Twelve Kingdoms Wallpaper: YUMEKAZE

Akihiro Yamada, Studio Pierrot, Twelve Kingdoms, Sairin Wallpaper
Akihiro Yamada Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Twelve Kingdoms Series Sairin Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yo everyone. This is for UA's double theme 9 Geometric meets TRENDWHORE-
You know you wanna click here to see the other stuff that's to come ;)

Trendwhore- I was gonna submit this other wall I did about ... 5 months ago? Everyone in UA who was active at the time heard about my Trendwhore Project... and that was the wall- but I ended up deciding against it because there are already (at least) THREE versions of the same girl on Mt. Not the blonde chick from AIR... but anyways >_>

JUUNI KOKKI! The art brings back good ole memories from the W.A.R collab and I decided to go for this category because I remember working hard on the collab. And I didn't really have the motivation to wall anything else.

The wall is quite self explanatory. It's not meant to be parrrfeckto. It's supposed to be the way it is... in its own trendwhoreyness. Though it doesn't possess as many elements as I should have included (more sparkles, a random planet and perhaps a moon at day time... oh and that swirl around the chara) I went for the clouds on water instead and hoped that the tree and the blossoms would account for something you'd wanna go "PFFFT boring" at. It kinda has the ZOMG +FAV girl on it... but anyways.

Scan: Juunikokuki : Sairin by kyroooo from nicey kyroooo (4 o's methinks)

Approximate time taken was about 5-6 hours (I started today and it's night now)and there are probably around 70 layers? The psd is less than 9mb for some strange reason though o_0
Titled "yumekaze" because I had nothing else to call it.
Other options included "Hana" "Hanami" "Hanabira" "Kono sakura no shita de" "Kimi wo matteiru" "Sekai de hitotsu dake no hana" (NB: Smap reference- a song that'll make you vomit blood) - something generic. But I decided to go for something more abstract, so here we are.

[sarcasm]Last section
"I added sparkles to make the calmness come out and reach you. It's a light wallpaper and it's pretty because it's pastelly and I like the cute girl <3 and it's so cute and I love this I hope you all love it too so love it love it love it onegai <3"[/sarcasm]

[seriousness]It actually is quite tranquil when set as desktop[/seriousness]

PS: How I'm even submitting is a miracle. That means I'm screwed for Uni work XD

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  1. nolove Apr 19, 2006

    so so beautiful, it attract my eye at 1st time i saw it in the new submission >.<, soft color, simply beautiful, very warm feeling when i see this
    such a masterpiece >_<
    going to my fav and desktop right now ^o^

  2. ShiXon Apr 19, 2006

    when i saw the link to your newest wall i HAD to comment it.
    i love the idea you put such soft and bleding colors in the back, really relaxing
    and the girl is just sweet and adds in to the whole effect and mood
    this wall makes you feel like being wrapped up by a refreshing breeze~
    gotta fave and put on me desktop ye hear? :B

  3. moonelf313 Apr 19, 2006

    Very nicely done...the simplicity is very nice too, the scan isn't too over powered by the background, just simple and spring like. It is so nice to see walls like this...(although mine are overpowered with sparkles...however I am new at walling :sweat:)
    I think I may have an idea with what scan you were talking about that was over used! :)

    Anyways thanks for sharing and ZOMG +Fav

  4. flyindreams Apr 19, 2006

    Lol... I remember you talking about the wall with the girl. I still want to see it >xD And lol at the UA comp theme... I feel like there's not much else I can say about the wall haha. It's pretty and soothing... XD If you ever feel the urge to fix this up though, I'd say some of the brown branches look rather oddly warped, especially the ones near the top right corner.

  5. phamthuha Apr 19, 2006

    WOW! How did you make it? It is so wonderful OoO *glazed in mins* Oh i love it so sure i will give you all the favy i got in my pocket ^_^ Love love it >__<!

  6. bluSake Retired Moderator Apr 19, 2006

    Very sweet, beautiful vector. & trendwhore? *searches* gah *is blinded by sparkles*

  7. ayaki Apr 19, 2006

    I really like the soft, pastel colors here.
    The rough vectoring kinda adds to the sketchy feel.
    and yep. Tranquil and calm. ^^

  8. acid-awakening Apr 19, 2006

    beautiful.... absolutely beautiful
    your idea is very beautiful... thanx for sharing

  9. Regenbogen Apr 19, 2006

    Hello Misa,
    I am very tired so this will be a short comment! I have been trying to final finish one of the wallpapers that I have started... but no... impossible... but i HAVE to finish it before I start with my "trying to make trendwhore wallpapers". >_<
    Now...about your wallpaper... [sarcasm]I love this so much! I love it! The girl is sooo cute! OMG... And those sparkles... like diamonds. She is so pretty... It's so lovely! I got to fav this![/sarcasm] (This was my way of telling you that I had fun reading your description ;))

    Now... serious... I am using your wallpaper on my desktop at the moment... well for some hours already actually. And I love the atmosphere. Unlike hmm many trendwhore wallpapers yours doesn't go crazy adding more and more sparkles, clouds, butterflies, stars, huge moon, flowers etc. etc. ;) But I don't think the UA competition should show such things. Much rather... your wallpaper has a "trendwhore feeling" because of the cute girl, the tree... the leaves that are flying in the wind... but it still has quality. Unlike real trendwhore wallpapers I don't feel "blinded by sparkles"... :)

    It really creates spring on my desktop. What I especially like are the soft colors and the hair! Yes again, the hair! ;) It looks soft and calm!
    It's quality trendwhore... or elite trendwhore? :D
    Bed is calling me... so I am simply going to add this to my favs because I really enjoy looking at is. As usual!

