Touhou Wallpaper: To See The Heavens

Kurehito Misaki, REW, Touhou, Shikieiki Yamaxanadu Wallpaper
Kurehito Misaki Mangaka REW Artbook Touhou Series,OVA,Game Shikieiki Yamaxanadu Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Scan: Touhou - Blind Justice

Layers: about 30 or 40

Time: 7 to 8 hours

I decided to try something a bit different.

I really liked the painted look of the scan so I tried to make a background that would match. I didn't really have any ideas for a wall since I just wanted to make one since I had the time.

The clouds I tried to make a painted look to match the scan but I don't know how you do that. :sweat:

The grass was the hardest thing to match since it looked different then everything else. I hope it looks ok. I fixed it as best as I can. ^_^'

I tried to make my own rays of light but I don't know how to do that so thats why it looks weird. I hope you can even see them and that they actually look like rays of light.

Well I dedicate this wall to two people.

Dianas (Thanks again for making my userpage layout! :D )

Sumomo (Thanks again for the blending tips! :D )

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  1. glassheart Apr 23, 2006

    I love the dark colours that are perfectly matching this character :D! It makes me feel as if it is going to start raining in a few seconds (glassyyy-chan lurves rain XD). The clouds look real and fresh. The grass is also beautifully intricate. Lovely work ^_^- I haven't seen many wallies from you these days, but you've made a snappy comeback :D!

  2. inREVERIEforever Apr 23, 2006

    Oh yay! Another wallie from Rhonda! :D
    Wow I really like this wallpaper. The background matches the scan. ^^
    The dark color of the sky seems like theres a storm coming along... and it matches the way the girl looks. Ah you did a very great job matching! Teehee.
    Wonderful work Rhonda!

  3. animanga Apr 23, 2006

    Awesome Rhonda-chan!
    It's really cool, the clouds look great!
    Maybe instead of making it bright (which I know is hard, trust me XD) You could kinda wrap sparkles around it.
    Greqt job, keep it up!
    Fave, of course ;)

  4. tenshibattosai Apr 24, 2006

    Awesome! ^_^ In my opinion, the picture goes just great with the background!

  5. chichiri1907 Apr 24, 2006

    Its like a live painting, beautiful...
    I especially love the colors and the entire mood of the wall...
    But what I loved the most was the clouds, they do look like their painted and their jst so stunning :)

  6. Kiddybabe Apr 24, 2006

    Wow thats cool. I love how you did the Clouds.

  7. Milkiyo Apr 24, 2006

    it's awesomely realistic with a touch of portrait paint ^^ it's a little blur but very suiting for a painted look and this time the grass looked more realistic :P

  8. quantixar Apr 24, 2006

    Awesome wallie once again. The greyish-blurry BG fits well with the character. Good work!

  9. k1ru Apr 24, 2006

    hey! i really love this wallie~ XD
    you have a really really great time to designing this one, right? XD XD
    :nya: :nya: nyaa~
    very cool!

  10. Sumomo- Apr 24, 2006

    ahh arent me and dianas lucky :D
    Really nice wallpaper, especially love how you made the clouds and the atmoshpere is just wicked! Excellent work Rhonda!

  11. uchiha-vegeta Apr 24, 2006

    awesome as always , keep up the good work ^^

  12. Zoamel Apr 24, 2006

    The weather is so cold. This grey and big clouds don't make a good atmosphere. The girl looks so lonely and it's fitting great in this atmosphere.

  13. Kuro-kun15 Apr 24, 2006

    O_O! FAV! <333 Keep 'em coming! I love your work! ^^

  14. nolove Apr 24, 2006

    beautiful Rhonda-chan, i did admit that your skill's improved wall after wall, it's just more and more beautiful >.<.
    i do love the color and he way the scene turn out ^__^, that's show out a wonderful skill though you need time to become the best ;) but i can see you did improve sooo quickly ^^
    lets keep it up sweetie :)

  15. dianas Apr 24, 2006

    >.< so lovely..i love the composition of the wall..and u used a very nice chara
    i`m honored to be mentioned in your wallie description..you are very kind
    it was my pleasure to make you a layout :D #hugles#
    and thanks again for this cute present n_n

  16. Regenbogen Apr 24, 2006

    Hello Rhonda,
    I like the scan you chose. And I can see that you wanted to make something different. You wrote you didn't have any ideas at the beginning. I'd try to once "break" the usual environment setting! This girl looks different...so i'd try to create a different background... a bit distant from the usual clouds and grass. That is what I think you should try... :) Apart from that... keep on making wallpapers. I think you are really improving! Hope you enjoy making wallpapers as much as I do! ;) See you around :) And yes I also like the oily drawing feeling of your wallpaper!

  17. jomjaikap Apr 25, 2006

    so beautiful

  18. Osirisa Apr 25, 2006

    Waaaaaa, such an amazing scan ^___^ n the BG fits very well ^___^ nice job :)

  19. weary_samurai Apr 25, 2006

    nice wall! very dramatic and i love the whole piece.

  20. Frosty Apr 25, 2006

    cute looking wall...
    the image is pretty but the background looks rather plain..
    i suppose its the lack of colors on the wall in gen. but it works ...
    good job none of the less...
    gives you a Grade AA for a job well done. ;)

  21. trinigirl524 Apr 26, 2006

    nice work on this wallie. the colored character against the more dull colored background does give a dramatic effect. and the painted look is well done too. great job overall ^^

  22. Rikkablurhound Apr 26, 2006

    I like the painted look too XD
    & I dunno how to do it too... -_-
    lol... Anyway... I tihnk the sky has a perfect toning colour & ,matches with the scan XD
    The grass is ok...
    A lil weird when full viewed...
    But it looks really good, the overall^^
    Extraction good too XD
    +fav & feature
    Arigatou on the banner^^

  23. semanga Apr 27, 2006

    wow it looks so awesome really good
    the scan is a good choice and the bg is light and fits good to the colorful scan keep it up i am a big fan of your work

  24. annakee Apr 27, 2006

    he, he. another wallpaper of those beautiful ones. I liked the colors you applied in the chara. the contrast with a back is so cool.
    see later, Rhonda21-dono

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