Fruits Basket Wallpaper: My WILL to be Different

Natsuki Takaya, Fruits Basket, Isuzu Sohma Wallpaper
Natsuki Takaya Mangaka Fruits Basket Series Isuzu Sohma Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Full View it if you want, BUT if your going to comment then FULL VIEW IT FIRST
I was thinking of sing "A scene of solitary as the title" but I felt like I wanted to se this title >.<

I decided to do something different from what I usally do, actually not really, lol .
When I saw this scan of Rin I had a great idea of a wall, so I began to do it but then I wasn't satisfied so I started all over with another idea.
When I was finished their was something missing, then I remembered Shixon's newest original wall, on how she had those white strips and now I know why she had them, on somewalls they bring out the powerfulness and the meaning of them, and thats how much they helped my wall, so thank you Shixon.

The story to this wall is that while people are walking on, going on with their day, Rin is sitting down gazing and looking out and seeing how the world really looks like, which is deception, solitary, lies and etc.
....I would go on but then again I want u to see it for yourselves :)

By the way, the bilding behind her is a store, and that isn't a window its half of a door (those clear doors)
Um, if u look closely u can see the bookshelf with the books in the store....I hope -_-'

I actually made that cardboard box so that it can hold cats and the box would say ,'Unwanted' but I began to think how more I would emphasis on the word solitary if their was nothing in the box :D

I hope u enjoy my new wall, and I hope you look into Fruits Basket, because its really a beautiful anime/manga (im on the 13th one I think).

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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 16, 2006

    This is really cool.
    Love the way Rin is the only one you really see, and the random legs in the bg. The rain looks awesome too. It gives off a very sad feeling.
    Excellent job!

  2. Rhonda21 Apr 17, 2006

    Yeah I agree. Cool. Very nice background and rain. Great work!

  3. bj0rn Apr 17, 2006

    Nice wall! chi chi chi! LoL! Hmm.. From what I see it IS a new style. Good job with the wet looking feel. How did tt moon get there? Reflection? Can't tell and i think the box is kinna in a weird position too. Overall a nice wall! Oh yeah! Did i tell u that U inspired me in my latest wall?

  4. kyokujitsu Apr 17, 2006

    Wow, another nice wallpaper. As the others said, the concept is cool, as it emphasises your title. I like the rain, and the water on the ground is nice as well. Thanks for sharing ^_^

  5. PikaMoon Apr 17, 2006

    Very nice wall. You put a lot of thought into it and everything had meaning behind it. I luv the words you wrote and the picture of Rin emphasized it. I also agree that the black strips added to the meaning you wanted. Overall, I would say fantabulous job. :) A fave from me, but it's obviously well deserved.

  6. Farewell Apr 17, 2006

    Good wall i like the background and the feeling of being alone..ah...... good one.

  7. Lucifur Apr 17, 2006

    Great job , kinda lost in thought in this one , kinda got the feelin of waiting for something

    merged: 04-17-2006 ~ 02:23pm
    Great job , kinda lost in thought in this one , kinda got the feelin of waiting for something

    merged: 04-17-2006 ~ 02:23pm
    Great job , kinda lost in thought in this one , kinda got the feelin of waiting for something

    merged: 04-17-2006 ~ 02:25pm
    gotta love lag ^_^

  8. ShiXon Apr 17, 2006

    i didn't actually do anything but glad it helped you dear n_n <33
    i fullviewed it like you said, and i love it very much~
    i like the smoothness of colors and the anger in her eyes, it's stunning :D
    different from your usual ones and that's why i'm adding it to my faves~
    like you said i'm not adding this to my faves because you're my friend but because this wall deserves it!

  9. Frosty Apr 17, 2006

    nice rain effects there on the wall...
    but I just dont like how its got that bar on the top and on the bottom.. >_>
    looks somewhat makes it kind of weak.. *sorry but just being honest* ^_^'
    but great work never the less ^^ Keep it up! :)

  10. schwindelmagier Apr 17, 2006

    a great wallie,chichiri-chan....
    the scene you make is perfect for the possessed people of furuba^.^
    one of the best wallies of fruits basket I have ever seen>.<
    the rain goes perfectly with rin and the expresion on her face (heh^.^"...she often has this face) is also perfect for the wallie...
    nice job,keep it up^.~

    see ya

  11. Amru-chan Apr 17, 2006

    So nice wallpaper XD. I love the rain very much XD. Fav from me XD

  12. krisaiee Apr 17, 2006

    ahhh i love this! thx for sharing. its great work by the way!^^

  13. Kiako Apr 17, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the scene is well done and the rain effect is good too.
    keep it up

  14. Semuta Apr 17, 2006

    Really nice and original. Usually I dislke Fruits Basket wallies and art style. but your wallie is definelty DIFFERENT. Fav, fav, fav.

  15. Yina Apr 17, 2006

    i kinda don't understand the composition... and i think rin should be much bigger then the walking ppl.. o.o
    i really like the concept.. >__< and the rain is naisuly done XD
    also like story behind this wall.. =3

  16. sakuya-sama Apr 17, 2006

    A really lovelly wallie XD
    I really liked this wallie, it passed me exactly what you described. I love Fruits Basket and this wallie passed me a great message:}

  17. sangel99 Apr 17, 2006

    OMGosh! It's Rin! I never see wallpapers of her ^-^ she's my favorite character :) Great job, Chi-chan! +fav

  18. Sumomo- Apr 17, 2006

    I love the idea and I think its well executed.
    Although I dont really like the black sidebars, they are too wide and the information is a bit annoying.
    Anyways, great work! :D

  19. IzumiChan Apr 17, 2006

    A very interesting and original idea ;)
    Lol, I recognize Kyo's legs from other scan! XD
    The ohers are... Yuki and Haru, I guess? XD
    The rainy sky looks lovely, and yeah, I can see the store... the newspaper says ''we are''! XD
    Great job... Furuba is very cool, indeed! :D
    + Fav :)

  20. meritenshi Apr 18, 2006

    OMG nice wall i liked it a lot.. because in this moment i feel so bad.. this girl in this moment its totally me.. ad+ fav.. sorry for my personal coments.. :(

  21. animanga Apr 18, 2006

    That's an awsome idea!
    This is a great wall, original concept with cool effects & that is one cool font!
    Keep your wonderful walls coming, this should be highlighted!

  22. kiukirilya Apr 18, 2006

    This wall is awesome! I love the atmosphere and the concept of it!
    Great idea and a fav' for me!

  23. semanga Apr 18, 2006

    ohh it looks awesome honey
    very good wall u did here again
    the atmosphare in this wall is different i never see this motive in a wall
    u have anytime so different ideas
    love your work like all the other befor and add this to my fav and watch out for your new work ;) keep it up

  24. moonelf313 Apr 18, 2006

    Great job...you did real nice with the box...I agree had there been kittens it would have taken away from the solidarity of the wallie...It is quite a depressing atmosphere, but I know that is what you were going for. Nice devieation from normal cheery walls...I may have to look into Fruits Basket sometime... Thanks for sharing and keep it up!

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