White Clarity Wallpaper: Desolate

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1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hi everyone :)

Desolate is a wallpaper I've been planning for some time.
I espesially love the white clarity scans, the images are so beautiful and this scan is the one I love the most out of those.

Some facts:

* Layers: nearly 70

* Time used: 4-5 hours over 2 days

* Cleaning and extracting the scan: 2 hours

* Purpose with wall: giving it a lonely look, a rather desolate one. I feel I accomplished just that.

* The thing I'm most satisfied with is the sky. I used quite some time on it and I'm very happy with it.

* The grass: I know some of you will probably think: "oh, its white". But there is a purpose to that. Since there is an aura of the moon and the girl, I wanted the grass to look bright. I was tired of making green grass and wanted something different. I feel it suits the wallpaper's atmosphere.

* Yup, I forgot the shadow on the scan *shame*. I will try to edit it when I can :)

* This wall is dedicated to Semanga. She is such a talented wallpaper artist, and I wish I could be as talented as she some day. She is truly an inspiration not only to me, but to many others. *hugs to Semanga*

Well, I guess thats about what I wanted to say.
Any critic, tips, praise (oh yes, how we all love praise *grins*) and comments are greatly appreciated.



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  1. moonelf313 Apr 13, 2006

    Definately fits the title! the white grass looks great too, I don't think it would have looked nearly as nice with green :) Great job, I like the sky too, its not too cluttered either. +Favs for me and keep up the good work!

  2. schwindelmagier Apr 13, 2006

    really a wonderful wallie,sumono-san
    the title hold what it promises^.^
    a desolated and lonely grass-field (the grass look really cool^.~)
    and the sky is pretty wonderful,on a strange way the sky looks also very desolated...good work
    the scan is clear and goes good with the rest of the wallpaper
    the moon looks good in this position (to hide it behind the trees was a good idea^_________^)
    and the quite empty and vacant horizon adapts to the title too

    in general...a well-done wallpaper
    great work,keep it up :3

  3. ShiXon Apr 13, 2006

    nya! white clarity! this looks soft and kind of has a mysterious theme going on and ummm~ and i think the white grass (?) thing stands out too much in this wallie because it's night and it prbably shouldn't glow that much
    but it makes the wall has a magical feeling and if that's really your aim than it's fine with me xD
    good job sumomo-chan <33

  4. Rhonda21 Apr 13, 2006

    How very pretty! Nice sky and cool idea with the white grass. You did a really good job with this.

  5. Marsup Apr 13, 2006

    I've rarely seen a sky as good as this one. Great job with grass too, mixing it with this dark sky could have been a lot worse but you managed to get it working. Thanks for this amazing wall.

  6. Kiako Apr 14, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the scene is very good,
    keep it up

  7. AngelKate Apr 14, 2006

    Your sky is gorgeous! One of the best I've seen! ^_^ I'm not 100% sure about the grass, but that's probably because I've never seen grass done so brightly in a night scene before. You managed to do it really well though! Great job! ^_^

  8. bj0rn Apr 14, 2006

    Wee~ Sumomo also did a White Clarity wallpaper! Hmm.. I really love the sky. Wish I could make it just like yous. But is it me or does the scan look abuit weird. Anyway, the grass is great too! And the rock path thingy looks kinna real! Just thought you could have added a mist among the trees just where the grasses are to kinna blend everything.

  9. MizuhofanFFX2se Apr 14, 2006

    Nice! bg look nice, just like a member of CW

  10. irix Apr 14, 2006

    yeah, this wall had this feeling of desolate... the only thing that you forgotten in the whole design is the cast of the shadows! but finally a good one! :D

  11. uchiha-vegeta Apr 14, 2006

    such loneliness , wow , its beautiful , awesome job , love ur work ^_^

  12. Amru-chan Apr 14, 2006

    So wonderful wallpaper XD. Fav from me XD

  13. fawna-chan Apr 14, 2006

    Yeah, you do get that lonely feeling from the wall. The sky looks awesome and the grass looks good. :) Fav from me too!

