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Hey hey! So I'm finally submitting something after a long time, lol. I pretty much only have the time and energy to draw for my friends' birthdays. >_<. School is killer...

Anyways, this was drawn for one of my bestest bestest friends evar! Next year me and all my friends are off to college, so I am going to miss them lots. T_T. But anyways, in the spirit of college, I put a Harvard logo on the cake since that's where she's going (w00tage!). I'll be right across the river from her at MIT, so I guess it won't be *that* bad. Still, moving from CA to MA is going to be killer...

Oh, full size kinda fuzzy, since the original drawing wasn't as big as MT's new req size.

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  1. frozenwilderness Apr 29, 2006

    Ahhh that's so pretty! Your friend's legal now! ^^ And she's going to Harvard.. you both must be really smart o_o I know a lot of ppl from my school are going to those ivy league schools and such too. Good luck in Massachusetts though! It's definitely much colder there than in Cali X__x Anyway, lovely sketch

  2. Frosty Apr 30, 2006

    Holy smokes, MIT... @_@ Harvard @_@ lol.. wow you guys .. hmm..
    I guess first things comes to mind is congs my friend... wow.. wish u the best of luck there XD
    the drawing is very nice.
    as usual you got a nice drawing style there and I bet your friend loves the drawing as well. :D
    good job. ^^
    Gives you a Grade AA+ for a very nice looking drawing..

  3. KurriKlown Apr 30, 2006

    Hey, that's been a while. Great drawing and definitely your style again. :) Her left hand holding the cake is maybe a tad odd IMO, but who cares, it's one cool birthday drawing!

  4. FlowerDog May 02, 2006

    Evasion-kun is also going to college too. :D I wish your best friend a Happy Belative Birthday. :) You did a lovely job in illustrating this original character of yours. Her expression is so sweet. I am very impressed w/ the way you illustrate eyes and draw the flow of the hair. This was a nice sketch. I can't make the lines as neat as you do. ^_^' I really like it and best wishes for you and your friends. ;)

  5. MuZ0NaZ May 02, 2006

    O_o thats a cute present, it's great you won't be far away even in college xD

  6. Neptune47 May 04, 2006

    Wow, that looks really cool! The Harvard logo is a nice touch :)

    This is totally random, but I go to MIT too! But I'll have graduated before you get here though. In any case, good luck next year!

  7. maho-ho May 05, 2006

    Pretty drawing friend! I have liked much, for a long time that on you, I do not hope that very well. Of all ways I have liked east free and full work of emotion. It sees itself is very nice and cute! :D

  8. Daicon May 05, 2006

    That beautiful face! She is really pretty! A wonderful drawing friend! I have liked much the expression of her... enamors to me, hehehe. Greetings! :)

  9. studio May 09, 2006

    Love the dress evasion. Wispy... like one of the older Chloe dresses last season.

  10. harakiri May 11, 2006

    It is a beautiful image and the sketchy outlines are very nice too. The big font doesn't fit that well with the sketch because it is too bold and not sketchy enough. You could have written it by hand.

  11. walkure245 May 18, 2006

    What a sweet drawing. The only thing is the hands are a lil awkward but other than that, the girl is really cute. A harvard cake is such a wonderful idea. I love the way you drew her hair and the lil details. I think the font works out well like a birthday card but the colors should match the brown lineart. This is really pretty. Good work~
    Also, it is going to tough moving from cali to mass. XD The weather is going to be a lil harsh. But I'm sure you'll be okay. Good luck.

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