He is My Master Wallpaper: You Can't Catch Us!

Tsubaki Asu, He is My Master, Mitsuki Sawatari, Anna Kurauchi Wallpaper
Tsubaki Asu Mangaka He is My Master Series Mitsuki Sawatari Character Anna Kurauchi Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

OMG, I'm never gonna make a wall with cut-off and poor quality scans again! :P And I didn't know this is ecchi and what anime it is till bj0rn told me so my story has no connection with the anime :P Actually this is practically only 97% finished but I'm having sore eyes now..so I decided to throw it here :P
Had to practically redraw the whole edges which used up a lot of my time apart from extracting it. Behind the girls is the glass pane u normally see in a church. Before u go saying "why are their faces so up close?! D: " Read This First! I wanted to show and portray clearly their cheeky expression to my story here..enjoy the stupid story X-P
CharactersChicken Butt's left and Butt Eater's right.

Everyone in Chicken Town was talking about the latest topic. Two maids, Chicken Butt and Butt Eater had ran away to a nearby church pretending to be priests. What they did was unforgivable as they robbed their owner, who's a chicken seller of all his chickens leaving him freezing cold in his underpants with a "D:" expression. They even tried dressing up (look at Butt Eater's ear). However, their cheeky expressions are easily recognizable and they soon have the whole police force surrounding them.

The police shone their torchlight at them (that's why their skins' are paler than usual ppl) and said "freeze!". Chicken Butt stuck out her tongue and said "You Can't Catch Us!". Unknowingly to the police, they had made a hole so huge (which was covered up by temporary wood until they pulled the rope) under the police that soon all of them fell down the hole screaming "GGGAAAAHHHH!" D: What happened after that's another story!

Breakthrough! This is so far my most 'hardworking' and first 1280x960 wall! And miracles of miracles happened while I was doing this wall.. I FINALLY LEARNT TO VECTOR AFTER FOOLING AROUND WITH THE PEN TOOL! so I think there'll soon be a vector from me..hopefully :)
Dedicated to Mah spamming "butt" Enchantresschan xD
Full view pls
Oh, putting the banners soon.
(looks like the scan's deleted from mt since I can't find it)

original scan:


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If I can't managed to personally thank u then I'll like to thank u for the fav n comment (if any) here!

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  1. Rikkablurhound Apr 16, 2006

    =_= lol...
    The story is funny.... XD
    I only saw your wall half way... T_T
    my mum...
    Its quite nice...
    I like the texture U lay over the scan...
    & I like the colours as usual XD
    U need more work on the vectoring though XD
    But nice try^^
    Its really good^^
    Enjoy the story XD

    merged: 04-16-2006 ~ 08:51pm
    Oh, I see it all liao! Very nice XD
    Tho don really look like church window but very lovely^^

  2. Milkiyo Apr 16, 2006

    LOL! I meant I learnt vector through this wall but I didn't apply any vector here^^

  3. KennyMcCormmick Apr 16, 2006

    Sooo pretty.
    Unfortunately it didn't look good in my desk.. o_O
    But, good work and +fav to it.
    See ya Mikyo-chan... till the next ^^

  4. uchiha-vegeta Apr 16, 2006

    hehe , cool wallie , great story too XP , cool as always , its good to see u back too ^_^

  5. bj0rn Apr 16, 2006

    Finally your wall is up! Hope that u like it cos I did. Glad you took some of the advices and happy that u learnt how 2 vector! Perhaps u can teach me someday! =)

  6. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 16, 2006

    Lol, very cute and I like the texture over the scac.

  7. Rhonda21 Apr 16, 2006

    hehe, nice story. :D And this wall is cute! Nice tongue sticking out. :P Well Done!

  8. Hasaki-Keissi Apr 16, 2006

    A good job with this one. THough I can't quite guess as to the title's relation to the actual art piece.

    Well done, keep it up.

  9. ShiXon Apr 16, 2006

    i like this one, it's not like your usual and somehow it has some substance to it
    i really don't know what to say since it's all about the scan is this wallie xD nice job!

  10. Ganjamus Apr 16, 2006

    finally u finished it, i've been waiting a long time to see it. i think you did a very nice job on it considering that the original was cut off, i can see that u worked very hard on this. this is definately going to my fave list

  11. lthnadml Apr 16, 2006

    Very beautiful wall . . . you have daone a great job as far i can see from the condition of the scan :D . . . and the story is very funny too.
    Thank you very much for the share! XD XD XD

  12. anima241 Apr 17, 2006

    its o.k but im still in love with the two angels you did....(i just realized i never put that on my fav's...i'd better do that C YA! lol)

  13. melymay Apr 17, 2006

    nice wall milkiyo :) i think it's the best one you've submitted to MT XD well, it looks like it...nice story by the way, are you going to continue it?

    keep it up! :D

  14. enchantressinthedark Apr 18, 2006

    *glomps* I think I'm speechless XD Glad you decided to be hardworking for once in your life XD

    Nyuuu....Chicken butt? I hate it *bluek* I prefer your oscar winning golden butt :D Well, the scan's quality looks pretty good to me ^_^ Love the patterns of the church at the back! XD

    Nyaaahaha and thanks for the dedication too! *hugs and gives cookies* Now, give me your butt... XD Kidding kidding ^_^

  15. fawna-chan Apr 18, 2006

    Lol, what a funny story. :D I like the story and the wallpaper and the close up looks good. Good work with the wallie! :D

  16. parami Apr 20, 2006

    Cute! Hehe XD

  17. LonelyFriend Apr 26, 2006

    UUUUuuuuuuuuuuu......so kawaii and too cute.Good work.

  18. Saberonski May 18, 2006

    So kawaii! They really cute maidens... just like me ^_^ Just joking! Thanks for this! I will add this to my favorites! Thank you!

  19. Devildude May 29, 2006

    needs an ecchi version of these girls. nice hjob with the coloirs.

  20. GodFatherGFA Oct 02, 2006

    I love all the enhancements you made. They are clearly visible and I can see the amount of time and effort you spent on it. Great job and got to +fav it.

  21. Lionhearted911 Oct 05, 2006

    hahaha...enchanting....very cute...color and all...(four thumbs up...don't ask me where i got the other two...hehehahaha)

  22. priincess May 29, 2008

    totally cute^^ luv the colors

  23. tiventiven Feb 04, 2009

    he is my master en verdad es un buen anime y la trama ten asi que vale la pena verlas... gracias por le wallpaper

  24. neko012 Jun 04, 2010

    fue la primera serie echii que vi

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