Kouji Ogata Wallpaper: Kouji Ogata : The week of dead butterflies

Kouji Ogata Wallpaper
Kouji Ogata Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

It is said that if a bunch of monarch butterflies flap their wings while migrating for the winter then a hurricane is produced somewhere in the world.

Listening to King without a crown ~Matisyahu
Queen of apologies ~The Sounds
Jesus walks with me ~Kanye West

Im still bloody sketchy on this comeback to wallpaper business because im now used to actually painting on canvas rather than photshopping a wallpaper on a comp but this was one of the few walls ive been working at for the past 2 weeks, yeah i know its kinda slow for me but what do i care. Anyway i got this scan from Candy-chan when she started to spulrt out most of Kouji Ogata scans (maker of the Boogiepop phantom series) and i love the expression on the characters face...deprived of her innocence... so i placed her somewhere near the water and correlated it with a bridge on the horizon, added the pole so you dont get lost in the mist and perspective of the whole bg. Still added the grunge touch with a little of the boogiepop keyhole effect to neutralize the plain white which would blind your eyes in an instant.

"The week of dead butterflies" was an actual title of mine for a painting i produced for an art show back at Feburary, which depicted of a woman throwing butterflies which flew upside down to preferably mean lost innocence thus showing the feleling of the artist. "Cvivismodi adeo veritas Cvivismodi adeo dvbitatio Cvivismodi adeo capvt itis" is latin for "what is truth, what is uncertainty and what is existence" these are one of the questions that i have sought but never have found yet... all my life its been a struggle to find meaning in everything I do and learn from though it would be fatal or worthwhile in the end, all i know is that we are tested everyday to the whims of both time and existence. Jean paul Satre (French philosopher) said "If you search for happiness all your life it would come to nothing" and a friend of mine then said "We are at a constant freedom until we die" then i counteracted the deal saying " There is no true happiness in the world", some of these sayings mean a lot to me no matter how unrelated to the subject of the whole wallpaper it is but if we could fid meaning in the things we do in life then we wouldnt be so oblivious to our de evolving human race which is sucked into warmongering and capitalist societies that we in fact can change all this... but im just one person.

Anyway I hope you like it... ^_^
More resolutions coming soon in Imanimetions after the sites been updated.



Chosen by bromithia and euna

OracleAngel has a history of making fabulous wallpapers, specialising in the grunge section, and this time, he's done it again. The colours and textures blend wonderfully to create the atmosphere we see here. In simple terms, the entire wallpaper has been put together almost flawlessly.

It's a wonderful piece of artwork OA, and keep 'em coming! Don't you stop walling (or we'll come and get you!). =D

Proposed by bromithia and highlighted by euna.

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Browse Kouji Ogata Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. flyindreams Apr 28, 2006

    o.o Great job on creating the atmosphere OA... I get a distinct uncomfortable feeling looking into her eyes. I'm not too sure about the blood splatters, but yea, I'm definitely getting a very strong vibe from this wall o_o

    (And it's nice to see that you're still walling... :3)

  2. Sandra Apr 28, 2006

    Absolutly amazing wallpaper.The atmosphere is brilliant O_o I love everything in this wallie.And her eyes...and this bllod on her check gives nice feeling ,mysterious wall...

  3. tAtEkAnE Apr 28, 2006

    great blending and makin that kinda sinister yet peaceful atmosphere OA
    the blood spatter on the text is a bit distracting, and the blood on her face could use a bit of darkening
    but aside from that really nice work :D as always

    and like i always say to older wallers..dont truly give up walling, wall like 3 times a year heck even once a year! for the sake of memories >xD

    nice work OA

  4. Sumomo- Apr 28, 2006

    Amazing wallpaper. Love the colors you used. Great atmoshpere.
    Excellent work and composistion.

  5. bromithia Retired Moderator Apr 28, 2006

    I finally remember why I love your grunge wallpapers, Oracle... nothing to say, this is absolutely perfect. (Though the blood splatter does seem kind of unnecessary).