  10. anji Apr 20, 2006

    lol Your sarcasm was funny. :D
    I'm sorry but I don't feel that your wall is that much trendwhore. lol
    It's technically just too nice to be trendwhore. Just love the vectors XD and how the outline is not equally everywhere I think it has a personalize style. :)
    I have to admit too that I love that scan for a long time. I'm glad you wall it lol

  11. cardmage Apr 20, 2006

    Sparkly water... check
    Clouds... check
    Cute girl... check (ok, maybe not that generically cute, but still cute...)
    Flower petals... check

    Oh well, I suppose you can call it what you want... as in you can say its a trendwhorish kinda wall if you wanna say it is... but not really THAT trendwhorish... at least its not overdone or anything.

  12. Akaiken Apr 20, 2006

    Oh damn, you just said on e-mail that you're not submitting much here... oh well, it's for UA, what do I expect!? XD

    So much for Uni screws or something like that. The texture of the wall is nice, and it's very clean (duh myself... you do that all the time, hehehe!). Must agree with Regenbogen that the atmosphere's very nice indeed. I also saw the original scan you used and I guess you worked pretty hard on extracting and editing it (I dunno, you're used on doing that so I guess I was wrong).

    Hey, can I call it Kaze no Yume?

  13. fukushuusha Apr 20, 2006

    I am definitely not the type that uses or likes soft and light colors like these....but this is really skillfully done.
    The feeling coming out of the wall is great; it's calm yet colorful enough for me to use as a desktop.
    I still think that you could do something more interesting and succesful work in terms of typography.
    but all in all...this is great yet alone with just the feeling. fav from me

  14. AlexXan Apr 21, 2006

    Ok nice wall as usual :)
    I realy like that soft colors used ^^ vector is well done
    and all vector,bg,clouds and tree fits well together. Maybe i would like there
    more things on left side... maybe... or maybe not X-P
    However cute wallie ~

  15. p0ly Apr 21, 2006

    very nice and simple; i like it. looks great keep it up

  16. DREAM Apr 21, 2006

    a trendwhore project? let me guess; Lady Tevi has come out of hiding and is pulling the strings- whispering all kind of crazy ideas in Lady Misa's ear. haha jk remember your an ELITE so she's gotta do as you wish, right? jk

    hmm what do we got here? : waits patiently for wall to come up: lol; i got a 8mb per sec connection and im waaiittting for the wall.. ok here we are.... note to self: gotta move to tokyo and get a 100mb connection. :)

    oops- got sidetracked: :(
    well to be honest: your vector is incredible.. i love it. no complaints there.
    sparkles - check; clouds, check... where is the sun, excessive us of filters, and a convoluted and overwhelming bg? you know the kind were people go instanty blind....

    my only crit: is the text as Fuku mentioned. maybe up top-left? also whats up with your signature? i have read shorter encyclopedias. how about "Lady Misa 06"? jk..

    + fav [its kinda bright- but it looks good]

    o_O i must do penace as i have faved a trend-whore wall....

  17. asianspirit Apr 21, 2006

    guess whooo..? ;)

    i've been absent from MT for quite a while now. and i'm glad to be back and viewing your latest wall! :D

    to be honest, i think it's good that you didn't add a lot of sparkly do-das and random planetary systems. i like it best simple. :) i love it really. simple vector work with a plain background does have that "tranquil" feelings you mentioned before.

    one of your best works! :D

    and yes, i've missed you too. XD

  18. jomjaikap Apr 26, 2006

    this wall feel sweet and soft

  19. kyroooo Apr 26, 2006

    awesome wall! I love it~

  20. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Apr 28, 2006

    Wow so serene and the scan is perfect with the warm colors and the bg doesnt seem so trendwhoreyness since theres no starry sky or a planet circling around the bg but nonetheless the whole wal is parffectly done! ^__^

  21. AngelKate Apr 28, 2006

    This is so peaceful and dreamy ^_^ I love it. Your vectoring is awesome. This will go very well as my new desktop. ^_^ Wonderful work.

  22. Ephemeral-Garden Apr 30, 2006

    This actually looks quite good for a trendwhore. The sparks and cute girl is there, blinding light not to mention... but I guess you didn't use them quite excessively so I'd say it still looks good. Really.

    I have to get humble by your God-like vectoring skills, no one can vector as well, as insanely, as crazy as Misa! ^^ Though I really have to agree that the text might look better just above the clouds... it looks a little clashy here. But other than that, oowwhhh... nice stuff. ^^

  23. markjo May 01, 2006

    Nice description...
    I can see how this wallpaper fits in the theme of being a trendwhore, but still it's a skillful vector and a very soothing wall.

  24. wuza May 03, 2006

    it's very peaceful. she looks hopeful, in a way, because shes confident standing there looking..at something.. overall very awesome

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