Clover Wallpaper: Bird's Song for a Rainy Night

CLAMP, Clover, Oruha Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Clover Series Oruha Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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1280 version available at pixel ellipsis.

Oh, my god... X_X My entry for AP Vectorness' April Challenge - Rain. I rushed this like nothing else, I know it's fugly, if there's anything that you see that needs to be fixed please lemme know. GRAWR! *Enters ultimate stage of wall-hatred*

I love Clover, and I think Oruha is beautiful/sexy. I'm rambling to remind myself why I chose to torture myself by vectoring ANOTHER Clover manga page. I remember once crap and I were talking about who we thought were the hottest female manga characters. I think I ultimately ended up listing Oruha as one of them. Granted a lot of it probably comes from the fact that she's having sex with Kazuhiko every 5-10 pages? Regardless I think she's one of Clamp's most mysterious, alluring characters to date. And Clover is just a beautiful manga series, period.

...I get the feeling that I am so going to come back to this descrip later and make it more PG. Anyways, Oruha vectored off this manga page; I looked at this manga page for bg reference but it ended up being useless since the perspective was wrong, so I ended up drawing most of the background from scratch, including fugly rain drip outlines on windows, which I drew myself but looked at another manga page for rough referencing. Fun. *dies* Houses are photomaniped off a picture from Stock.XCHNG.

I feel a bit conflicted about the text, so you can find the textless version of the wall at pixel ellipsis. This wall feels so *meh* to me =_= I'd much rather use this wall or this wall... *pimps* I dunno, what do you guys think?

Thanks nageni-kun for bouncing ideas off me (even though I didn't end up taking the clouds idea XP They were too dreamy... I wanted something with more edge in the end >D)... and for being patient receiver of flyin' whines... and Gids, the best slave-driver and briber I've ever met. You owe me a present now.

And Tama I hope you haven't closed the competition yet...! T___T

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  1. Elven-Inccubus Apr 25, 2006

    Like many other wallpapers around here -__-U I have not watched the series yet, but I know it, and the style is inconfundible.

    This wall is so fantastic, yet with a very modest style. You have done a great job for the eye. I can only think of "Carmina Burana", that classic opera used for many themes and movies. I don't know why, hehehe, but makes me remind of it and it's awesome! *2 thumbs up* Keep up the good work! Your job was worth it.

  2. nolove Apr 25, 2006

    a wonderful vector result here >_<, i just noticed it from the new wall list and it immediately attrack my eyes >.<, dark scene and beautiful vector...i dont really like her >_< not my love kind of color...but i do love ur wall so so os much >_<
    your skill is truly awesome :D
    good luck in the contest ^^

  3. rythem Apr 25, 2006

    the vector is simply beautiful ~ :3 I love the colours n the theme , but I dont like the font too much ><
    but u did a wondeful job fly-chan ~ ;D <3 fav
    she kinda reminds me of Reira from nana o.o lol

  4. Regenbogen Apr 25, 2006

    Hello flyin,
    I just realised that I don't have a lesson in the morning and I got up too early! Arg! But your wallpaper made it a little better. :)

    Let's start with the character. I remember that Manga page, I always thought too, that Oruha looks really beautiful. So first of all excellent choice with the scan. And the vector is perfect. I love the colors that you chose. I love the detail in her hair. Really beautiful! It's impressing how you made this vector!

    Next thing the window with the rain! I have no idea how to make windows look like that. But you've done it so well. It really looks like it was raining outside.

    About the stock photo, that's the only part of the wall that I am not so sure about, maybe another atmosphere than the setting of a street would have been even better. It's still visible that it is a photo... but looking at the wallpaper in "whole" now, even though I am not 100% happy with the houses, I love looking at your wallpaper and I think it's very original.

    I'm usually not a supporter of wallpapers with text. But here in your case, in my point of view, both are fine. The font and font color that you chose look really elegant and fit into the whole atmosphere. :)

    First I was also thinking "dark atmosphere"... well of course the colors are dark but it doesn't really create something I would describe as "dark atmosphere". Even though there is rain outside it looks kinda peaceful to me. Why? Oruha looks beautiful and she is singing. Music is fascinating and makes us want to listen (at least if the singer is good >_<) so it makes me feel like on these days when it is raining outside and you are so happy that you don't have to go out. It feels "warm" inside which is supported by the brown and red colors. You didn't choose black and I think that was a wise decision because it would not have created this warm feeling of comfort.