  6. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Apr 29, 2006

    Really, I got this spooky chill when I looked at this. The use of the colours captures this cold, alien like feeling- oh ho ho >_< *puts on a jacket*

  7. euna Retired Moderator Apr 29, 2006

    Really, I've said everything in the highlight comment, but another fabulous wall OA! <333
    This one looks fabulous. The colour and the texture are great components of the wall. I just luv it <3
    Lots of people seem to be complaining about the blood splatter, but personally, I really don't care. It's still a great wall (and a nice grungy type wall in our highlight gallery for once). *fav*

  8. moonelf313 Apr 29, 2006

    Great job, I like the atmosphere of the wall...the blood spatters make this wall! Love the statement about the butterflies...I don't know why but I like that phrase...+Favs for me

  9. DayBreak Apr 29, 2006

    Meh i swear; your always one step farther ahead of me! DAMN YOU!
    haha anyways; yes the grunge wall is total ownage!

  10. SpottedCat Mute Member Apr 29, 2006

    What? Yet the meanings in things we do in life will stay as memories or forgotten. Also, most have no definate purpose. Anyways it is a very nice wall, vibrant even if it's not so mellow.

  11. nolove Apr 29, 2006

    another grungr wall from you >_<, i do love it sooooo much, it is something that truly awesome and beautiful. wonderful texture and grunge, a grunge master :nya:.
    that's soooo kool

  12. Piotrek Apr 29, 2006

    I don`t know much Latin but shouldn`t there be "u" letters instead of "v", only without changing "veritas" because it`s ok. Something like this "Cuiusmodi adeo veritas Cuiusmodi adeo dubitatio Cuiusmodi adeo caput itis" and there should be cuiusmodi not cuiuismodi. But enough Latin, the wall is wonderful! I love grunge and this stuff simply rocks >_< The fog, those colours and that mysterious figure in the background... spooky. Reminds me of Vulgar Ghost Daydream manga. Anyways, this is a beautiful piece of work! Congrats! :)

  13. fukushuusha Apr 29, 2006

    Kick ass blending skillz...
    The mood is perfect; color use is perfect, textwork is....bahhhhh enough -_-;

    Perfect wall OA seriously...nothing to say except that

  14. Yina Apr 29, 2006

    what should i say..
    perfect work as always.. =D
    *sets as desktop* thank you for sharing ^^

  15. animefairy Apr 29, 2006

    Oooo...I love this wall! It has a sense of happiness and sadness! T_T ad, but I love all the beautiful colors you added and the bright light is cool! XD Keep it up! *adding to favs* ^_^

  16. Zoamel Apr 30, 2006

    Great work. I like the expression of her face a lot. Lonely and sad. The blood in her face and the texture you put over the wall are fitting great, too. I also like the cold colours :D

  17. Sabbathiel May 01, 2006

    amazing wallie! It's so perfectly.

  18. Juclesia May 02, 2006

    hy.....great wall you've created lately.....cu hopefully soon around XD

  19. Osiris Retired Moderator May 02, 2006

    ho ho ho its an oracle wall >_>

    nice ghostly effects +_+

  20. GintheTwilightswords May 03, 2006

    Hmm, so now we know why you have not been walling as much. I wanna see some of your canvas artwork then.Don't make me hold you down and give you wet willies until you do show them, cause I will +_+. Anyway, it's eerily beautiful piece of work. I like the texture effect you used on the wall, it gives it a better mystifiying vibe to it. The colours look good,being dark and all, and I like the bg, and that creepy silhouette just adds on to the already macabre feel of the wall. Oh, and that quote is very fitting for this. Outstanding work as always, and you honestly desevre to be in the highlights section :) .

  21. ayaki May 03, 2006

    I dunno..but that silhouette...on the bridge gives me the creep...
    kinda like a man..looking over at the girl
    awesome effect.
    1 minor crit: the red looks a bit too saturated. *_* hehe

    ^_^ smile~ OA, it's summer :)

  22. odesteapta May 04, 2006

    super wall
    it's creepy and the colours are awesome and so the effect
    and the expresion of her face ... totaly like it
    good job !

  23. Axelerate May 04, 2006

    Freaky! I like it, you can really feel the sinister atmosphere.

  24. jomjaikap May 18, 2006


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