Eureka 7 Wallpaper: Stairway to Heaven [W]

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1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Ok, First things first:
--->Awesome vector by LilLaoRyo704<--- who let me use it in a wall. It's so cool, so check it out!

Well, this wall is indeed somewhat simple, but I wanted to focus on the vector. I'm pretty sure other people could have come up with something a zillion times better, but I like it. It basically depicts a kind of stairway to Heaven. Like my birds? I used to draw birds like that in Grade 1 :P

Textures from DA! and patterns from Coyr at deviantART. Everything else was vectored by me (except the girl XD).

Time: 3 hours
Layers: 36

Comments welcome =)

The vector is NOT MINE! It's LilLaoRyo704's!

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  1. acido Apr 19, 2006

    thi is a great work... maybe the face is a little bit out of scale, but the context is really good, i like your work, congrats.

  2. Sandra Apr 19, 2006

    Vextor is really beautiful *__* About the wall : AMAZING :D I love it for the simply bg and incredibly awesome textures *__* Everything fits perfectly together ,, definitly goes straight to my favs.

    Gorgeous job Chloe-chan :D

  3. SpottedCat Mute Member Apr 19, 2006

    Wow. Very creative. Keep it up. Get it? Haha.

  4. happygreendragonfly Apr 19, 2006

    I really like the colors!
    The vector is awesome!
    Great job! ^__^

  5. rythem Apr 19, 2006

    simple n nice ;D I love the clear sky n the textures go well with it ~
    though the pillars(or sumthing like that) needs to be more 2-D looking , to blend well with the lovely vector ~
    but overall u've done a nice job chloe-chan ~ (=

  6. ShiXon Apr 19, 2006

    o wow, cool!
    it's simple although i think it needs something more..
    not much more to say about this wall though~ i think you did a great job suu! ^-^
    overall this is really nice chloe-chan! heehee <33

  7. enchantressinthedark Apr 19, 2006

    Another really nice wall from you Chloe-chan! I think you need to add a little more in the sky since the title is STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. ^_^ I love the steps, really unique and the vector you chose really fits! XD Keep it up!

  8. Amru-chan Apr 19, 2006

    Wow, so beautiful wallpaper XD. You are talent XD. Fav from me XD

  9. Machika Apr 19, 2006

    The vector is awesome >_<
    The vector bg is fabulous too!
    I love your vector, Chloe-chan! Every vector of yours is beautiful and simple.
    I love this vector cuz it's simple ^^
    My fav!

  10. chichiri1907 Apr 19, 2006

    What a beautifl and well job done Chloe <333
    Im amazed on how well and clean your vector jobs are and Im always amazed on the ideas you come up with >.<
    The pillars are sooo cute but they dont match the scan that well,maybe if you took off the bevel and emboss.....but everything else just so asorable.
    My fav part is the clods and how they have those strips, SO K A W A I I
    Cute job Chloe!

  11. uchiha-vegeta Apr 19, 2006

    hehe , awesome as usual chloe-neechan , nice job ^^

  12. Frosty Apr 19, 2006

    hmm.. compare to the desgin back drop of the original vector art...
    this one looks as if its missing something.. ^_^'
    its still a very nice wallpaper but it looks rather plain compare to the orignial vector art bg. >_>
    I still found it pretty charming and nice through. ;)
    great work!
    Gives you a score of *9.4* Grade AA for a great looking wall.

  13. Island Apr 19, 2006

    I like the concept you chose. Eventhough it is simple, the idea is cool. Great work.

  14. Misato-Kun Apr 19, 2006

    A very simple and original idea proposed by you, Chloe-chan! It's very refreshing and calm. A heavenly piece of work :D Great job, keep it up!

  15. shiningdays Apr 19, 2006

    hee-hee, i was just about to use this scan in a wall XD it's so cute and strange (and so eureka!)

    i like the texture on the blue; it makes the wall more interesting, overall.

    cute :D

  16. acid-awakening Apr 19, 2006

    You have a great idea with this..... nice work... Thanx for Sharing

  17. xianghua Apr 19, 2006

    Wow! Simple but original wallie!
    The vector is very nice ^.^
    Colours are sweet too!
    Nice work! Hope to see more!


  18. Milkiyo Apr 20, 2006

    eureka! D: the main thing is not your vector! has the world gone MAD?! D: ahaha...guess u decided to stick to sane and not go off vectoring everything after all :P
    the concept is very unique, who would've thought the steps to heaven will make u thin by the time u get there with all the jumping? :P
    clean and crisp as usual <3 luv it!

  19. pegassuss Apr 20, 2006

    Really nice job! ^^ Well, the vector looks really nice, well done, nice lines and colors and everything, LilLaoRyo704 did a wonderful job ^-^ and the background you create for it it's really nice, I love the colors, they really match, and I like how she's stepping on those poles, to heaven hehehe. Birds and clouds are really nice, and well done. It's a simple wall but it looks really good, and it does focus on the vector. So, you did an excellent job chloe-chan! ^^ keep it up!

  20. trinigirl524 Apr 20, 2006

    another great wallie! everything looks really well put together, the sky is bare but nothing needs to be added to it really, the simplicity is done really good. overall great job ^^

  21. fawna-chan Apr 21, 2006

    The vector is nice and the background is simple and clean. The colors that you used matches the vector really nicely. I like how the sky's empty! Lots of space for my icons! :D Great job!

  22. Inferno88 Apr 21, 2006

    Its really creative ! I really like the vector bg , the color is sorta pale tho.. Oh wells =D
    - Inferno

  23. LeeAnn Apr 21, 2006

    lolz! its so cute!",< hahah!

  24. nolove Apr 23, 2006

    wonderful wall, lovely texture you use here, i do love everything from this wall ^^
    though not your own vector, your wall is still very kool ^^
    an awesome
    +fav for sure ^^

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