    I wrote a little more this time since not too much has been written so far and because this is an entry for a competition. Good luck for it!
    And I'll add this wallpaper to my favs of course. :)

  5. Marissa Retired Moderator Apr 25, 2006

    Oh, beautiful! I like the atmosphere, and it's a VERY nice vector, very clean but still detailed. One little nitpick I've got is that the gradient in her hair is a rather choppy, it's a little ungraceful looking. Otherwise, it's really fabulous.

  6. quantixar Apr 25, 2006

    Truly wonderful piece of art.

  7. ShiXon Apr 25, 2006

    yet again you're walls left me with no words, it's incredible.
    it looks elegant, vintage, and mysterious all at the same time! goodness!
    heehee~ makes me wanna vector from a manga scan!
    your vectoring skills are mad! you gotta teach me sometime :P BAH

    and from seeing the original manga scan, i would like to say that it would be really really hard to vector it >_>
    for a job well done imma fave it and put it on me desktop :D -runs off-

  8. DREAM Apr 25, 2006

    ah lady oruha.. looks great; although i would have gotten rid of the text since "Night" runs onto her dress and the rain outside looks a little strange to me...

    let me know if you have a textless version. :)

    + favs

  9. Semuta Apr 25, 2006

    I love it. Fav at AP, fav here.

  10. fukushuusha Apr 25, 2006

    once again;

    requesting immediate highlight...

  11. ayaki Apr 25, 2006

    omg..rushed? noOooo >_<
    not to say that the vector is beautifully done here..as always :)
    I especially like the background choice. It does add to her mysterious-ness.
    The rain effect is done perfectly. no complains here.
    But i hv to agree with Marissa...the gradient in her hair is a bit distracting >_< but it's not ur fault ... o__x
    great job!~ yea..same as fuku....highlight!~

  12. sailorcapuccino Apr 25, 2006

    Fantastic job with the wallpaper. And Oluha is just gorgeous. Congrats and I hope to see more of our wallies round here.

  13. fawna-chan Apr 25, 2006

    Yay! It's such a beautiful Clover wallpaper. :) I love the vector of Ora and you did a wonderful job on the rain effect in the background. Everything looks really great! :D God, I'm gushing with hyperness now but it does! XD

  14. Rhonda21 Apr 25, 2006

    Wow. This is REALLY wonderful! Great vector. I just love the darkish look to this wall. Well awesome job!

  15. jomjaikap Apr 26, 2006

    strange pic

  16. Yina Apr 26, 2006

    yeah.. go and read my comment at AP.. x3

  17. trinigirl524 Apr 26, 2006

    absolutely beautiful work. the vector looks clean and greatly done. and the rain effect splashed onto the windows looks great too. a definite fave+ great work ^^

  18. AlexXan Apr 27, 2006

    Hello, hello :)
    U are realy good by vectoring *jelous* X-P that girl is almost perfect- colors are
    realy well and i like your sense for detail ^^
    Keep it up n_n*

  19. Lenuh Apr 30, 2006


    add to fave~ XD

  20. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 01, 2006

    Almost seems so scary yet so eeringly beautiful since shes in a red gown singing on a spotlight to her hearts content.... wish there was an audience or some shadows showing them but yeah i can relate on the theme of the wall.
    Strikingly beautiful! ^_^

  21. stellar Jun 11, 2006

    its been awhile since ive seen a Clover wallpaper. ^.^ luving this wallie of Ora. >_< shes so beautiful and i think u vectored her nicely. xP i think ing going to download this and maybe put this as my desktop image. >.O

  22. markjo Jun 18, 2006

    Awesome background! Very detailed and one that not many people bother to do - the street behind the window adds to reality of the setting and was a brilliant idea.

  23. bunnychan Jun 13, 2007

    I can't tell you how much I love this!I always come back to it when I'm looking for a new wall.

  24. RubyLi Oct 30, 2008

    Are you KIDDING? This is PHENOMENAL! I absolutely LOVE Oruha and I think you just nailed her character. This is beautiful, it's beautiful! If you think this isn't good then bless your amazing skill to be able to make such claims! Great job!

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