Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Wallpaper: Angel Guidance

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, Haruka Suzumiya Wallpaper

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Angel Guidance

Anime: Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
Genre: Romantic/Drama
Inspiration: My ex-girlfriend that I still think of almost everyday...
Type Wallpaper: Scenery - heavenly sky
Resolution: 1280x1024
Working hours: 6
Special thanks to: bj0rn for believing in me and the extremely harsh critiqs
Supportive thanks to: my family friends from my own website


Guidance of an angel was a different type of wallpaper that I created so far. I think I'm improving quite fast as I did in my signature career. I smudged the clouds and created the angel wings by myself. I extracted the Haruka render from a screenshot from the KGNE game. I did some simple render manipulations on it and I did the angel wings. The wings took most of my time as they were pretty hard to make the way I wanted them. I used some standard glitters and sakura leaves. Maybe went a bit to much with them however I like how it turned out. And my motto is since I'm the creator I make things that look eye appealing to me.

Angels always fascinated me and watching Kimi ga Nozomu Eien made me realized that even in this real life we have angels. I fell in love with Haruka from the first episode I watched from KGNE and I'm still very upset about the ending. The show made me even cry at episodes 2, 4 and 14. I wanted to make a tribute to Haruka as I see her as an angel in my eyes. I think in my oppinion I did well.

I'm getting all emotional now so its about time to stop writing. I hope you like this wallpaper as much as I enjoy'd creating it so feel free to post comments and if you add this to your favourites then thank you in advance.

With hopefull expectations,


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  1. bigeejit Apr 14, 2006

    she looks a LOT like a matured Sakura from CCS! Anywau I luv it! ^_^

  2. PrairieDogGuy2006 Apr 14, 2006

    This "wallie" is too cool ! I honestly love the look on kono kawaii onna no hito as she is looking at U. It's like falling in love w/ an angel. When that happens, U know there are boundaries that cannot be crossed. Between Humans and Angels. Well, rules were ment to be broken, right ?

    I never seen the anime/manga. Sounds like a pretty kwel series. U have captured the look on her face when she is looking at U as "If this will be the last time that you and I will see each other, then I want to remember you for an eternity, my precious love !"

    Love the wings (Cloaked") Hey, she would look better w/ larger white wings, my own thoughts !
    Yeah, go ahead and call me a"Softie", I don't care, arigatoo gozaimasu Godfather san for allowing me enjoy your pix and experience the emothions only that Humans can.

  3. GodFatherGFA Apr 14, 2006

    Arigatou gozaimasu PrairieDogGuy2006, I'm glad you like it and yes you really get my message from the wallpaper.

  4. pomelocmy Apr 15, 2006

    simple and plain but nice wallpaper. :)

  5. bj0rn Apr 15, 2006

    Aww~ Once again you dedicate ur wall to me! xD Nice job! So much better than ur previous walls. Looks like u even went to learn to make wings! Though I'm nt really a fan of wings, but it's good! Perhaps we can collab soon since we're always online. =)

  6. Nidava Restricted Member Apr 15, 2006

    so sweety wally ^^ great job!

  7. Milkiyo Apr 15, 2006

    grandpa's improving! XD X-P u go grandpa! :P luv the translucent wings u created :) the bg's a little simple but still rocks with the nice effects X-P the text looks better on the bottom right however but it's not bad overall...keep it up! *hugs* n.n

  8. Ganjamus Apr 16, 2006

    wow..........this wall is....is.....gorgeous, i'm not talking about the girl just the wall in general, great job a favorite for sure ^_^

  9. ayane-heine Apr 23, 2006

    haruka.. >.< i <3 mizu-chan more.. T_T *whacksu denisu* XD okie dokie.. back to your wallie.. XD
    great choice of scan.. firstly about the clouds.. i think that you did a pretty good job on the smudging of clouds.. i think they look fluffy.. but on the right side of the wallie, some coluds looked as though they are smudge wrongly.. x_x they looked like 1 lump of cloud. now for the little angel wings.. you did that yourself? *_* that ish ulber fantastic.. they are shoo great.. they look so fluffy.. those translucent wings looks ulber great! it ish really a great idea for making those wings translucent than making it totally white.. as for the glitters.. they blended well with the scan.. but there's glitters all over the scan.. even the face.. x_x it looks strange.. wha.. wha.. wha.. <3 the sakura petals.. but for this case.. this wallie looks abit more moody.. adding of pinky sakura petals doesn't really fit into this wallie.. >.< but great concept wor.. :D great improvements!~ keep up with your goodie job.. ^^

  10. Kusuketate May 18, 2006

    thats a great picture of Haruka Suzumuya...

  11. alexa19 Jan 22, 2007

    i like it a lot... she is so cute and i love her character ^^ anyway, this is awesome :D

  12. marcosmos Mute Member Apr 01, 2010


  13. danteslullaby Mute Member Jun 17, 2010

    muchas gracias por compartir

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