Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Vector Project Two: Yzak Jule

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Vector Project Two - Yzak Jule
Nyaaaa finally its done! ^_^ Another crappy vector from me featuring one of my fave bishounen (pretty boy <333 ) Yzak! When I saw this picture of him, I had the urge to vector it straight away! :) I've never seen him in such a cool pose before, besides, there isn't any scan of this picture of him, so I vectored him out ^_^

I'm trying to cut down on the layers ^_^' So its 156 layers this time XD 100 layers difference from my first Athrun vector. I kinda had trouble with his hair because its SILVER, not white. I kept squinting my eyes to catch a glimpse of the lines of the his hair's colour shades. Most of his hair, is REALLY LIGHT BLUE. Hah! A perfect proof to show that his hair isn't white! XD

Well okay, I'll stop talking crap now (its what I do best! :nya: )




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  1. k1ru Apr 20, 2006

    weeheee! ^^
    enchant's new vector! <3 <3
    nice for your second vector! ^^

    how much time you spent for this?

  2. Abzuseilue Apr 20, 2006

    Great Yzak vector , very rare to see this scan also ^_~ An clean too!


  3. Devildude Apr 20, 2006

    helmet curves and the right cheek is kinda bad looking, would benefit from making it a PNG and upload somewhere for the wallers. This is very good nonetheless.

  4. chichiri1907 Apr 20, 2006

    Ive never watched the series but hes so hott, lol <333
    Sorry enchan but hes mine *hugs vector*

  5. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 20, 2006

    Nicely done on project 2! Some lines are still a bit shaky, but it's a definite improvment from proj. 1!
    Nice choice of a position and his hair looks awesome!
    Though, I would remove the white from around his mouth. Kinda looks strange. Yzak: Got milk?

  6. Kitaan Retired Moderator Apr 20, 2006

    oh I'm gonna faint >_<
    geez he looks gorgeous XD
    great job Enchant-chan <33

  7. elsmand Apr 20, 2006

    good job heh..nice wallie..

  8. xianghua Apr 20, 2006

    Nice vector of Yzak! im a fan too ^^
    Great work hope to see more! *favs*


  9. Rhonda21 Apr 20, 2006

    A smexy great vector! *drools* Well done!

  10. eternally-asuka Apr 20, 2006

    hey enchan! Yzak looks amazing! this cool Yzak goes to my fav! definately! awesome work

  11. ZonSlashSykato Apr 20, 2006

    Cool Yzak. U did really well on vectoring it.thx for sharing it.

  12. toonmaker Apr 20, 2006

    Very nice ! Fantastic ! Excellent ! :) ! Nice work with the vectors ! ! ! Keep up the good work !

  13. Farewell Apr 21, 2006

    good vector, you did a really good job.

  14. Milkiyo Apr 21, 2006

    I knew you're gonna vector him next! >_< someone's lovestruck *shakes butt* :P
    the lines look a bit shaky though but thou is improving, nice shades of colours chosen to vector him :)
    his nose's a little weird though but others is quite ok! ^^

  15. EldaLacus92 Apr 21, 2006

    That's really nice vector of Yzak!
    I really love his hair ;) !

  16. cassandraronald Apr 21, 2006

    Great vector of Yzak

  17. PAche Apr 22, 2006

    you have improved so very much from your first vector (: keep it up.boohoo now everyone i know knows how to vector while i'm still procrastinating my learning of vectors

  18. consolacion Apr 22, 2006

    uhm... can you post the unvectored scan? hehe. I'm not really a fan of vectors... not bad, though... ;p

  19. Liz Apr 22, 2006

    That is really great. There is really a lot of white but it looks sooo cool!

  20. agneslee Apr 23, 2006

    This pic really great,(rarely have I seen such an attribute of a good vector art)
    I really love it.
    You have make substantial progress.
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. glassheart Apr 23, 2006

    Yay! Mah hottie Yzak XD! You've done an awesome job on his hair, clothing and body! The lines and colours are harmonious together and the entire vector looks sleek ^_^! I especially LOVED the hair being without the pressence of black lines ^_^!

  22. tennistensai Apr 25, 2006

    I LOVE IT! >_< Nice work!

  23. ayane-heine Apr 25, 2006

    lolz. 2nd vector form enchantress.. i think that you improve alot.. those vector lines are slightly smoother although it stills look rather squarish.. but i guess you need time to improve ne.. ^_^' there's one part that i must say.. Yzak's right fingers look really weird.. x_X the clutches part... hehe.. i just realise Yzak's mouth looks weird too.. XD
    ganbatte.. ganbatte,, i know you will become a vextor pwincess in no time.. ^^v

  24. JCzala Apr 29, 2006

    Looking handsome as usual, Yzak Joule makes me drool. What a sexy pose! Wow!

    I must say you have done another awesome job in vectoring. Love the way you did with his hair and uniform. The lines are clear and the colors are just the right touch. Great job!

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