BECK Wallpaper: Empty Calm

Harold Sakuishi, Madhouse, BECK, Yukio Tanaka Wallpaper
Harold Sakuishi Mangaka Madhouse Studio BECK Series Yukio Tanaka Character

1600x900 Wallpaper

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k, so. IM BACK, for those of you who noticed my absence...well, I think all two of you asked, but I'll answer again XD, I was in cuba for spring break, needless to say I almost turned communist. I jest. Anyway, on to the wall....I think this is my first wall in about 3 weeks...wow, new record. the scan was a bit hard to work with even though I didn't really add anything other than hand made and downloaded textures simply because I was working with something that had a quality:


and I wanted to keep the image at its original size or a tad smaller for obvious porpuses, so I had to spend a few hours tediously cleaning up the scan so that it would be wall material. I originally vectored the image, but didn't like the overall effect I got when I added all the texture because I was going for a crowd look of the character, anyone who's ever been to a show will agree with me that the band members have a sort of blurry aura around them due to the lights and all the sweat in your eyes from dancing.. Once I got the quality BECK deserves, I threw in some textures from DA! and one or two made by me, I also played around the light effects and colors so that I could focus the viewers eyes on the singer and the mic. Overall its something I'd consider a quickie but its an appealing wall, or it is for my desktop XD. enjoy teh BECK fans.

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  1. Nyuu-chan Apr 28, 2006

    OMG! Excellent wall as always my dear! Everything looks so great. Dunno what else I can say.

  2. fawna-chan Apr 28, 2006

    Hm...no wonder you didn't have any new wallpapers for such a long time. But anyway, this wall is super well done and I like the blurry-aura effect and as far as I can tell, it looks amazing! :D

  3. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 28, 2006

    Was wondering where you had disappeared to, but anyway:
    The wall is awesome. Love the texture and the dirt-like feel of it. Great job!

  4. Devildude Apr 28, 2006

    first thought I saw this wall was the feeling of "Hotel California" live . and it is beautiful, you did manage to give the wall that feeling, what is even nicer is due to the lack of the face, it makes the scan look so much more emotional, as if the singer is really strumming out the hearts of the tune. Wonderful by every standard.

  5. harakiri Apr 28, 2006

    Like you already explained, it has that show-aura which sets up a cool atmosphere in your wallpaper.
    The cleaning was done well although the textures are a good way to hide grain a bit ;-)

  6. Rhonda21 Apr 28, 2006

    So many people went somewhere for spring break yet I had to stay home and possibly get even whiter. ANYWAYS, this looks great. As always, I really like the textures and the whole aspect of this wall. Really awesome.

  7. llilliathari Apr 28, 2006

    I'm happy to see your newest submission! yesterday I was wondering why there wasn't a wallpaper in these last two weeks =___=
    Glad to see you spent good holiday (I wanna go to cuba toooooo!)
    Now, I stop spamming :
    I'm really amazed to see you create this special atmosphere in this wall and how you did it with the textures.
    Great colors as always, sorry if my comments aren't original ;___;


  8. Saikusa Retired Moderator Apr 28, 2006

    You lazy tar... uh, I mean... I love the simplicity of this. It doesn't drown the viewer in detail, and then there's that wonderful 'grainy' quality which reminds me so much of real 'gig' photos taken with a really high speed film, creating that semi-mottled effect to capture a moment in dark clubs. It's so simple, yet it's a stroke of genius.

  9. shiningdays Apr 28, 2006

    preeeeeety! (i was wondering where you went.. XD)

    *ahem* okay, now down to business :P

    good use of light there, on the mic; the focus works well. I don't like the colour of the text; but i like the way it was done.

    BECK is one of those animes where i start to wonder what the hell i was doing instead of watching it. i need to hunt that down..

    anywho, nice wall, need i say more?

  10. bromithia Retired Moderator Apr 29, 2006

    It's too blurry... though, the touch of textures do make up for it, kind of.

  11. Yina Apr 29, 2006

    communist? XD why not? XP
    mhmm yeah.. when it's hot, then things seem to be kinda blurry..the wallpaper is a bit too blurry though..
    but nevertheless great work.. =D

  12. LeeAnn Apr 30, 2006

    i dont know him..
    but i love him now because of this wallie!

  13. Anjhurin Apr 30, 2006

    *I've got a feeling* ^_^

    Really nice work, i particularly enjoy the reflection on the mike... I like your scan very much as well, even though the neck part is a bit weird. But you can really get the feeling of the song somehow... Nice job focusing on the mouth and mike :)

  14. alexiel01 May 01, 2006

    This, I like....

    Your the coolest Ish! ^_^

  15. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 01, 2006

    Reminds me of those harsh but endless jamming sessions when i get inside concerts and just live inside the groove... simple is all but the textures bring out the real feel of the wall's emotion.
    Great job!

  16. ayaki May 03, 2006

    cuba =_= fun+sunshine! boo communist...haha

    okie...i don't think the bluriness here bothers me that much.
    it kinda adds to the feel, that i'm looking up at him off stage, while he's singing some emotional song...that's what i get from ur title too. :)
    awesome job!~ <3 it.

  17. YoKoBaNdiT May 04, 2006

    welcome bk! cuba man i wish i can go there haha ^_^' how was it in cuba? nice i bet anyway lol, i liek it alot the dark mellowness of it and the texture ^.^ ncie

  18. walkure245 May 14, 2006

    Nice perspective. It helps one to focus on the voice and the music coming from the person. That's what I usually focus on when I listen to someone sing. Weird, huh? I think the textures work well as an old memory or video camera footage. The lighting is placed well. This is a really nice piece. Good stuff~

  19. haruhi0217 Mute Member Nov 10, 2008

    Nice perspective.

  20. abelini4 Mute Member Oct 09, 2009

    Excelent Wallpaper

  21. TheDevilgirl Mute Member Dec 25, 2009

    this pic is Awesome!very nice

    thank you for sharing it XD

  22. animedacy Apr 15, 2010

    =p~ very beautiful :X...
    wow awsome wall ...
    ^^ :D

  23. liramon Jul 10, 2010

    thanks for share this wallpaper, it's cool!

  24. kkuss Jul 20, 2010

    good good good good job I really like it

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