Ergo Proxy Wallpaper: Ergo Proxy: Real's blow

Geneon/Pioneer, Ergo Proxy, Re-l Mayer Wallpaper
Geneon/Pioneer Studio Ergo Proxy Series Re-l Mayer Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

(Seems like the thumbnail dosnt show it i na good quality, but it is)

Helloooo~~~~~~~people XD
this is a very different kind of wallpaper for me to make~~
well first of because i got tired of al lthe abstract only, and i seen many other beautifull wallpapers which where Vector'ish, and i really liked that style, it had more ''art'' in it then those wallpapers with alot of ''fairy/pixie'' dust'' type wallpapers(no offensive ok? i just changed taste thats all)
sine i didn't have many anime's i watch i just looked for random scans at AP, and found this really cool picture, i first wonderd when i saw it in thumbnail ''is it vectored?''

sadly enough it was, so i did the 2nd best one can do XD i made a wallpaper out of it yippiiii~~ it also waked interest in me to watch it, well anyway
i was more fasinated by all those vector like wallpapers so i wanetd to make one that looks more like it by myself so it was more or less likely a different style for me to work with. i used a texture i got from a site(sorry cant remember where) and brushes on the red from devin art(is that how it's spelled? i really forgot stuff that i dont have interest in)

hmmmm lets see...it was

Layers: around 20 i think(i'm not home, and didn't think i would upload it today, so i didn't count the layers*
Hours: Alot of time(most of the time thinking on some way to make it better, at home)
(lol, normally there whould be numbers abov and not letters)

well i got kinda inspired by these 2 wallpapers belov:
Destination Unknown

and the following, cant find it right now, but i know it was a Disgaea wallpaper, i will edit the link soon

Well thats about it i guess <_<

Edit: ZOMG(what ever that might mean) i forgot to say that the vector belongs to Boobgybro, from MT and Ap(well it is also on the vector saying that thou)

NOTE: Edit: i changed the wallpaper abit, so there is nothing left in the windows, and took the lava like thing away, and i gave it a text instead, so this is the same as i got in AP now

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  1. eclair-chan Apr 15, 2006

    holy...........that is amazing!
    I L-O-V-E- the scan realy cool nice job!
    I love the whole scene in thei very actiony she's ready to kill omg amazing!

  2. phamthuha Apr 16, 2006

    Nice ^_^ Although i see this style so often but sure you make it really nice ;)
    Love this wallie so sure fav+ ^_^

  3. Vakita Apr 16, 2006

    What a cool walll, i really like the blood in the gun very bloody
    the background is really great
    anyway goOD joB

  4. Amru-chan Apr 16, 2006

    Wow, so cool wallpaper XD. You are improved much Tias-kun XD. Fav from me XD

  5. gundragon Apr 16, 2006

    Wow scarry girl
    Anyway best work yet
    Keep up the wallie and if i don't replay i'm just scare of the gun
    Cool wall

  6. boogybro Apr 16, 2006

    I think maybe you could have concentrated more on the lighting. Right now it seems kind of wierd, and you made her face really bright. So fix that, and add more variation to those testures, and you'll have a really nice wallpaper.

    Good effort.

  7. Kubrickfan Apr 17, 2006

    KA-click! KA-BOOM!

  8. Tias Apr 23, 2006

    People it is now updated, i gave it a text and chanegd the lava like thing so it's gone

  9. Fumo-chan Aug 10, 2006

    REally well done! I like the effect with perspective, although the text content seems to reduce the impact a little.

  10. hydetenshi Aug 31, 2006

    I love the contrast of the red that you added to this, and I like the blood speckles on her gun. ^^ Haven't seen much of this series yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. rollingmreg Mar 30, 2007

    It is the picture which it is simple, and a parenthesis is good for.

  12. kittyb Apr 27, 2007

    I like it thanks.

  13. Frenzy Jun 08, 2007

  14. Alcyndore Nov 18, 2008

    quite sexy! I love the clean cut, the "realistic" background and with Real's big gun it's surely not going to be pixy dust. It's direct. raw and violent ...Ergo Proxy!

  15. EvanHunter Mute Member Oct 13, 2009

    thx for share

  16. Mononoke-Hime Nov 23, 2009

    nice job there, i like the color combination and how you divided the wallpaper into different color fields, great job

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