I didn't really understand the Exodus idea. So I just understand it now, after reading your comment. I know some people say the image should speak on its own. But I still like to read comments to know more in case there was a special idea behind it that people can't understand if they don't know Utada Hikaru's Exodus.
    Anyways your wallpaper definitely is nice to look at. The use of stock photos has been made in a very elegant, careful way.

    PS: The numbers in brackets are the maximal scores that were possible. ;)

  3. fawna-chan May 02, 2006

    ...That is a pretty creepy scan, but it looks good with the rest of the wallpaper. Hm...I don't think I can use any more words to describe the greatness of this wall. I'll just fave it now....

  4. Akaiken May 08, 2006

    You don't want me to comment here? Well, sorry for you I am doing it now, mwahahaha!

    The concept's good and I like the shadow effect on the image. And the background, so much for the real world but you made it very good. Can't say anymore.

  5. pegassuss May 08, 2006

    Nice work Ephie-chan! ^-^ I really like amano's scan, it's really beautiful and sophisticated and I like what you did with it. The stock photo is nicely used and I like how you made the background, that kind of texture. On the whole it looks really nice and I like the poem there. Great work Ephie-chan! ^-^

  6. luna159 Nov 24, 2010

    [b][/b]i love it ! really nice

  7. Twoweekslater Jan 19, 2011

    i love Yoshitaka Amano is a great artist

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