  14. phamthuha Apr 14, 2006

    You are right ^^ The sky is really beautiful with galaxy (or milky way) effect ^_^ What i don't like in this wall is just the difference between the grass and the bg is so high, white against dark blue ....

    Well the scan also need more work to be perfect ;) but sure it is quite nice now.

    Fav + from me and add to CW gallery, Sumomo-chan XD

  15. quantixar Apr 15, 2006

    A pro wallie by a pro artist. Instant favorite+ :)

  16. mizu-megami Apr 15, 2006

    ohh great wall^^ it looks really beautifull.
    so a few tips that might help you:
    ~you could add some shadows on the grass near by the tree's since it's night and the light doesn't reach everywhere.
    ~the edges of the path looks a bit weird...it looks like the path is higher than the place where the girl is standing.....

    for the rest the wall looks really beautifull^^ *adds to favs*
    take care ne~

  17. Rikkablurhound Apr 15, 2006

    I think U did a great job to put out Desolate....
    The sky is really lovely & I like it^^
    Aside that, the grass is beautifull, don worry bout the whitness...
    I find the road bothering though... I think would be better if it wasnt there... >_< just my opinion though... >_<
    Well, aside that, the tress are nice...
    I think the shadowless scan is pretty nice actually... in fact, maybe the shadow might just spoil the beauty of the whiteness to it...
    Extraction promblems, sumomo-chan... >_<
    Believe me, U can do better!
    Your BG is lovely... work on your extraction more... >_<
    +fav XD

    merged: 04-15-2006 ~ 06:04pm
    Oh I forgotten, Thanks for the putting up the Banner!

  18. AlexXan Apr 15, 2006

    Nice wallie :) Sumomo
    i think cleaning and extracting of scan is made realy good and u choose
    realy cute one ~
    To road ~ i think i agree with Rikkablurhound but i think there could be
    little more grass on top of road ~ maybe that could make it be better.
    To idea ~ realy nice and night-haunted at once >__< great work :D
    Kep it up! f+

  19. alterlier Apr 15, 2006

    interesting concept, the color of the grass is the thing that I most like, the start field is also beautiful the only thing ...I dont know is maybe the extraction of her hair ...but anyway is a wonderful wall.

  20. pegassuss Apr 15, 2006

    Wonderful wallpaper sumono-chan! <3 I love the sky, it's really beautiful!, the stars and colors and effects look great! The scan is lovely and I really like the glowing. I love the shiny colors around the moon <3 The trees look well and the grss too ^^ it's a weird color for grass but it helps to give the wallie a shiny effect ^^ Great work! Keep it up! ^-^

  21. semanga Apr 19, 2006

    ohh my sweety girl this is for me ? for me ..... T.T that is so wonderful honey i love my wall so much and i feel so ashamed that i dont see this wall befor shame on me -_-

    the girl is so wonderful and the sky with so many stars are so cute
    honey fall in love to my gift and add this to my fav thank u very very very much you are so good to me honey ... and i am glad that u like my walls and that my walls inspiration you to make walls like this that is a big honor for me honey
    so big hope i can inspirate you to make more walls like this .... *hugs*

  22. Impera Apr 23, 2006

    Super cool work, looks awesome, i like it a lot !
    Keep the good work going on ! XD XD XD

  23. walkure245 Apr 24, 2006

    It has a simplistic look but it definitely fit the mood. The white grass looks great with matches her dress which reflects her persona. Tbh, I don't really like the path too much. Maybe more grass. XD But I love the night sky. I like the hints of light colorations and its not overly populated. This is really nice work~

  24. chibichibikaukau May 09, 2006

    beautiful! the background is very nice! i like the colors, very well done. I like how the image and background go together, very nice. i love it^^ very good job

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