Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Ring of Freedom

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Kira Yamato Wallpaper

1024x768 Wallpaper

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Ring of Destiny

The latest addition to my little panoply of budding wallpapers. I'm particularly fond of this one as it wasn't an easy ride all the way long to the final touch. The 'ring' part was kind of easy to make - child's play, actually but the Kira/SF pic was not. Resizes and blending were a pain from start to finish and I could've done better but at least it's not some Sarajevo-like disaster. The bg, however, was made of a 1024x768 pic randomly filled with abstract brushes with ghost and radial blurs for good effect. The 3d-ish feeling was increased by the addition of a new layer upon which was used the Distortion > Polar Coordinates tweak completed by the appropriate blending mode. The only thing I have to report as a thorn in my side is the different in resolution/precision between SF and Kira but that's all.

>> C&C, please?


PS: it can be viewed at seed-forum.com in the Gundam franchise-centered image hosting vault. For those not registered here, here's the direct link for the wall.

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Browse Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. InuYashaspal4ever Apr 14, 2006

    Wow, I just love this wall! The ring, the background, the text, everything!
    I mean if I could change it I wouldn't even Touch a thing, it's perfect the way it is.
    I just wish it was a bigger resolution >.>
    other than that it's GREAT!
    thanks for sharing ^.^

  2. ahtan Apr 14, 2006

    Superb and Interesting Combinations!.....especially kira and SF.....its a new type of wa||...lik it very much....love intersting walls....Favs!.....|ooking forward 2 ya nxt pic!...

  3. miffedplatypus Apr 15, 2006

    Interesting concept ^_^

  4. ZonSlashSykato Apr 15, 2006

    Your pretty skilled.

  5. CosmoStar Apr 15, 2006

    This such a cool Gundam wallpaper! This concept is perfect for Gundam ne? The Pilot and the Machine are one in body, strenght and mind and you simply represented it perfect!
    All brushes effects are great!
    Congrats! Thanks for sharing your work!

  6. onestepclosertonumb Apr 15, 2006

    Cool wallie! I don't like Kira but it is excellent! fav of course!

  7. PinkPrincessLacus Apr 15, 2006

    OH i love it. Cool everything ! Kira and the other side of his face a gundam, and the colors and effects are so nice. Great Job !

    ~* Lacus *~

  8. Tonyx35 Apr 16, 2006

    I had to add this to my favorites list. I really like the effects.

  9. Mutou Apr 16, 2006

    *leaves a grading paper with the letter S written in gold*

    It goes perfectly with my desktop. Thanks.

  10. dingi Apr 18, 2006

    >Keep it up<

  11. yamamotoyohko Apr 19, 2006

    I love it mainly because it's a Kira wall. But in addition to that, I love the effects of Kira and Freedom's combination.

  12. weary_samurai Apr 19, 2006

    awesome background to the main picture.

  13. buki123 Apr 20, 2006

    wow nicely match totally mesmerize by it

  14. EienKazuki May 03, 2006

    Hey there! Oh my gosh! ekk ><''' xD It's a terrific wallpaper^^ Very good! I love the main picture ! ^^ Good combination between Kira and Strike Freedom^^ I'm not sure about the background. I like it, but then it doesn't bring me a feeling (can't really describe it >< It's just me ><) It's great though^^ Congrats, and hope to see more of your works soon. Ja ne^^


  15. fredix May 08, 2006

    Really nice done. good work

  16. k8-thryn May 25, 2006

    whoa, really! nice work! You have a lot of creativity, congratulations!

  17. javed13 Oct 06, 2006

    This is a wonderful wallpaper I like it very much. Thanks for sharing

  18. kaireon Apr 11, 2007

    i REALLY like this wall just the fact that if you've seen the series, it brings so much back to mind which i like :D...so good I'm in a loss for words :) good work

  19. Shura131 Sep 30, 2009

    The Pilot and the Machine are one in body

  20. kirisaka Oct 01, 2009

    thank you i like it .

  21. usermenot Mar 11, 2010

    Yay =D Kira feat. his suit

  22. sniperwolf0929 Aug 30, 2010


  23. rukiha Sep 02, 2010

    Simple but very cute !


  24. happy123miracle Nov 11, 2010

    very good
    it's beautiful mix pic ^.^

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