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Hiro Mashima, Groove Adventure Rave, Haru Glory Wallpaper
Hiro Mashima Mangaka Groove Adventure Rave Series Haru Glory Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Full view, please

Everything vectored! (Except the clouds and birds XD)

I've never seen the anime, but I read the manga, and it's pretty interesting. Elie and Haru are my favorite characters (along with Plue and Musica), so I decided to vector some images and wall them ^^

Original Elie (sorry, it's kinda crooked):

The title comes from the page on the Elie scan in Volume 6 when she's about to die. It says:

I've heard that your life twists and turns before you when you're about to die...
... kind of like a kaleidoscope.
I wonder if even someone like me, who doesn't have a past...
... sees the kaleidoscope, too.

She has flashbacks about her childhood and then some about Haru, so I decided to put in Haru, since he's important to her, and vice versa.

Textures from DA!

Time: longer than I had expected, about 3 hours
Layers: 26

Comments welcome =)

Fear not! Elie doesn't actually die! I should have put this sooner, sorry for the mix up XP

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  1. LilLaoRyo704 Apr 24, 2006

    great job, love the blood on the eyes, and the background looks great, pluu and that other guy, look great too, nice job, +fav, Ja!

  2. trinigirl524 Apr 24, 2006

    wow im loving the concept. great work putting this wall together to make it look like she really is having a flashback. and lovely textures as well fave+

  3. Dragus Apr 24, 2006

    hehehe i had a first glance at this and i think it looks good chloe.

  4. Kitaan Retired Moderator Apr 24, 2006

    I had no idea Elie passes away, thats horrible T_T

    I love the wallie it's gorgeous and very sad
    gives much emotion to whats going on in the
    whole wallpaper. You did a very nice job on it
    well fantastic really <33

    Love the wallie, awsome job :)

  5. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Apr 24, 2006

    Chloe @_@ Did you know that you are one heck of an artist? I really love this background and the symbology behind it all, you really outdid yourself with this background and I've always been a fan of Groove Adventure Rave.

    The character choices are the best *___* two of my favorite characters in the series, I especially love the emotion from the whole wallpaper in general. Beautifully done vector as well, I tip my hat to you on that ^^. Just the emotion you get from Elie as Haru walks away, it's just such a deep wallpaper.

    The background is just gorgeous, very clean and to the point as well and I really like how you blended Elie's hair into the background, it really gives for a very interesting effect. The scenery however, it a bit different to me, probably due to the fact that it's vectored. It is rather nicely done, there's just something about the rocks that sorta bothers me a little bit. Though, I'm just probably being nit-picky, my apologies. I still greatly like everything and I think you did an amazing job vectoring (Yet once again praising the vectoring XD). A very simple and clean background that sticks to the mood of the characters is worthy of praise in my book. Excellant work.

    What can I say overall, I really like this background, it's beautiful and it's on my desktop right now as well. I'm a huge fan of Groove Adventure Rave and it's really nice to finally see a wall worthy of it's awesomeness. Excellant work as well, Chloe, I look foward to more of your wonderful work in the future. I only wish I could add more to what I said =S.

  6. Amru-chan Apr 24, 2006

    Wow, so cool wallpaper XD. Fav from me XD.

  7. anji Apr 24, 2006

    Ouah that's so original. kinda jalous here XD
    I really don't know anythings about this series. It sounds interesting.
    I like the background a lot. Those mountains and the sky with this texture. And the guy walking in this desert grounds.
    It seems she's thinking about this image in her mind and she cries because of it.
    Really emotional and I even like the sad brown color theme. ^^
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. SpottedCat Mute Member Apr 24, 2006

    I don't remeber Elie dying. Hmm, the colors seem to be everywhere and kinda splatty, but it's great though.

  9. Milkiyo Apr 24, 2006

    somehow just one glance at the wall and it's straight to my favs already :P the texture is freaking awesome man! :P not to mention the crying and bleeding face fits perfectly well with the theme XD
    keep it up! :X

  10. ShiXon Apr 24, 2006

    when i saw it i was like GASPSSSSS!
    i mean, it really took my breath away. probably because of the blood and the awesomeness of this wall
    man, this really kicks ass D: i love it so much <33 +fav

  11. Saikusa Retired Moderator Apr 24, 2006

    Beautiful! You'd think that such strong black line work would stand out against the natural textures, but it fits together beautifull!y!

  12. uchiha-vegeta Apr 24, 2006

    girl...this is outstanding! love the style u used , everything is awesome , the view fits well , nicely done ^^

  13. Anjhurin Apr 24, 2006

    Whoa really nice one !

    I love the way the tears go across the face, and the great contrast with the red and black and white... it really works fine ! The way you integrated the bg in her hair and face is interesting as well :)

    Your bg is great, i like the color (the brownish gives a feeling of sadness, which goes well with the ellie's expression). The mountains kinda reminds me of those chinese / japanese old works. The only thing that doesn't seem necessary to me are the birds... i don't see why they're here (it's true that without them, the bg might have looked too empty).

    One thing i don't understand is why haru's walking away... i guess you suggest that she's dying and going away from him. It's fine that way, but maybe having him walk towards her would have put a ray of hope in the wall ;)

    Anyway, awesome work XD

  14. phamthuha Apr 24, 2006

    So creative you are XD Love love this ond :X
    Of course you got my fav, sweetie ;)

  15. Morphee Apr 24, 2006

    you impress me every time Chloe :)
    i love how you aranged the wallpaper and you marvelously used textures XD

  16. aishiteraburu Apr 24, 2006

    wow i can't believe this wall! Again!
    how do u come with crazy idea like that i mean the whole background is just so like thuha-chan said "creative"
    u even vectored a pic like that
    which really brings ur creativity a lot
    and the birds and the mountains
    god chloe-chan
    a very amazing masterpiece
    obviously a fave from me

  17. Machika Apr 24, 2006

    Another great vector from you, Chloe-chan >_<
    I love the bg so much!
    I don't know what to say. It's definitely my fav :)

  18. Misato-Kun Apr 24, 2006

    Wow! A very impressive piece you've created here, Chloe-chan! The images in the wall are perfectly delineated and the touch of the blood only accentuates the eloquence you have beautifully presented. Again, thank you for your hard work, Chloe-chan. Keep it up!

  19. Revan Retired Moderator Apr 24, 2006

    Not too familiar with the series but that won't prevent me from having a look at this XD

    Now seriously, this is one intense wallpaper, very emotional and technically pretty well excecuted. Some flawless vectoring and the texture you have added gives so much to the vibe you've achieved with this. Just love Elie's vector, the tears and blood are just... it gets to me ^_^'

  20. eclair-chan Apr 24, 2006

    oh my...this is very different from your wallies very emotional very intresting!
    I didn't know ellie died...I thought she was only close to death..hmmm very intresting well
    amazing wall I love it

  21. Frosty Apr 25, 2006

    hmm.. kind of creepy in that hmm... oh geez... lol...
    I like the different approch on making this wall..
    but I don't think I want to have a bloody face like that looking back at me on my desktop.. XD
    anyways, very unquie concept and style and its a very clean looking wall...
    U'll give you a score of *9.35* and Grade *A* for something different but kind of hard to use wall.. ;)

  22. acid-awakening Apr 25, 2006

    It's always nice to see something new... great
    i dunno what the blood has to do with the rest of the pic
    Anywayz... Thanx for Sharing

  23. weary_samurai Apr 25, 2006

    very artufl and meaningful piece. nice work.

  24. Sandra Apr 25, 2006

    Dunno what to say ........ just simply : +fav

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